Support for education and Internet libraries


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has been having activities for over a decade. Its first activities have been in 1994 and ever since then, they have been working in three mayor areas: 1. Global development program, 2. Global health program, 3. United States Program in education development. With the motto: Every person deserves to live healthy, productive life, all the foundation’s grant making and advocacy efforts support this mission statement. Continue reading “Support for education and Internet libraries”

Education predictions

e-learning With the developments in the education and the increasing number of online possibilities to gain knowledge many of us are asking the question, what will be education of future look like? According to a recent cover story in The American Interest, it will not look like the current one, because the colleges will cease to exist !! Author Nathan Harden estimates that in 50 years, half of the approximately 4,500 colleges and universities in the U.S. will cease to exist. This will happen through technology development, virtual classrooms, lectures through streaming videos, online exams and all that we have already seen being developed.  These innovations will crop up at major academic institutions, but they will only proliferate on a much larger scale and disrupt the higher education system as we know it. Continue reading “Education predictions”

High education top tags

While colleges and universities struggle to balance big bills with slashed budgets and endowments, tuition continues to go up and up. Take a look at some of the heaviest price tags in higher education, driving more and more students online and to community college. High education top tags

Student loans don’t have to break you

bank-loans-for-college The average student loan debt sits right around $29,000, according to a report by the Institute of College Access & Success’ Project on Student Debt. Depending on your choice of school and your choice of major, this number could be astronomically higher. In the meantime, the Chronicle of Higher Education found that roughly 20 million students attend college each year and that out of those 20 million, 12 million take out loans. Continue reading “Student loans don’t have to break you”

3 Tips to make your college degree pay off

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3 Tips to make your college degree pay off

Getting a college degree typically means obtaining a career that pays well and has many additional perks. However, in the current economy there is no guarantee that a job is waiting for you after college. To make matters worse, the average college tuition is rising much more rapidly than that of inflation. Overall, getting a college degree can pay off in the long run, here are three essential tips to make your degree work for you. Continue reading “3 Tips to make your college degree pay off”

Prison Education Programs today


Prison Education Programs today

Prison education programs are a highly debated issue–some believe that they are ultimately beneficial to society, while others consider them to be a waste of money. However, new studies have shown that prison education programs reduce the likelihood of recommitting crimes and re-incarceration. What are some of the education options available to prisoners? How does it vary from state to state? Continue reading “Prison Education Programs today”