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At Ivacy, ingenuity is engrained throughout our product development cycle. We believe in complete online freedom, along with impenetrable security for our users. 

With our eyes set dead straight on our target, we began our journey in 2007 and engineered the best VPN service to help users experience true internet freedom.

In 2010, Ivacy was the first VPN Company to introduce a unique feature called “Split Tunneling.” This feature allows users to enjoy complete control over which data to send through their ISP and which data to send through our VPN service. 

Since then, we have integrated many additional features, allowing millions of satisfied users to benefit from them in the long run.

Put an end to restrictions, censorship, & hacking threats once and for all.

Access the internet with complete freedom and confidence with Ivacy VPN.

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Ivacy VPN
Surf safely, Unblock content, safeguard yourself on public wi-fi, Torrent Anonymously with Ivacy VPN
Privacy is your right, and so is internet freedom. With Ivacy by your side, you can overcome every restriction that curbs your digital freedom in any way. Your freedom is not the only thing we care about; Ivacy also ensures your privacy by allowing you to go incognito on the internet. This is not all! 
Ivacy also offers servers in 40+ countries so you can access content from any blocked or restricted website from around the world.
Ivacy offers customized apps for all the major platforms to make your internet experience more versatile. The apps are extremely easy to use and exceptionally reliable in terms of your security, while ensuring smooth connectivity. 
Now you can enjoy internet freedom on multiple devices at one time. Ivacy’s app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.
With just a few clicks, taps, or swipes, you will be connected to Ivacy’s secured and unrestricted VPN service. 
Ivacy offers freedom, privacy, ease-of-use, and anonymity to help you enjoy the internet.