Online degrees or traditional education? Which degree lands you with a better job offer?

online-learning   Online learning has become a popular choice for students. More people are “going to class” online, and the trend is growing. In fact, more schools are giving their students the opportunity to learn remotely from home. But, what has brought on that change? As you will see, students are using the online option for a variety of reasons and becoming just as suitable to be hired, as traditional learners.  

Interacting in online classes

  While you may think that interaction in an online classroom does not exist, that is not true. Students interact in many ways. Although some online classes use webcams to hold conversations, many professors choose writing. The professor and students are able to view everything everyone says in chat rooms, and they reply by typing their message. But, there are other forms of written communication. E-mails, class notes and PDF files are all used to create the same learning experience as the traditional classroom setting. The main difference is the message’s medium. Online students also benefit from less-structured class times. You can make your own schedule as long as you meet deadlines.  

Transforming the classroom

Because professors and students don’t meet in a structured setting for online classes, everyone has the freedom to be more independent in a transformed setting. As a result, learning is more personalised. Professors can tweak a lesson to fit how the student understands it. As such, professors will be able to figure out how each student learns, and change their process to fit a student’s needs. This can also eliminate problems that might have otherwise occurred based on the traditional setting. Another benefit of the less-structured model is that a student doesn’t have to go from one part of the lesson to the next, and so on, in order. They can go back-and-forth as needed. They can also go at their own pace. The ability to do so allows the student to control what they learn, how they learn a lesson and the pace at which they learn it.

Online learning consortium

But, the process of online learning is not as new as one would think. In fact, educators have been teaching online since 1992. The tools, resources, and guidance they have received have taught educators how to teach online effectively. As a result, they have helped students learn better by going at a student’s pace rather than the traditionally structured route.

Online bachelor’s degree programs

Many schools across the country are also using these tools on a regular basis. In fact, some schools have developed fully-online bachelor’s degree programs. As a result, students rarely need to even come to class at all. This less-structured setting is perfect for students who have a job or family that they need to focus on just as much.

Online degrees and the workplace

You may think that getting an online degree may hurt you when trying to find a job. However, that is no longer the case. In fact, many employers consider online degrees to be beneficial. Because students did not have the structure of a traditional classroom, they were able to make time for other necessities. As a result, they were able to multitask better than if they had been in a traditional setting. Therefore, online learning may give you an advantage.


One of the most common online learning tools is Blackboard. It provides a way for educators, and learners, to come together in a virtual setting to teach, and learn, just about any lesson that one needs to understand. However, schools are no longer the only institutions using it. Government leaders and businesses are also using the tool. Now that everyone is on-the-go in many ways, teaching and learning remotely have become a popular choice for many regardless of the field they are in. It allows them to learn at their own pace while being able to schedule every other task that they need to focus on. This ability also allows people to learn more beneficial skills for their job.


Online classes have become commonplace because of the less-structured setting. People are able to set their own schedules and learn the necessary lessons at their own pace. As such, they get the education they need to become just suitable to be hired, where employers are taking notice.  

Which Oracle certification is right for you?

Oracle-academy Oracle certifications equip the candidates to be in tune with the latest technologies in the field of computer hardware systems and enterprise software products. Oracle Corporation specializes in building the tools for database management, enterprise resource planning software (ERP), customer relationship management software (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) software. The curriculum of Oracle certifications empowers the candidate to handle not only his current job profile, but future responsibilities as well. The benefits of Oracle certifications include: – A comprehensive understanding of the Oracle databases related concepts helps to establish better communication with the team of developers. – It ensures job security and provides the candidates with free access to exclusive member only site of Oracle which enables an exchange of new concepts and updated knowledge. – Oracle certifications result in better employee productivity, increased system performance and better staff retention. The oracle certifications are divided into the following categories: Oracle Certified Associate (OCA): is an entry-level certification from Oracle family. The purpose of this certification is that the candidates should gain fundamental knowledge of Oracle technologies and can fulfill their responsibilities under supervision of a senior. This certification would be ideal for candidates with 1-2 years of work experience or even for a fresher. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): is the next level of certification after OCA. The purpose of this certification is to ensure that the candidates gain a deeper knowledge of the fundamentals and perform their duties without requiring any kind of supervision. This certification is not meant for candidates who do have sufficient experience of working on Oracle technologies. An ideal candidate for this certification is expected to possess at least 3-5 years of working experience. Oracle Certified Expert (OCE): is an extension of OCA or OCP certification and enables the candidate to determine his specific area of interest. This certification helps to enhance the candidate’s OCA or OCP level of knowledge. Oracle Certified Master (OCM): is Oracle’s highest level of certification. It equips the candidate with highest level of skills and knowledge in the field of Oracle technologies. An Ideal candidate for this certification must have at least 6 years of experience in administering Oracle databases. The candidates with OCM certifications are expected show the ability to administer enterprise-class databases. Oracle certifications are in demand seeing the changing scenario of the IT field. There’s a huge demand for database administrators and other professionals to work on Oracle technologies. When it comes to databases then most of the business organizations rely on Oracle for storing and management their data. Considering the benefits and role of Oracle technologies we cannot underestimate the importance of Oracle certifications. However, when a candidate decides to go for a certification then he should see whether the certification matches his current requirements or not and select one accordingly. Oracle certifications have a great market value, but it depends a lot on the level of work experience which backs the certification. There are three main levels of Oracle certifications starting with Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) followed by Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), and Oracle Certified Master (OCM). When a person enrolls for a certification course with Oracle, the focus of the curriculum is more on a practical oriented approach. As a result, it requires the candidates to attend instructor-led classroom training and offer proof of attendance. To pass an Oracle certification it becomes inevitable to opt for an up to date, simple and effective oracle training material. The training material should provide a lot of practical questions which should be inline with the real time exam environment. The certifications from Oracle result are beneficial to both the employee as well as the employer. If you’re an Oracle fan or a database enthusiast then these certifications will be a right choice for you. However, it is important to select the right level of the Oracle certification depending upon the requirements of your current or future job responsibilities. You can learn more at : Oracle certificate Program Get Oracle online Oracle education Oracle testing Author’s Bio: Jason Segel writes on career education and professional development for sites that provide support and resources for completing certification programs. Technology is a hobby for him, which is why she spends time reading tech news and taking online courses to expand her tech-savviness.  
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Mobile cloud computing has given a new dimension to data storage  Mobile cloud computing is simply a special platform that combines cloud computing and mobile devices in order to come up with a system where a cloud does the function of carrying out intensive tasks, such as storing a large amount of data. Moreover, in this system the data storage, as well as data processing usually happens out of the mobile device. Furthermore, it is very evident that the mobile devices we tend to use on daily basis, is marred with a number of challenges like; storage, which cloud computing, is trying to mitigate, battery life, and the processing power. However, mobile applications manufacturers have adequately used this architecture in order to bring out benefits such as; easy integration, improved reliability, and scalability, and extended battery life. Additionally, it has been bringing a great improvement in data storage capacity, and lastly there is an improved integration of data of data due to the ability of storing in one place while you can access it from anywhere.  Continue reading “Mobile cloud computing has given a new dimension to data storage”