Discounts: Student beans

Today’s students are part of Gen Z, a generation of ambitious, creative digital natives. They are passionate about brands that offer quality, style and innovation, and align with their cultural values.

We connect our partners with over 163 million student customers across 52 countries to drive student sales of over $1.5bn a year.

Student Beans helps hundreds of global brands run their own student discount programs using our award-winning student verification technology via their websites, apps and stores. Through partnering with us, they are able to attract, retain and convert up to 5x more student customers.

Our secure student verification solution enables brands to offer discounts exclusively to verified students. Our partners see an increase in conversion rate, average order value and repeat purchase rate for students.

Brands who use our student verification tools benefit from our unique student marketing reach, audience expertise and exclusive campaign partnerships. We help our partners reach students across desktop, mobile, email, social, on campus and in-store.

At Student Beans we work with you to power your student offers. Helping a 1000+ brands and publishers to form a partnership that drives new opportunities and extends their reach within the youth demographic. 

Working with 71% of the top 100 youth brands offering a student discount, we are trusted more than any other student loyalty platform. 

Categories of goods and services offered via Student beans are: Clothing & Accessories, Men, Women, Computer & Electronics, Consumer, 
Health & Beauty, Cosmetics, Department Store, Clothing and more.

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