EdX: The future of online education is now

Harvard University and MIT transformational new partnership in online education Trough edX collaborate to enhance campus-based teaching and learning, by building the global community of online learners. EdX is build on both universities’ experience, offering online instructional content. The technological platform established by MITx, serves as the foundation for the new learning system, designed to…… Continue reading EdX: The future of online education is now

Time management and online MBA

Online MBA is one of the most successful examples of an e-learning course. However, we still remain a little skeptical about it. To understand about what online MBA is all about and how to manage your time is extremely important before you opt for this course. We are living in a day and age, where…… Continue reading Time management and online MBA

MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is no famous name without a reason. Its mission is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in this new age. Committed to generate, disseminate and preserve knowledge, while working with others to bring this knowledge, it bears…… Continue reading MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The pros and the cons of e-learning

By the end of the XX century e-learning had become an accepted part of the education and training industry. Their popularity has preceded the expectations of many experts who earlier dismissed it as a passing phenomenon. E-learning is here to stay and therefore it is only useful to know the benefits and perils that it has…… Continue reading The pros and the cons of e-learning

Future education

We already know that the students are the future of the world, but what is the future for the students? In order to be able to equip them with the relevant, timeless skills for the rapidly changing world, revolution is needed in the concept of learning. Education innovators like Dr. Sugata Mitra, visiting professor at…… Continue reading Future education