Tips for writing a professional dissertation

  Tips for writing a professional dissertation The dissertation is the preferred format of the essay contests and vestibular. Some techniques can facilitate the writing of this genre. Writing well is essential for anyone who wants to succeed in the writing and presentation of a dissertation. This ability can be useful in various spheres, since the writing is intrinsically linked to good communication, and we all know that communicating well can make all the difference. Continue reading “Tips for writing a professional dissertation”

Serving military vets with an online education

e-learner For military veterans returning from active duty, the transition back into civilian life can be a difficult one. Apart from the mental adjustment needed to move from being an active military member to living in civilian society, veterans may find themselves facing the effects of both physical injuries and psychological trauma. The big question for many veterans is “what now”? They may already have families to support and be struggling with a drop in income since leaving the military. For some veterans, getting further education is a good way to learn new things and new ways of using their strengths and skills, while supporting themselves and their families. Continue reading “Serving military vets with an online education”

Cisco and Wharton School present the learning experience of the future

Cisco and Wharton School present the learning experience of the future Cisco Connected Classroom: students virtually see a life-size, floor-to-ceiling view of the professor teaching on the opposite coast/location. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Cisco unveiled the learning experience of the future, one that blends life-size visual communication via tele-presence with collaboration technologies that significantly enhance the way faculty, students and alumni interact and learn, no matter how distant they may be from physical classroom. Continue reading “Cisco and Wharton School present the learning experience of the future”

Top schools in America – pros and cons

University-search Deciding between the top schools can be a source of frustration for many (lucky) students, come April. It can be one of the most important decisions in your life as well as one of the toughest. In this article we will break down the pros and cons of the top colleges in America. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Pro – For many students, the prestige of Harvard is enough to convince them to attend. The residential colleges system, world class professors, and brilliant peers are all factors that contribute to Harvard’s appeal. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, few places have more colleges in such a small amount of space. Con – Weather aside, many students complain of the gloomy climate and general lack of energy at Harvard. Students have previously complained of a lack of mental health counseling resources and the need to compete at all times against their peers. Many students struggle with carving a niche for themselves.


Pro – Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs is known to be one of the premier public policy schools in the country. The stunning gothic architecture adds appeal to the campus itself and the school itself is known for its solid foundation in the natural sciences. Con – Grade deflation is almost reason enough for many students who choose not to apply. Princeton’s rigorous academic curriculum that places less focus on grades and emphasizes that students should do their best and not focus on grades. In addition, the presence of eating clubs at Princeton gives it an air of elitism that many students find off-putting.


Pro – The residential college system has attracted many students to Yale due to their promotion of tight-knit communities. The more laid-back atmosphere allow many students to explore their artistic side the large number of performance groups. The Yale Whiffepoofs, established in 1909, is the classic example of Yale’s dedication to the arts Con – New Haven is not the best college town, known for its lack of cultural centers and its high rates of crime. Community relations between Yale and New Haven are often tense, even with the recent attempts to strengthen community bonds.


Pro – Sunny California weather makes the place appear like a resort, 365 days of the year. Stanford students appear to be well-rounded, happy, and driven to excel on their own terms. The abundance of resources fund the numerous research projects that can be found at this campus at any time. Con – Students at Stanford are known to suffer from duck syndrome, the appearance that all is well when they’re furiously paddling below the surface. On that note, many have complained about Stanford’s focus on engineering and entrepreneurship and not enough on the arts and humanities.


Pro – Known for its success in engineering, MIT has managed to stay at the forefront of the technological revolution. It’s cutting-edge research frequently engages student researchers and focus on tech has built a community of like-minded individuals. Con – On a similar note, many students dislike the focus on the sciences and think that MIT has too much of a one-track mind in terms of a well-rounded education. Students also complain of the lack of a social scene outside of school life. Today’s guest post was provided by Evelyn Xue from the Lift Education blogging team. Evelyn is an avid writer and is currently attending Stanford University.

Education predictions

e-learning With the developments in the education and the increasing number of online possibilities to gain knowledge many of us are asking the question, what will be education of future look like? According to a recent cover story in The American Interest, it will not look like the current one, because the colleges will cease to exist !! Author Nathan Harden estimates that in 50 years, half of the approximately 4,500 colleges and universities in the U.S. will cease to exist. This will happen through technology development, virtual classrooms, lectures through streaming videos, online exams and all that we have already seen being developed.  These innovations will crop up at major academic institutions, but they will only proliferate on a much larger scale and disrupt the higher education system as we know it. Continue reading “Education predictions”

Which business diploma is right for me?

Descisions, descisions...
Descisions, descisions… (Photo credit: jennifercw)

The choice of the professional career is the most difficult, yet most important in one’s life. The choice defines one’s future, standard of living, interest, or to cut short, one’s whole life. If you are like many others, and have funneled your choices to business studies, you may consider one of the following courses:

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In-House Executive MBA, most convenient online education degrees

In-House Executive MBA, most convenient online education degrees Online MBA programs for senior executives through traditional university is aimed for those who do not wish to take a break from their careers and enroll full time. The advantage of an Executive MBA program is that working ADULTS can use prior business experience toward their degree.  Online programs traditionally do not accept past experiences as credit toward completion, with a few exceptions. E-MBA programs used to be the only way working executives could obtain MBA without full time enrolment. Continue reading “In-House Executive MBA, most convenient online education degrees”

Time management and online MBA

time management
time management Online MBA is one of the most successful examples of an e-learning course. However, we still remain a little skeptical about it. To understand about what online MBA is all about and how to manage your time is extremely important before you opt for this course. We are living in a day and age, where education can no longer be ignored. Sometimes through situations life happens, which makes it quite difficult for many to leave everything for a degree. Money, work, and time makes it hard for people to even consider the possibility of a higher degree. Leaving the luxury of earning for even a year is a no-no for anyone who doesn’t have the bank balance to support them.  Taking out time for education is not possible in today’s fast-paced world. Continue reading “Time management and online MBA”

Top 5 tips to select e-learning MBA courses

How can High School limit your college options?
How can High School limit your college options? Three years ago, when Suchitra Pandey, then an executive at a finance company, enrolled for an online MBA program in Finance from one of the reputed B-schools in India, she never knew how this additional degree along with her current job could easily pave a path for her career growth. Currently working as a manager in the same company, there is never looking back in the career for her. Continue reading “Top 5 tips to select e-learning MBA courses”

Full time job and studying

Full time job and studying When you are in school full-time, and you are working full-time, what you need the most in the day is more time. Both your job and education require constant attention, and then there are other areas that take your time also. Driving time between classes and to your job, taking care of your home and then finding the time for essentials like enough time to study are the three main areas. Juggling this kind of schedule is challenging, which you should know upfront, but it is completely doable if you prioritize and get organized.  Continue reading “Full time job and studying”

Corporate campus to teach leadership skills


Corporate campus to teach leadership skills

Demand for skilled workers is rising with expanding economy. Developments in technology and information over the last few decades have given birth to stringent business strategies and a complicated market economy therefore. The problem of unemployment has reached a severe stage all over the world. Lack of proper skills is one important reason why employment opportunities are declining, say the experts. Continue reading “Corporate campus to teach leadership skills”

Three things to look for when searching for an MBA Program

Three things to look for when searching for an MBA Program An MBA degree (a master’s degree in business administration) can be a big stepping stone to a more rewarding career. Not only are MBA holders generally more satisfied with their jobs than the typical employee, but an MBA degree often leads to larger salaries. What could be better than working in a field you enjoy while collecting a bigger paycheck than ever before? There are plenty of benefits to getting a master’s degree in business administration, so if you’re not thrilled with the progress of your current career and you’re looking to shake things up a bit and re-route your path in life from dead-end job to successful living, consider applying to an MBA program. However, not all MBA programs are created equal. It’s imperative to choose a college or university that will offer what you need, so be sure to take your time and research your options before attending. Below are three things to look for as you seek out a worthy MBA program. Continue reading “Three things to look for when searching for an MBA Program”