Blockchain Council

What is Blockchain Council?
We are an authoritative group of experts and enthusiasts, who are evangelizing Blockchain research and development, use cases, products and knowledge for a better world. It emerges rapidly, offering numerous possibilities in the future. Blockchain acts as a financial network, software or distributed ledger. Multiple benefits and features come from the blockchain technology. Companies shift their centralized and traditional working system to this trending and futuristic trend. Blockchain council creates an environment and raises awareness among businesses, enterprises, developers, and society. By being a private organization, it works individually, by proliferating Blockchain technology globally.
What do we offer? Our products include Certifications, Online training, Membership, E-books, and Instructor-Led training.


          Gain an in-depth understanding of the Blockchain technology in Finance.Gain an in-depth understanding of the Blockchain for KYC Procedure.Master the core concepts of Hyperledger Composer and FabricGet certified as a corda expert and uplift your career.Certified Ethereum ExpertBecome a Certified Smart Contract DeveloperSolidity is the most used language in the Blockchain Industry. Sign up today and get certified by the industry professionalsCryptocurrency Certifications and Online Training by Blockchain CouncilCryptocurrency Certifications and Online Training by Blockchain CouncilBecome a Certified Blockchain DeveloperLearn how to start trading in Cryptocurrencies. Sign up!

Instructor-led training

We offer 1-2 instructor-led training on blockchain each month. The most attended is the Certified Blockchain & Supply Chain Professional – Instructor-Led Training. Certified Blockchain Expert Instructor-Led Training

Online training

We have 16 online pieces of training on Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyledger, Smart Contract and more. Click below to access the online degree segment:   Online Degree in Cryptocurrency & Trading Online Degree in Blockchain  

What is the Blockchain Council membership?

  • group of subject experts with a vast knowledge of Blockchain Technology;
  • aims at providing easily accessible expertise on Blockchain on a global platform;
  • has introduced an exclusive membership offer for all the enthusiasts and experts who are passionate to learn this remarkable technology;
  • aims to solve all the issues of lacking content on blockchain technology;
  • provides various training sessions, podcasts, e-books, webinars and a lot more, giving you a competitive edge over others.
Why join the Blockchain Council?
Blockchain Council members are some of the most influential people in the Blockchain community with comprehensive knowledge about it. We have multiple packages designed for individuals and companies. You can sign up personally and get benefits from our certifications and instructor-led training, free access to our premium content, webinars, workshops and more.
We have over 1500 members in more than 90 countries, within over 300 companies.
Learn about the key areas and implementation of the blockchain technology to distinguish your professional profile, and get certified.
Develop and build up your career in the Blockchain technology space, and explore more about Blockchain with our Blockchain council members who.
Lead & grow the world by providing Blockchain based solutions to businesses and enterprise applications
The list of blockchain development tools is endless. If you are a developer or want to become one, the tools offered at our web platform will guide you to acquire undiscovered skills.
Get certified and enhance your skills in the Blockchain technology space
  • Get hired easily
  • In-depth understanding of Blockchain
  • Implementing Blockchain on business applications
  • Blockchain and its use cases
  • Lifetime access to the training videos
  • Certified individuals name will be published on the website
  • Assistance will be provided throughout the training program
To learn more about the best blockchain platform and become a Blockchain expert, check out Blockchain Council.