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Autonomous engineers stuff that frees you up to be adventurous. Let life take center stage – go on impromptu getaways, take in the sights, and see the world around you. For the world to truly be at your fingertips, you need the right tools.

Smart Office products we proud of : Standing Desks, Office Chairs, Accessories, Home Office, Designer Desks, Developer Desks, Trader Desks, Fitness, Gaming Setup and a Standing Gaming Desk.

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Autonomous has been driven by technological innovation since its inception in 2015. From a small group of engineers specializing in both software and hardware, Autonomous has grown into a global team of hundreds of dedicated employees and specialists. We believe in practical, functional minimalism in all of our products—not just great looking and durable, but simple to use in order to unleash their full potential. Our product lineup began with the original office standing desk, the SmartDesk, and now spans several categories of smart ergonomic office tools and accessories, as well as new software solutions for modern hybrid work offices. At Autonomous, we never hesitate to try new things. We’re always looking for innovative solutions that are useful not only for the present, but for the ever-changing future of work. We pour our dedication and resources into every step of the process, from research, to building prototypes, to mass market distribution. We are dedicated to building ergonomic office chairs and electric standing desks with the highest quality materials, and we strive to help people all over the world #worksmarter with our entire lineup of smart tools, accessories, and software solutions.