How to develop creative culture at workplace?

       Have you ever pondered on the significance of developing a creative culture at workplace? Well, many CEOs today consider it highly significant, because they believe innovation contributes to an organization’s growth and success, which can only be achieved if the culture in an organization is creative and smooth. Few days back while…… Continue reading How to develop creative culture at workplace?

What do you want to be?

Dev IT Solutions, is one of the major players in the field of IT & Mobile application development industry, has introduces a set of Educational mobile applications to help kids learn in enjoyable ways. Their belief is that young kids learn better in informal and creative environment filled with fun and joy. This is the…… Continue reading What do you want to be?

A college degree is an important part of many people's careers. It gives them the ability to pursue jobs in the areas they are interested in and earn a better living. Matching the degree to your personality and likes and dislikes is important to future satisfaction with your job. Why having a degree matters? A… Continue reading What is your degree saying to the world?

7 Strategies to improve your resume

In searching for a job, it is imperative that your first impression be a good one. And, for many of us job-seekers, the resume is the cover of our book which our prospective employers are forced to judge us by. Here are seven ways the cover of your book will wow your potential employer and…… Continue reading 7 Strategies to improve your resume