Serving military vets with an online education

e-learner For military veterans returning from active duty, the transition back into civilian life can be a difficult one. Apart from the mental adjustment needed to move from being an active military member to living in civilian society, veterans may find themselves facing the effects of both physical injuries and psychological trauma. The big question for many veterans is “what now”? They may already have families to support and be struggling with a drop in income since leaving the military. For some veterans, getting further education is a good way to learn new things and new ways of using their strengths and skills, while supporting themselves and their families. Continue reading “Serving military vets with an online education”

Which business diploma is right for me?

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The choice of the professional career is the most difficult, yet most important in one’s life. The choice defines one’s future, standard of living, interest, or to cut short, one’s whole life. If you are like many others, and have funneled your choices to business studies, you may consider one of the following courses:

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The right college for business education

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The right college for business education   Finding the right school for your business education is essential. Each college is different, and while they will all teach you the basics and fundamentals of business, the right college will give you the opportunity that you need to make a lifelong career out of your passion. Here are a few of the best schools depending on your preferred goal.
Best starting salary
A high starting salary is obviously great because everyone wants to make a lot of money as soon as they start working. Most students with a business degree will start with a salary around $50,000, but there are some colleges that are much better than this. For example, the Baruch Field Center for Entrepreneurship has an average starting salary exceeding $77,000. While this school pushes students to make their own businesses, you can easily apply your degree to a traditional employer. Another college to consider is the McCallum Graduate School of Business at Bentley University. This is among the top 20 business schools in the country, and the starting salary on average is over $75,000. The last college to consider is the Case Western Reserve. The starting salary is $65,000, but the main benefit is that this school is much easier to attend since the others are very selective about their students.
Job offerings
Having a high salary is great, but it’s useless if you can’t find a job. There are some colleges where nearly every student will have a job as soon as he or she graduates, which might suit your needs even better. About 98 percent of graduates at Quinnipiac University will have a business job when they graduate. Students are encouraged to start investing and compete with international companies during their courses. The next college is Lehigh University. About 96 percent of graduates will have a job offer when they finish college. The best thing about this college is that there are a number of distinct degrees, such as entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and supply-side chain management. Bentley University might be the best overall school. Not only do students have a high starting salary, but about 95 percent of graduates will find jobs right after college. Source: International Business

The growing value of business education for women


The growing value of business education for women

In today’s rapidly changing economy, there’s no better path to achieve career goals than higher education. In the world of business, this may be even truer. Gone are the days when simply having a marketable idea and entrepreneurial talent was enough, in post-recession America, in-depth training in the highly complex world of contemporary business is crucial to success. Whether in marketing, industry, service or sales, the tightly interlocking networks of information and commercial activity are driving the next phases of economic progress. For new entrants to the job market or for those entering into a second career, this means that serious education in the realities of modern business is a prerequisite for career success. Continue reading “The growing value of business education for women”

Is it worth studying abroad?

Is it worth studying abroad? Students that study abroad can take advantage of many benefits that aren’t necessarily readily offered by study in their home countries. Students who undertake international study programmes can greatly increase their employability prospects, as a result of their experience of working in different cultures. This brings with it a whole range of other flexible and adaptive skills in communication and relationship building, which can be transferred directly to the employment market. Continue reading “Is it worth studying abroad?”