Facts you need to know about education verification

Facts you need to know about education verification

Employment candidates may embellish their employment tasks and positions, but tend to lie about their education. Yes, you have read right – that person interviewing with your Human Resource Manger and other relevant executives, the one looking presentable and acting bright and articulate may well be inventing his/her education. In most cases your candidate’s claim to a higher education is not necessarily a total invention. He/she may have in fact actually enrolled in the university listed on the resume and he/she just didn’t graduate from that school, or any other school, for that matter. Continue reading “Facts you need to know about education verification”

Tips for training new employees

balance For an employer, there is always some amount of risk when hiring new employees.  You want to find people who are qualified, available, and responsible.  You want to find people who are personable and who can work well with others.  The application, interview, and hiring process is designed by each company to ensure that, to the best of the company’s knowledge, each new hire has the necessary qualities and traits that will allow them to succeed and to be valuable to the company. So what is the risk?  The risk lies in the simple fact that no application process or interviewer can truly predict the effectiveness a new hire will offer once they begin working.  Training them for the task assigned is an obvious way to set them up for success, but everyone knows that the ability to get the job done is not the only quality a company needs from an employee.  An employee needs to understand the values that drive the company’s success, or the mindset that makes the company what it is today. Continue reading “Tips for training new employees”

Time management and online MBA

time management
time management Online MBA is one of the most successful examples of an e-learning course. However, we still remain a little skeptical about it. To understand about what online MBA is all about and how to manage your time is extremely important before you opt for this course. We are living in a day and age, where education can no longer be ignored. Sometimes through situations life happens, which makes it quite difficult for many to leave everything for a degree. Money, work, and time makes it hard for people to even consider the possibility of a higher degree. Leaving the luxury of earning for even a year is a no-no for anyone who doesn’t have the bank balance to support them.  Taking out time for education is not possible in today’s fast-paced world. Continue reading “Time management and online MBA”

How to find work while at university?

looking for a job
looking for a job As you go to college, a large portion of your concentration will be placed on finishing your studies. There is also a good chance that you will be actively seeking a job. In today’s society, securing a job whilst in college can be somewhat difficult, so you will need all the help you can get. Fortunately, there are many tips you can follow to help make the process of getting a job a bit easier.  Continue reading “How to find work while at university?”

Team building benefits for employees

Teamwork and team spirit

Teamwork and team spirit Nowadays many companies have come to appreciate to work collectively as a team not only for the benefits of the organization, but also to ensure productivity at individual level. Most important of all is the fact that team building is very helpful in enabling new employees to fit well into the organization, which builds confidence in them to unleash their full potential. Below are benefits that an organization will get by encouraging its employees to work as a team. Continue reading “Team building benefits for employees”