The benefits of scholarships

The benefits of scholarships
The benefits of scholarships The scholarship is a primarily financed help which might be offered by an establishment or any organisation either governmental or non-public. The aim of a scholarship is to assist those students who are deprived of financial resources to accumulate higher studies. There are different criteria of awarding scholarships including merit basis, want basis and employment skills basis. Scholarships are more of prestige for candidates to become productive beings of their society and return the favour in far better ways. A unique feature of a scholarship is that it isn’t a loan and therefore not meant to be repaid. Scholarships are considered to be rewards for deserving candidates who can bring positivity and productivity into the society. Scholarships don’t solely facilitate a candidate financially, in fact, there are several advantages come with this significant reward.

Scholarship as a monetary aid in achieving higher education

There are numerous students who desire to proceed with higher education including post-graduation and doctorate degree. The one greatest issue they face is unreasonably expensive funds which can’t be paid through their low wages. Because of that, some of them drop the idea of studying further and figure out how to acclimate to their salary with a consistent college degree and some make reserve funds for quite a long time to finance their studies and proceed with their dream of higher education. This issue has been solved with boundless scholarships which are being offered by instructive foundations, Governments, and numerous private corporate establishments. The educational expenses of post-graduate and Doctorate level are much higher than undergrad level studies and accordingly these scholarships are for the most part offered at post-graduate level to back the entire scholarly education.

Scholarship as means of opportunity to study in worthy institutions

Other than monetary help, scholarships have supported the students in procuring better and advanced education from widely acclaimed foundations. It is one thing to go for advanced education and secure a degree of post-graduate level or doctorate level, but, the huge accomplishment is to achieve that higher level degree from the world’s one of the best universities. The competition is extreme these days, thus, college sand enthusiastic researchers crave to complete higher education from world’s best colleges/ universities to secure the best place in the society. These institutions charge with greater annual dues which are not easy for every deserving candidate to pay. This is where the aid of scholarships began and helps the candidates to achieve their dreams. Through these scholarships, on the premise of scholarly knowledge, scholars get affirmation in the colleges and began their journey to develop intellectually. Scholarships help the researchers to procure more authentic information and furthermore funds the researchers to conduct studies which later appear as prominent disclosures and developments. It will be justified to conclude that scholarships have helped the scholars to develop intellectually and turned them into a valuable individual.

Students’ aid through monthly instalment, as part of scholarship

Students, who are passionate to acquire more knowledge and discover the depths of their fields, are much indulged in their studies, as a result of which, part-time jobs become difficult for them. Especially, the scholars who are enrolled in post-graduate and doctorate courses, are much consumed by assignments, presentations, and dissertations. It’s difficult for them to earn and fulfil their basic needs. To solve this issue of students, scholarships began to offer monthly instalments, through which candidates can pay all basic expenses. These can be used to pay the expenses including:
  • Necessary clothing expenses
  • Educational stationary expenses
  • Meal expenses
  • Traveling expenses
  • Accommodation expenses

Scholarships bring prestige and motivation for scholars

Scholarships are not only financial funds but also considered to be prestigious rewards for scholars and increase their motivations. The individuals who secure a scholarship and start their trip of higher education from great institutions are significantly encouraged to keep their honour and exhibit higher performance in studies to demonstrate their capabilities. This motivation which comes through scholarships is extremely beneficial for students regarding their education. They buckle down day and night to make the best utilisation of their reward and without squandering their time they finish their degrees in the shorter duration. Scholarship holders are constantly quicker to grow intellectually than the self-financed scholars and end up being prolific creatures of society. Author: Mike Jason, is an Education consultant. He has been recently affiliated with “” as a blogger.      

Top 10 educational online resources

Top 10 educational online resources
Top 10 educational online resources Below are a few online learning platforms that students access to improve their learning. This is my selection and I hope you will find it useful in your e-learning endeavors.

Dave Conservatoire

Dave Conservatoire is a website that allows musicians and artists to learn different concepts about arts in a very simplistic way. This online source enables the visitors to pick basic elements of musicology without going to a traditional institution.Dave Conservatoire plays a basic role in promoting music in the next generation of artists by using the internet as a means of teaching.

Draw Space

Draw space is a similar platform as Dave Conservatoire. However, Draw space focuses on creative arts of painting and drawing. Draw space inspires many youngsters to learn elementary ideas of painting without joining a formal educational program. The sense of artistic accomplishment grows in young artists with the help of online resources like Draw space.


Codecademy enables students to access various courses in data mining and programming. The content of the website corresponds to learning needs of people who belong to various age groups. This platform can assist an experienced programmer and it can also help a beginner in understanding basic concepts of programming.Additionally, a user interface of the website is very easy to follow for the users.

Big Data University

Big Data University is an electronic learning source that specialises in data processing and analysis. Students who pursue a career in the field of statistics refer the services of this particular website. Additionally, this website offers paid and free educational services to create the highly effective learning environment.

How Design University

If you want to learn web designing and programming without paying any money thenHow Design University is a best educational source for you.You can connect with senior instructors in the field of web designing to get real-time advice from them.


Udemy provides different educational services to junior and senior students. The website majorly contains educational videos that address various areas of life. Difficult concepts are broken down into multiple subtopics in order to make understanding of problematic ideas easy for learners.

E-learning for Kids

This web compiles the collection of learning sources for junior grades. E-learning for Kids also presents students with active support services to resolve any confusion that students confront during their sessions.Teachers and assistants are also available to guide the students. This learning source also develops a personal learning program for each learner to ensure maximum understanding.

GCF Learn Free

GCF Learn Free is an online learning platform that understands the concept of education in social terms rather than treating learning as a commercial concept. You can avail a wide variety of books on this website. Lighter design of the website allows you to access multiple learning sources in a minimal amount of time.

MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware permits you to have access to world’s leading programs and courses without spending a penny. An increasing number of students join this platform to polish their industrial skills in different markets on a yearly basis.

Khan academy

Sharpen your skills with over 100,000 interactive exercises in math, science, computer programming, history, art, economics, and evenmore free online classes.

Author: Michel Joseph is a web content writer at and freelance software developer.   

How to deal with being sick in college?

How to deal with being sick in college?
  How to deal with being sick in college? Sickness is what which affects almost everyone but when it comes to college students so honestly dealing with it and focusing on studies are really difficult tasks for them. You must understand that sickness is what which stops your life and dealing and accomplishing daily life tasks become more difficult. With keeping it in mind one can understand the difficulties college students face while dealing with sickness. So, being a college student if you have got sick, so rather than getting more worried, have a useful approach to deal with it. And when it comes to the right approach it is to address the issue properly and stay focused to get better soon. That positive attitude will really help you to get better soon. Followings are some great steps to deal with being sick in your college make sure you do not overlook them, as they will benefit you a lot.

1.    Don’t skip classes

It is fact that although you are sick you can never dare to skip your class as skipping can come in your way to perform well in both midterm and semester exams. Keep in mind that always bring a water bottle and your medicines to class and that will help you to deal with sickness while attending class.

2.    Stay away from unhealthy food

It is another thing to know while dealing with sickness in college. You will find your college friends eating unhealthy food and asking you to join them. But make sure you say no to them, as that can turn against of you and you may have another serious health issue. The more you stick to your homemade lunch the more it will help you to recover soon.

3.    Take short naps in free time

When you are in your college with having sickness so one of the possible ways of taking rest, is to opt for napping during any free time in college. Honestly, it will really work out for you and keep you away from feeling lazy in your college. Make sure you do take out time for it throughout the day in college.

4.    Always stay hydrated

It is fact that if you stay hydrated that will really contribute to making you recover from sickness and get active again to deal with college life challenges. The required intake of water is really important for you most specifically at the time when you are sick. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day in college.

5.    Visit college health center

If your college has its health center make sure you go there and you will get a proper diagnosis and right medication which will help you to recover soon. Keep in mind that health centers like this are really productive and helpful for those students whose parents are not around them for taking them to the hospital. College health centers really offer best services.

6.    E-mail your professor

It is the last thing to do if you are not able to attend class anymore because of your severe sickness. Keep in mind that your professor will definitely understand your problem and allow you to take a rest for few days. All you will have to do is to just e-mail him with the request that you cannot keep up with your study because of that severe sickness. Above-mentioned steps are really beneficial to learn the art of dealing with sickness for college students. So being a college student, make sure you do not overlook them, as they will benefit you in various ways throughout your college life.  

Author’s bio

Anna Marsh is an Educational Blogger, and Writer. As a blogger of UK Assignment Help Online, she takes out time to inform the readers about the different matters of college life and how to deal with them. You can connect with her via Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.

Top 5 platforms to set students’ homework online

Top 5 platforms to set students’ homework online
Top 5 platforms to set students’ homework online

In 2015, Ofsted stated in their published handbook they were looking to judge schools on whether ‘pupils are set challenging goals, given their starting points, and are making good progress towards meeting or exceeding these’.

Essentially this means teachers need to be able to not only help their class progress, but keep documentation of it, so they can show how their students are improving.

Interactive learning has become a large part of modern teaching – particularly with the rise of Apps being used in our daily lives. But Apps are not only for home life, they can also be used to benefit your teaching environment. These are five of the current programmes available to help teachers set homework for their students and monitor their progress.

1. Firefly

The Firefly programme is centred on saving teachers time – time that would usually be spent copying and pasting information into documents and looking through documents to find everyone’s submitted homework. Organisation is one of the basic objectives to the App, aimed at making tasks such as setting homework and giving feedback as simple and effective as possible.

Devices include:

  • Teachers choose whether to set paper or online homework
  • Students can submit from any device e.g. android, laptop, imac etc.
  • All documents are in one place rather than teachers having to search through their Inbox
  • Feedback is all stored under one archive including – annotations – comments – audio or visual comment
  • Homework can be shared with the parents online, as well as students to keep them in the loop

Firefly prides itself on developing its product based on the results of multiple case studies. These include both state and independent UK schools and international schools in Cairo and Bangkok.

2. eSchools

eSchools is an App for either primary or secondary schools, and differs between the two only when necessary. They focus on a variety of classroom features used in real time that can be translated to an App. No less than sixteen features and apps make up eSchools.

Devices include:

  • Teachers can easily create projects online with a variety of content types. These can re-used year by year
  • Homework can assigned to individuals groups or a whole class
  • Teachers can come up with Quizzes for homework or in the classroom, and can monitor how quickly students answered the questions

Primary schools have logins for the students as a set of images, whilst the secondary school App can be accessed by students via their school login.

Secondary school teachers can also adjust their App to keep up to date with the timetable changes.

3. Google Classroom

The best key word associated with Google I believe is convenience. Google Classroom is extremely convenient, whilst also making the point of being compatible with other Google Apps. Oh, and the best part… it’s free!

Devices include:

  • Teachers have control of setting up an online class. From there they can invite co-teachers and students. All relevant information can be shared in the online classroom including announcements, assignments and questions from students.
  • Work pages, class stream and the class calendar are platforms where the set work can appear.
  • Teachers can instantly send out homework, and create class discussions.
  • The App is compatible with all other Google programmes such as Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive

Google prides itself on offering useful and  free services and as the App is for educational services, it contains no ads and does not collect or use student content or data.

4. Moodle

Moodle has had a good success rate across the education spectrum, and primary schools to universities make use of it. Moodle allows the ‘Administrator’ – the user who is in charge of maintaining the site – to manage all aspects of their Moodle site, although some tasks can be given to a ‘Manager’.

Moodle acts as educational online platform where everything from homework, helpful documents, and grading platforms can be created.

Devices include:

  • Courses can be accessed by students once they have been authenticated by the Administrator
  • Every course has  grade book which can record scores of homework, quizzes, activities, and peer assessments
  • Tracking progress on Moodle allows teachers to keep track on when a course is completed – each activity comes with a checkbox that a student can tick upon completion. Once all boxes are ticked the Course marks itself as complete

Moodle is all about giving the teacher who creates the site – the Administrator – flexible control over the content and structure of their educational platform.

A useful tool is the ability to add or take away Restrictions, so that certain material on the site will be available to the student with the relevant ability.

5. Milk

Milk is a programme that focuses more than most on being a homework diary for teachers and students. Aspects are divided into four main sections: Homework, Dashboard, Messaging and Control.

Devices include:

  • Homework can be set instantly and is accessible to students via their phones computers or tablets
  • The Dashboard feature allows teachers to track progress attendance, as well as homework marks. This is especially useful for when teachers need to demonstrate class structure and progress
  • Relevant newsletter need not be sent by post. These can be sent from wherever the teacher is and they are able to confirm which students have read them
  • The programme imports student information from SIMS, creating an accurate account of the class to collect data from. This also means students can receive alerts when they have been set a new assignment

Milk puts emphasis on their Teacher Platform, where most of the features are available in one place. The Dashboard includes links to uploading worksheets and buttons for both the teacher and student to confirm work done.

Technology is advancing at such a pace that it is important the changes reflect in the classroom environment. Apps for setting homework cut down on paper wastage, and help keep each class’s workload in one accessible place for you the teacher.

Written by Josh at First Tutors

5 Alternative teaching approaches

5 Alternative teaching approaches
5 Alternative teaching approaches There are so many schools today, and all of them use the same approaches when it comes to some important aspects of teaching. Some schools opt for alternative approaches which bring fantastic results. Here are 5 interesting teaching approaches private schools might want to switch to. Harkness Harkness is a teaching method which is not based on a specific curriculum, but rather on a large oval table. This approach was developed by Edward Harkness, an oil magnate and a philanthropist. What makes this approach special is that all of the students sit at the table together with their teacher and discuss a variety of topics. Every students can give his opinion on topic and then his opinion is discussed. Harkness approach offers an alternative to a traditional classroom setup where a teacher lectures in front of a blackboard while all the students are seated at their desks. Sudbury Sudbury approach gets its name from the Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, Massachusetts. This is a school that operates under tenets of democracy and individuality. Both of these principles have not appeared in other in other approaches. Sudbury approach encourages students to design a curriculum, as well as to choose whether they are going to be evaluated. Students get a vote in any important matters, such as how should the school invest money and whether hew staff should be hired. All other students and staff members get a vote which counts equally. Reggio Emilia Loris Malaguzzi developed this approach soon after World War 2 and named it after his hometown in Italy. It is an approach developed specifically for the children between the ages of 3 and 6. The approach is based on children being surrounded by self-guided learning environment. Malaguzzi claimed that we do not have to give children ready-made answers, but only guide them towards the right ones. In this approach, there is no curriculum and classrooms are designed to look and feel more like home. Art teachers also play an important role in Reggio Emilia approach as art is one of the things this approach focuses on. Steiner/Waldorf Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner developed this approach influenced by Goethe and Jean Piaget. The approach is based on the thesis that teaching should be focused on the “whole child”, meaning that teaching should concentrate on students’ body, soul, and spirit. His first Waldorf School was founded in 1919 in Stuttgart. The curriculum lasted 12 years and was aimed at preparing children for life. According to this approach, children should not be taught academic material until the age of 7. Before they reach this age, they should only be encouraged to interact with environment and socialize. In the last 20 years, the approach remained unchanged and is still being used. Montessori In the approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, teaching is based on the philosophy that children should be encouraged to learn in their own ways. Montessori approach encourages individuality and independence, meaning that teachers design the curriculum according to the students’ progress and previous knowledge. Classrooms in the schools that use this approach are “child-centric”. They are full of hands-on material that can help children to acquire new information. Students are encouraged to interact with each other and to use their own pace when learning. More and more schools opt for the Montessori approach and they have been reporting positive results. All of these programs offer some alternative ways to pass knowledge to the children. It is up to schools to choose the one that will suit them best. Parents are advised to learn which approach is being used before signing their children up in a school and do some research on it.   Author: Diana Smith  

Why is e-learning encouragement for students?

Why is e-learning great encouragement for students?
Why is e-learning encouragement for students? Why has e-learning been an awesome support for understudies far and wide? The prime explanation behind that will be that entrance to information was never open to all. Individuals with money related confinements, geological obstructions or physical obstacles who had minimal risk already in the scholarly circle now have the ways to deep rooted learning open to them. The new age training framework presents to you a redesigned rendition of learning that you can access whenever it might suit you with a large number of individuals from various parts of the world. It’s a joyful learning age for understudies far and wide. Basically, learning online is well known in light of the fact that it’s… Quicker and wider: The new age learning framework is innovation based learning framework that spreads information through associating and sharing. You achieve your class through a tick and get criticism immediately. Presently you have an opportunity to associate with a more extensive gathering of learners and instructors that helps you to expand your scholastic goals. Advantageous and cost-viable: Now you don’t have to stress over expert or family responsibilities any longer. The new age learning framework permits you to gain information at your own particular pace and comfort. Understudies nowadays learn and acquire in the meantime furthermore stay aware of family obligations. What’s more, it is conceivable in light of the fact that e-learning needn’t bother with you to go far or invest energy at libraries. Everything is accessible with a web association that makes training agreeable and financially savvy. A communitarian learning framework: With e-learning you get the choice to learn with the entire world. The class today is no more kept to a physical classroom with dividers. Individuals from various parts of the world join to talk about and offer learning. Through web learning, diverse understudies from various nations can trade learning forms and through that a social trade likewise happens. This consistent culturally diverse trade advantages understudies from various perspectives. Developing social capital: The arrangement of procuring information through the web is less about tedious addresses and thick course books – it’s an instrument based training framework that focuses more on cooperation and dialog. The instructive stages (as a necessary piece of learning securing) energize social cooperation amongst understudies and teachers over the globe. The attachment and-play technique for procuring degrees is helping instructors and learners frame a worldwide system.

E-learning through mobiles is empowering a powerful situation

Specialists trust that the procedure of making training accessible all day and all night guarantees better results and that is empowering more learners and establishments to take up online instruction. The era at present that cherishes investing energy stuck to contraptions is to a great degree cheerful about new age innovation that permits individuals to for all intents and purposes convey classes in their pockets. As per a late report by Ambient understanding, the US instructive business sector has earned a selling so as to excite measure of $958.7 in 2010 versatile learning items. The overview likewise demonstrated a mammoth ascent and anticipated it to develop more than 10% consistently in next five years. Bring your own gadget or BYOD – is another idea being massively embraced by schools nowadays. The different offices of online training including the choice of learning through video direction and live web exchanges have empowered a considerable measure of schools and universities to begin online classes. Thus, instructors, who at some point back used to set up notification against utilizing mobiles as a part of school, now feel that cell phones have gotten to be vital instructive devices in most recent couple of years. The prime explanation for why contemplating through portable and PCs appears to be so applicable to class understudies is that era have grown up seeing, hearing and playing with innovation. The developing associate of people with hey tech hardware is obviously a reason that has helped the ascent in versatile adapting fundamentally.

3 amazing tips for engaging students in e-learning

  • Trigger prior knowledge:
Understudies’ inspiration in learning can be supported if the new learning is connected with their earlier information. At the point when learners’ current information is enacted and they see the pertinence of it with new learning, they can sort out and get a handle on the new information all the more effortlessly; along these lines, they will be more occupied with their learning process.
  • Ask them what their objectives are:
Realizing what understudies’ objectives in a course are is extremely useful in building up the course materials and in addition conveying them. It can likewise customize the understudies’ learning, since they feel a feeling of control over their learning. This will likewise assemble affinity in the middle of teacher and understudy, as they can feel the bolster you are asking so as to give them about their objectives. Realizing what their objectives are can offer you some assistance with creating more pertinent and genuine cases, which are powerful in their learning improvement.
  • Have their objectives at the top of the priority list when instructing:
Comprehending what understudies’ objectives are will offer you some assistance with providing vital platforms when important; henceforth, they feel the advancement they are making in their learning. At the point when understudies feel they are learning, they will be more intrigued and locked in.   Author’s Bio: Alex Hales born in New York  is Harvard University graduate. Once he come in writing profession, he first thought that, it’s difficult to engage people with your words and handcrafts. But, now he has been the most successful writer in the world and wrote 72 books. Alex Hales has influenced many organisations, which asked him to share his thoughts about their products and services. Logo Design Service is one of them.  

Top personality characteristics of successful teachers

Top Personality Characteristics Of Successful Teachers
 Top personality characteristics of successful teachers   Successful students are really the ones who listen to their teachers and whose teachers never give up on them. Most of the teachers who have a successful career and a huge student following comes from the fact that they constantly try to motivate and encourage their students to perform better. They reach out to their students and make them feel welcome rather than feared. So, having said this here are a few habits of the most successful teachers, who bring positivity in the life of their students and as a whole, to the academic world.

Clear objectives and a positive attitude towards their students

Whether it is an individual or an entire organization, objectives are an integral part. Teachers with clear objectives mean they have formulated a well-organized plan or a framework through which they want to reach their destination. This serves as a clear roadmap for students and eventually helps them to become successful in their academia. Objectives also make you understand what you are going to achieve by the end of the course. You feel more involved and more learned if you know where you are going and how to reach there. Moreover, a good teacher will always display a positive attitude and send out positive vibrations all around him. It adds value to learning and boosts creativity, transforming the classroom into something interesting to look out for.

Successful teachers are consistent and reflective

Consistency is something that makes things easier for you. A consistent teacher follows the rules and don’t change them according to his mood. In this way, students can rely on you for keeping your word and being consistent with the ways assignments are submitted or generally, how the work is done. Also, there are some teachers who are stuck with their age old methods of teaching; now that is not consistent, but solely stubborn behavior. Reflection is what comes in here because that is how teachers reflect on their performance and change their methods accordingly.

They enjoy teaching and also have a good sense of humor

You can tell a teacher loves his work by listening to how he teaches. Such teachers are full of energy and thriving with spirit because they like to share their knowledge and are totally involved with their students. Even the most boring class comes to life with a good teacher. Moreover, being funny is what keeps the mood light and stress out of the class. So be the one hysterical teacher that every student admires.

They are adaptive to change and open to innovative classroom tools

There are two types of change – one is changing according to students’ needs and the other one is to change the physical structure of the classroom to give it a new feel. Move around the desks a bit and try to add something new, so that students don’t look outside the window all the time. Also, since it is the world of technology, don’t be hesitant to add technological tools to your academic curriculum. It might be possible that the students are already aware of it, but using it in the classroom might increase their interest towards the subject.     Author’s Bio: Edina Clark is an Academic Consultant who has been working in the same area for about 10 years. She writes for Essay campus, about HR related issues for graduates and professionals.  

6 jobs you’ll have while at college

6 jobs you’ll have while at college
6 jobs you’ll have while at college   Going to college and getting an education can take a lot of energy and time. Not to mention, going to a good college can result in debt for upwards of $50,000 or more. For those that put themselves through college, it can be a very daunting and scary moment for their finances. However, rather than just stare at an overwhelming amount, many college students decide to get jobs. Below a list of the six jobs most college students will work and what you can expect with each. Continue reading “6 jobs you’ll have while at college”

Five helps for graduates trying to handle life after college

Five helps for graduates trying to handle life after college
Five helps for graduates trying to handle life after college Every year, millions of students graduate college and head out into the real world. But not all new grads are ready for the trials that await them. Here are five helps for graduates trying to handle life after college and how to handle this new transition.  

Maintain old friendships while building new ones

Keeping the friendships you made while in school can be tough after you go your separate ways. However, the friendships you established in college can be a valuable support system, and making new friends after school can provide both a needed source of socialization, as well as a new network of contacts. It is said that over half of all people meet their spouses through a friend, and over 25 percent of new hires get their jobs from referrals.  

Brand a “useless” degree

Not all graduates had the foresight to pick a degree in a high-paying field and even if you chose to study political science instead of computer science all is not lost. Any college degree looks better on a resume that just a high-school education. If you have a weak degree, look for ways to put a spin on your field of study so prospective employers will notice you. It could be as easy as additional volunteer work or a new certification.  

Organize your finances

Most people’s financial picture changes after graduation. Handling student loans and other debt, without support from your parents, can be a burden for new grads. Learn how to make a budget and stick to it. New graduates have several options for deferring student loan payments and don’t overlook the break you get on student-loan interest at tax time. Contacting a tax or bankruptcy attorney like Wiesner & Frackowiak, LC for guidance may be a wise choice.  

Find a real job

While you probably had a job in college, delivering pizzas isn’t going to pay the bills after school. You will need to craft a stellar resume and polish your interview skills to have a chance at landing a good job in a competitive and depressed job market. Most local job-service offices can help with both. Be sure to ask advisors and professors for contacts and internship opportunities as well.  

Life beyond work

Even through your career may be your main focus after graduation, just remember that work isn’t everything. Take some time to enjoy life and look for fun things you can do for free. Concerts in the park, tubing down a river, and just going for a walk with friends can be a great way to relive stress without killing your budget. Above all, don’t despair if you don’t land your dream job the first week out of school, or your college sweetheart moves away. After all, you just graduated and the rest of your life is waiting for you to become whatever you choose. Brooke Chaplan  

Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016

Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016
Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016 Financing your higher education is always a task which is crucial and has to be very thoughtful. Lots of students fall into the trap of poor financial management when they are at college and then they become victims of increased debt, which has to be repaid after students graduate from their colleges. One of the best ways to avoid such hazards is to plan your finances properly and arrange plans which will cover the most of your higher education expenses throughout your academic journey. Continue reading “Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016”

Top tips to motivate students in classroom

photodune-4380917-happy-faces-par1-1200x661     Sometimes even the brightest student in classroom needs motivation and by adopting quick, small strategies teachers and parents can make a huge difference in motivating. By adopting these strategies, boost up the student involvement with the particular lesson and stop distractions and interference. Each of the ideas given below was developed in order to meet the needs and requirements of students and can produce great results. Continue reading “Top tips to motivate students in classroom”

Online program when going back to school

online education
Online program when going back to school In this job market, going back to school is more than a good idea–it is necessary to maintain a competitive edge in your field. Even if you are already employed, you will probably learn that more schooling is going to be necessary to earn a promotion or just keep the job that you have. Continue reading “Online program when going back to school”

e-learning v.s. hybrid

e-learning v.s. hybrid hybrid or e-learning, or maybe blended… difficult to decide!! Probably a lot of you are wandering whether the wave of online courses and education will benefit your future and what is the best possible way to use them. Here is an explanation of three type of learning: 1. Web-enhanced courses Face-to-face courses have a presence in the learning management system and Blackboard. They have web accessible materials: syllabus, readings, discussion questions, quizzes, etc., add the face-to-face class experience and are nice ways to web-enhance your course for students. Continue reading “e-learning v.s. hybrid”

Organized and clutter free dorm improve grades


Organized and clutter free dorm improve grades

We know that once you leave “the nest ” and head out to college you are relieved to not have to hear your mom nag you about keeping your room clean, only to find out that keeping your dorm room clean and clutter free actually can improve your grades. Here we go all over again. This time around though, it is your own responsibility to keep your room clean. There likely won’t be anyone doing room inspections and keeping you on cleaning duty. Instead, it is time to step out into the real world and take some responsibility in keeping your room from looking like a disaster zone. Continue reading “Organized and clutter free dorm improve grades”

Take a loan, but spend it wisely!

student-loans College can be a tough time. You’re out on your own for the first time, but you don’t have a real job yet. Unfortunately, it’s a time a lot of college kids start to rack up debt. And sometimes the debt stays with them way too long. Continue reading “Take a loan, but spend it wisely!”

Computer programmers’ courses and careers

computer programming
Computer programmers' courses and careers Computer technology is a fundamental part of today’s world. Computers are frequently used in almost every home, society, and organization to assist performs many different tasks. In fact, this technology enables people to do a variety of jobs that would not be feasible devoid of the programmers to develop and update programs to meet humans’ varied needs. You can get the education in computer programming easily from a number of schools available on the Web. Continue reading “Computer programmers’ courses and careers”

Get your student excited about school

Get your student excited about school Learning can and should be one of the great adventures and joys of childhood, however school sometimes becomes a monotonous chore or even a battle for some. There are many ways parents can help keep their children engaged and excited about different subjects, specifically science. With so many branches of study, new discoveries being made every day, and an infinite ways to explore, there is no reason for science to be anything less than thrilling. Continue reading “Get your student excited about school”

5 Major advantages of online classes that you can’t ignore

5 Major advantages of online classes that you can’t ignore
5 Major advantages of online classes that you can’t ignore   Most of the traditional educational institutes have been facing troubles in the form of course shortage and budget cuts, which have made a large number of students look for the alternative solutions rather than striving for traditional colleges or university for getting higher education. It might be quite surprising for you to know that, so far, more than 3 million people have got themselves enrolled on different online places for getting full fledge degrees programs. In addition to this, you might also find it quite surprising that at least 6 million other people have also taken different courses through online learning institutes. Continue reading “5 Major advantages of online classes that you can’t ignore”

How to get children to enjoy maths?

How to get children to enjoy maths? Maths is a subject that some people really struggle with. Some people are just not good with numbers. And they say that for a child to have good mathematical skill, he/she must have a strong foundation of the numbering system. It seems to be alone among other subjects in that many people just have a mental block with it and do not know how to do it. There are things that you can do to help them to enjoy the subject. Continue reading “How to get children to enjoy maths?”

Brave new learning

Brave new learning The technology is transforming the traditional classroom, blackboards, chalks and brick-thick textbooks are being replaced by tablet computers and classrooms with virtual learning rooms. Worldwide governments are advancing electronic learning in local schools by rolling out pilot schemes and granting funds, maximizing the benefits of e-learning. Ambient Insight, has researched the e-learning, and has established that inquiry-based learning paves the way to a successful future for students in a digital economy. Student – centered scheme is becoming a global trend. Apart from the new and interesting modes of learning, another important aspect in this industry is the level of earning. According to the report from Ambient Insight it is estimated that that the world’s e-learning market will be worth US$49.6 billion by 2014 and that Asia will be the fastest-growing region. Continue reading “Brave new learning”

Manage attention problems in 15 steps

brain-attention It is needless to say that the attention is needed in every segment of our lives, but when you have startegies in enhancing attention and managing attention problems your learning is more productive and you achieve better results. The listing below is by no means exhaustive, but it is rather meant as a place to begin. There is no doubt that the best resources for strategies are the creative, inventive minds of enlightened assessment professionals, teachers and parents, in partnership with the students they serve. Only, together they can create multiple alternative strategies. Continue reading “Manage attention problems in 15 steps”

Online learning benefits the environment

ASHFORD-UNIVERSITY-ONLINE-LEARNING It is a know fact that online students have the flexibility to log in and complete their coursework at any time from virtually any place. By customizing their schedules and pace to accommodate work, family, lifestyle and other considerations they save time and energy by taking courses online. The students realize that the cost savings associated with commuting, such as bus fare or gasoline, parking, vehicle wear and tear, as well as time away from work, child care and various other expenses also contribute to the environment print. Online learning benefits the environment: consider the energy consumption associated with on-campus classes, meetings and study groups! Environmental impacts vary from electricity to lighting, heating and cooling campus facilities to the use of consumables, such as traditional textbooks and other paper products. United Kingdom’s Design Innovation Group found out in their study that producing and providing online educational courses consumes up to 90 percent less energy and produces 85 percent less in the way of CO2 emissions per student than comparable on-campus courses. Out of 79,000 plus students who attend Ashford University, approximately 99 percent are enrolled in online classes – the world is their classroom and they’re making the world a greener place. Ashford University’s academic offerings, specifically in environmental studies, prepare students for increasingly popular green-collar careers in private, non-profit and government sectors. “Online higher education is innovative and forward-thinking,” says Dr. Adam Selhorst, who chairs the environmental studies department at Ashford University. “It conserves resources and reduces education’s carbon footprint on our environment.” About Ashford University Ashford University is one of the leading defers of the modern college experience, by combining the heritage of a traditional campus with the flexibility and effectiveness of online learning. The University provides a vibrant learning community, where high-quality programs and leading-edge technology create a dynamic, immersive and stimulating learning experience. The University has practical and progressive associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs online, as well as bachelor’s degree programs at its Clinton, Iowa, campus. Ashford University motto is : where heritage meets innovation. For more information, please visit

Why colleges should keep ESL courses?

ESL For years, English language courses have had an important role in colleges and universities. Today, some schools have started referring to ESL students as non-native speakers of English instead. In any case, several reasons exist as to why colleges should keep these English language courses. Continue reading “Why colleges should keep ESL courses?”

Why using e-books as an educational resource?

Why using e-books as an educational resource? It is a fact that the users of e-books have become a well-known mode of studying for many students around the world. It has become a significant educational resource for many university students and self-studying enthusiasts. An e-book is basically a book in electronic format. These days, it can be downloaded to most of the latest tech gadgets from a personal computer, a laptop, a smartphone or any type of reading device. From numbered pages to graphical content, you can enjoy reading conveniently without any hassle. There are many benefits that students can gain when using eBooks and given below are a few facts: • The instant ability to access an e-book is considered as one of the most important benefits. You can purchase or download the e-book from available websites, immediately download it and start reading them within minutes. It’s that simple. When there’s an emergency and you cannot locate a bookstore or a library nearby, an e-book becomes the best option for you. • The paper is certainly not required since you will not be printing the entire booklet. Most of you out there will either use a tab, smart phone or even your laptop to read through and note down what is important to you. • The urgency of information required when completing assignments for various courses is reduced since you can download the e-book immediately. You have to just figure out what the best websites are. • There are book lovers out there for sure but e-books take less space. It practically does not take any space at all within your room. All you have to do is download them and save them on your computer or reading device. • E-books are also portable. They do not restrict you to carry two or three books at a time. Their format simply helps you to carry hundreds and thousands of e-books at a time once you have downloaded them. Students have the extra burden of carrying textbooks which schools and universities provide them with. Therefore, any extra reading material that they have to find can be easily done through the Internet. Simply go to a renowned website and purchase and download the e-book that you require when the need arises. There is simply no reason to worry about the excess weight. • With the development of technology, you have been given the opportunity to read e-books even on the move. Place and time will certainly not be an issue. • e-books also come with added advantages and bonus material at times. They can also show links that offer access to various information sites related to the subject matter. This, in turn, will help you to expand your knowledge base. • An added benefit that most of you will love is that e-books are searchable. You can effortlessly search for a phrase or paragraph without turning all the pages. Simply type what you require in the find bar and you are provided with the page content. You can have more resources on e-books at: Free e-books 20 Best websites to download free e-books WHSmith – free e-books e-books go Author’s Bio: Sophie Taylor is a well-experienced copywriter, for almost 3 years. She loves writing articles in different categories and currently she has written study in Cologne.

Exercise your mind with e-learning

mind-exercises Every New Year, we are given a clean slate upon which to draw a brand new future. With the New Year’s resolution to exercise your body, it is the right time to consider exercising your mind. Now is the perfect time to continue your education! Of course the big question is, how do you fit it into your already insanely busy schedule? If you have ever hesitated to pursue further education because you couldn’t handle the rigors of a traditional campus, e-learning is perfect for you. Whether you are a handy man ready to take on a new career, a mid-level boomer ready for another challenge, or just somebody who loves to learn, online education can give you the boost you need. Online education, also known as distance learning and e-learning, is rapidly gaining popularity as a convenient, efficient and often lower-cost way to improve your mind, your life and your career opportunities. There are opportunities available for almost everyone: no matter if you are seeking a college degree, a career change, or a new trade, there are a multitude of choices being offered by numerous schools. Some are well-known brick and mortar institutions offering off-site, distance learning or “limited residence requirements” programs to meet every student’s need, plus there are numerous accredited online education programs that meet the criteria for financial ad. Searching the right online education program for you, your child, or your company might be a lengthy, time-consuming process as there are many things to consider – study, finances, and of course, which school to attend.  What is important is to make sure that your chosen distance education program is accredited by the appropriate agencies, so that insures a better chance at financial aid, as well as better opportunities after graduation. Make this a 2013 a year to remember with new attitudes and new goals! Online education can help you improve your self-worth, net-worth and your overall well being.

The future of e-learning

We can hardly predict the future events with accuracy, but in e-learning we have several guiding principles that can show the realistic development scenarios of online education trends. Have a look at the overview below and leave your comments:
The Future of E-Learning  

1.4 billion students on Earth

According to the recent Microsoft survey there are 1.4 billion students on planet Earth out of which 1.23 billion go in pre-k to high school and 170 million attend higher education. On a global level there are 65.2 million educators – 9.2 million in higher education and 56  million in pre-k to high school. For having a better overview what the figure of 1.4 billion students means, let me remind you that the world population is around 7.1 billion people. Here is the Microsoft latest overview of the world statistics: width= Continue reading “1.4 billion students on Earth”

Give your classroom a summer revamp



As summer is knocking on the door, teachers and students alike get excited about the holidays.  Thoughts tend to wander off to sunny beaches, picnics in the park, and general serenity.  However, there is one important thing you as a teacher can do before the holiday season begins; prepare your classroom for the coming term. It might be the last thing on your mind, but you will thank yourself for it later.  Whether you are a primary school teacher, a college tutor or a nursery teacher, the classroom atmosphere facilitate your success in a very big way.  There are many tidbits and larger-scale ideas you can pursue to improve your classroom and education supplies and school furniture in ways that enhance the learning process. Continue reading “Give your classroom a summer revamp”

What do distance learning institutions need to improve further?

What do distance learning institutions need to improve further? It goes without saying that online education is the future of gaining all the needed knowledge, for every nationality, every social group of people and for everyone’s budget. The benefits from distance learning are well known: ease of access, time stretch studies upon one’s needs, low or no fees, convenience of learning everywhere and at any time. However, online students have to be aware of the following challenges: Continue reading “What do distance learning institutions need to improve further?”

instaGrok: new innovative way to learn


instaGrok: new innovative way to learn Research, customize and share! instaGrok is an educational search engine for students and teachers provides kinds of resources on a keyword via videos, images, websites, and quizzes. What is it used for: Continue reading “instaGrok: new innovative way to learn”

Distance learning opinions

Distance learning opinions

Here are some very interesting articles about latest online education developments, opinions about experts in online educations and practitioners of distance learning: Recent changes in education system  
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10 ways to make child’s learning fun

10 ways to make child's learning fun  We all know that traditional ways of learning requires a teacher, a chalkboard, a desk, a ruler, a pencil, and a textbook. A teacher with a stern, professional posture stands before the room with barely a smile on her face as she goes through the lesson in front of her class. This was the image seen in many movies and some adults actually had her in their classes for many, many years. She or he may have conducted a rather boring class, spending a lot of time talking over your head or talking to the chalkboard. Continue reading “10 ways to make child’s learning fun”

Tricks and tips on how to get good grades in College

pencils Acquiring a college education is a goal that countless individuals hope to achieve. However, the idea of selecting a school, choosing a major and charting a course for ultimate success can seem like a series of insurmountable challenges. Fortunately, the tips that follow below offer a framework for getting the entire process underway. Continue reading “Tricks and tips on how to get good grades in College”

Khan: Education in 2060

Khan: Education in 2060 

Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, a not-for-profit online education provider, shares his thoughts on what the educational landscape will look like in 50 years. By 2060, he predicts three major shifts in education: a change to the classroom model, a change to the credential model and a change in the role of the instructor. Continue reading “Khan: Education in 2060”

Tips to search and compare online colleges



  When a student looks for an online college to get a degree or masters, he or she needs to look at different aspects of the colleges that are important before joining a particular programme. Sometimes joining the first online college that you find may result in not getting a proper degree, being scammed and the worst possible scenario which is not getting a job due to the degree you may hold. In this process a lot of money and time is wasted. Here are a few useful suggestions that can be employed to choosing the right online college to join.
  1. Credentials:
Does the particular college have the basic educational standards required to function and give you a degree is very crucial in choosing an online college. If they don’t have the basic requirements then it is a waste of time joining these institutions because the degree that is given will not be recognised in today’s work environment. Continue reading “Tips to search and compare online colleges”

Can e-learning make the academic cheating a history?

cheating-at-exams The first thought  that comes to one’s mind when someone mentions academic dishonesty is cheating and plagiarism, the theft of ideas and other forms of intellectual property, which occur within an educational setting. In high or secondary school, a standard penalty for academic dishonesty is a failing grade, where as in college it can result in expulsion. However, still the most widely spread forms of academic dishonesty are cheating and plagiarism. These notions are usually easily identified, because a clear distinction between the terms is quite obscure. Cheating comprises of giving and receiving information during an exam, using and dissemination of material during an exam, taking an exam or writing an exam for another student, or asking someone to do so, submitting the same paper for more than one course, misrepresenting and fabricating written work. Continue reading “Can e-learning make the academic cheating a history?”

The truth about argumentation

presentation Argumentation is commonly associated with debate and its using does not require being adversarial. When trying to persuade, your first thought might be to avoid it. The kind of argument being discussed here is not bickering or being obnoxious or even debate, therefore do not think of it as attacking the opposing point of view. In its simplest form, it is putting forth reasons for or against a certain point of view. Argumentation can involve deductive reasoning, presentation and elaboration. It starts with a proposition, followed by an expression of a point of view on a subject and then supporting an evidence. The last one is added as principles to support the proposition used. Reasoning on the matter, applying inductions and deductions to the proposed thought are part of the argumentation. Continue reading “The truth about argumentation”

How do we study?

How do we study?
Did you know that when you learn something new, the involved synapses change?
Upon this, once the information is stored, the more your recall what you have learned, the more simultaneous the process becomes.
The same reaction occurs when we learn something new, gain a new information, learn a new skill. As you learn, your brain  grows!
The brain being an incredible, and unexplored it is  very sensitive to our life habits.
This is why staying up late and feeling fatigued can cause problems in the cortex, the main area in the brain for storing information. It is a common knowledge that learning things slowly, over a period of time, is most beneficial for memory. If you want to learn more visit The science of study
Continue reading “How do we study?”

The MOOC Experience

The MOOC Experience Traditional forms of education have been rather busy exchanging barbs with the alternative ones. Online courses distance learning and MOOCs concepts which were introduced to augment certain aspects of education had become subject to attack. This scene is not even remotely surprising; while such alternative modes were designed to accommodate certain aspects, the probability that such coverage will later expand to all aspects pose a threat. In other words, MOOCs – in their premature state – are already envisioned to totally replace traditional forms. This heated exchange had somehow aroused a kind of curiosity among observers. In the learner’s perspective, would the MOOCs’ derived experience make any significant difference? Interestingly, is that difference valuable to the learner? Continue reading “The MOOC Experience”

10 Great websites for educational resources and notes

10 Great websites for educational resources and notes Education and knowledge are simply what they are. Either you know it or you don’t and in real life, where you acquire knowledge often doesn’t matter so long as you get the job done. There has been a drastic change in the pattern of education over the last few decades. Moreover, after the prolific use of the Internet, online education practice is also on the boom. There are many Education websites which provide some quality data for students. Students all over the world use these notes and educational data, to learn what they cannot in their school. Nowadays these websites also have interactive flash pages to make the students understand the topic easily and more effectively. They also upload videos, so that some topics which are a bit complicated can be made to understand quickly. Continue reading “10 Great websites for educational resources and notes”

How is online education funded?

How is online education funded? Tuition funding is a great demand for the budget and big challenge for the students, regardless of their age and social background (excluding the rich – of course!) What you should know is that there are a variety of scholarships offered by a number of organizations. Prospective students have to explore the US federal grants and service learning programs, together with the corporate sponsored scholarship programs, available employer assistance programs, as well as scholarships offered by civic organizations, colleges and universities. Continue reading “How is online education funded?”

3 Philosophies to enhance your college experience

college- life
3 Philosophies to enhance your college experience College, undoubtedly, will be some of the best years of your life. It’s the first time in your life where you are somewhat on your own. You have the freedom to make your own choices. You get to major and study in a subject you are passionate about. Besides all that you meet hundreds of new people, and you get to live with them for the next four years. The college years can easily be the most formative of your life. So, before you go there are a few things to consider. Continue reading “3 Philosophies to enhance your college experience”

Professors set prices for the online courses

Professors set prices for the online courses Most of the time professors do not worry about what price point a course will sell at, or what amenities might attract a student to pick one course over another. However, the recently created new online platform, Professor Direct, lets instructors determine: how much they will charge for a courses, how much time they want to devote to services like office hours, online tutorials, and responding to students’ e-mails. Continue reading “Professors set prices for the online courses”

How to get pupils interested in activities they don’t like?

borred-pupil When I think back to high school, the overriding feeling I get is one of boredom. Don’t get me wrong; some of my lessons were great, but a significant number were lack-lustre and immediately conducive to demotivation. You might feel exasperated trying to engage your pupils, but with these easy tips on how to get pupils interested in activities they don’t like, your pupils will all be motivated and on the way to success. Continue reading “How to get pupils interested in activities they don’t like?”

Facts you need to know about education verification

Facts you need to know about education verification

Employment candidates may embellish their employment tasks and positions, but tend to lie about their education. Yes, you have read right – that person interviewing with your Human Resource Manger and other relevant executives, the one looking presentable and acting bright and articulate may well be inventing his/her education. In most cases your candidate’s claim to a higher education is not necessarily a total invention. He/she may have in fact actually enrolled in the university listed on the resume and he/she just didn’t graduate from that school, or any other school, for that matter. Continue reading “Facts you need to know about education verification”

Top 3 benefits of online CNA training

CNA - nursing
CNA - nursing   The medical field is growing and there are plenty of jobs available in the field for anyone who is interested in either getting into a new career field or expanding their career. One of the popular careers in the medical field is nursing. There are many areas in nursing, including a certified nurse assistant. Although many people are interested in going back to school, attending a traditional school setting is difficult for many these days. Continue reading “Top 3 benefits of online CNA training”

2U speaker presented at online education series

2U speaker presented at online education series   On Friday, 30 November 2012, Jeremy Johnson, President of undergraduate programs for 2U Inc., will be the guest speaker for the Academic Learning Community’s next Online Interactive Education series. “2U and Online Courses for Credit” will begin at 15:30 and will last for 90 minutes in the Jones Room of the Woodruff Library. 2U Inc. leads, coordinates and partners with higher education institutions to enable online degree programs to students worldwide. Continue reading “2U speaker presented at online education series”