4 Big benefits of having a degree in technology

  The world has become dependent on technology, and that dependence is increasing. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. Technology helps make life simpler and more efficient. However, with so much technology out there, there is an obvious need for skilled professionals to enter this field of study. There are tons of benefits… Continue reading 4 Big benefits of having a degree in technology

Best prep-tools for Grad School interview

So you’ve decided to undertake the work of Grad School for all of its associated career and financial benefits. Take this informative quiz to make sure that you are getting the right degree for your long-term professional goals. Preparing for graduate school and the graduate school interview is not unlike preparing for a job interview,… Continue reading Best prep-tools for Grad School interview



It is a common assumption among some students that scholarships are basically designed for those who have low budget or are in horrible need of some financial support.

However, this is an absolutely wrong perception.

Good money without a degree

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] “Get an education so you can get a decent job,” said your parents, and they’re right — but lucrative careers aren’t limited to people with four-year degrees or post-graduate education. Many high paying careers only require an associate’s degree. Please note: Median earnings listed below come from 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Tips and tools for learning IT online

Learn from the best

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] It is essential for students to be committed towards online learning for them to be successful. They must be able to follow all deadlines and complete all their assignments on time. Following are the guidelines that can help steer the students through their online learning experience:

5 Careers for people with a caring heart

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] For those who desire to help others, there are many careers available to them. Whether the medical field, human services or animal care those who rely on the kindness of others are always appreciative of their efforts. While some jobs require several years of education, others can be entered straight from high school… Continue reading 5 Careers for people with a caring heart

Secure your career: top 4 tips for LinkedIn use

LinkedIn has changed the way individuals interact in their professional lives. Whether you are looking for a new job, a career change or business partners, LinkedIn is your one stop solution. The social job portal is designed to help you achieve and foster excellence in your career, business and relationship development. Here are the top… Continue reading Secure your career: top 4 tips for LinkedIn use

3 Steps to your career and first job

Having an established career Going to a university and graduating is the first chapter in your life, it teaches you so many things that you just simply get to be overwhelmed and surprised. From academic and professional teachings to lots of emotions and challenges, it is a roller coaster ride that a student once graduating… Continue reading 3 Steps to your career and first job

Career to survive a depressed economy

When thinking of a recession proof career, you are most likely thinking of job security over the long term. This implies that you will be able to earn an income from your career even when the economy is on a downturn or not performing very well. There are hardly any careers that are totally unaffected… Continue reading Career to survive a depressed economy

Aspiring guide to Marine Engineering

In this article we have put forward everything one needs to know about marine engineering, including future career scope for marine science engineers, educational details, list of colleges offering this course, present hiring and salary trends in the market.