Why is informal learning important?

What is Informal Learning? By definition informal learning is the unofficial, or unscheduled way most people learn. It often takes the form of articles, videos, books, podcasts, online courses, conferences, etc. as opposed to formal courses. The infographic below will emphases the following points: Reliance on informal learning is growing because it promotes autonomy, efficiency,… Continue reading Why is informal learning important?

How to design an effective online course?

Why is informal learning important?

  Everyone loves eLearning nowadays, but it’s considerably different from traditional learning environments. Even if you’re incredibly well versed in the art of face-to-face learning, that may not mean anything for your ability to create a great online course.

The educational process takes a considerable amount of time. If it is high on your list, you might spend hours learning materials, writing essays, doing research, and analyzing your studies. In short, being a successful student means making efforts.

In an era of e-learning where it seems that more and more people become interested in gaining knowledge online, it can be of interest to see what are the statistics on online education trends over the past decade.

Reasons to consider MOOCs

Many high school students are now considering the option of taking MOOCs, which is an abbreviated form of Massive Open Online Course, where a platform is given to the students, teaching assistants and professors online to interact, as well as access the resources and content made available for free to them to reuse, as well… Continue reading Reasons to consider MOOCs

3 Ways to save money and time with online learning system

3 ways to save money and time with online learning system

An online learning system is usually a portal on the Internet that will allow you to undertake a course on a specific subject matter, without having to travel to a campus or classroom. In today’s society online learning such as this has become increasingly popular with students who also have a 9-5 day job or… Continue reading 3 Ways to save money and time with online learning system

Online college enrolment: By numbers

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] In 2012  the number of students enrolled exclusively in distance education courses in USA was 2,642,158 or 12.5%. The number of students enrolled in some, but not all distance education courses was 2,809,942 or 13.3%. At the same time 15,694,955 or 74.2% students did not enrolled in any distance education courses If you want to know the answers… Continue reading Online college enrolment: By numbers

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The e-learning field is turning out to be the game changer in 21st century education, beginning from Learning Analytics to the MOOC movement, from Gamification to new Design Possibilities.Check the infographics on all details:

How to choose a high quality online course?

  Online education is attracting more and more attention worldwide due to its flexibility and availability. Nowadays, major institutions proudly offer a variety of courses ranging from technology to administration. Since the competition is huge, it’s very easy to get lost going through numerous offers. How do you make sure you choose a high quality… Continue reading How to choose a high quality online course?

5 predictions on the e-learning evolution

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] Learning is on a path of change. The traditional learning methods that we are more acquainted with is becoming bulky, slow, expensive and less effective if we compare it with the new methods that are emerging and might one day completely replace it. The emergence of e-learning has drastically changed the scenario of… Continue reading 5 predictions on the e-learning evolution