Golf: Sky Caddie


SkyHawke Technologies, operating under the SkyGolf® brand, is a private company based in Ridgeland, Mississippi that specializes in the development of innovative golf positioning systems, course mapping processes, performance fitting programs, swing analysis apps, practice and play systems and related technology products.

Each of the Company’s developments are specifically designed to help golfers play better and have more fun, while enhancing the business growth, development and efficiencies for golf professionals, retailers and course operators.

SkyGolf’s mission is to develop world-class technology to increase participation and grow the game of golf by improving pace-of-play and enhancing golfer enjoyment while respecting the long-standing traditions and values of the game. In short, we help golfers play better, play smarter, play faster and have more FUN!


Despite all of the advances in golf equipment, the game has not been growing. SkyGolf conducted an in-depth analysis of the industry to identify areas where our expertise could make a difference in growing the game of golf in conjunction with the PGA’s initiatives.

SkyGolf believes that the prescription for growing the game includes:

  • Better information
  • Better course management
  • Having a proper fitness program
  • Having the correct techniques and mechanics
  • Using the right golf equipment
  • With its game improvement brands, SkyGolf continues to develop technology and tools that empower the golfer, PGA instructors and club fitters.


From its founding, SkyGolf has always believed that better golf comes through better information. Better information:

  • Makes every club better
  • Makes scores better
  • Increases enjoyment
  • Improves pace of play
  • Getting golfers playing better and smarter will produce more rewarding experiences. Golfers who enjoy the game more will mean more rounds, more equipment purchases, more lessons, and more fittings. It will grow the game and the business of golf.
Our handheld and wearable SkyCaddie devices help golfers play better, play smarter, play faster and have more FUN!