How mobile platform can enhance your business prospects?

In this day and era of instant coffee and readymade solutions, mobiles play a crucial role in bringing the world closer and making businesses more effective. Here are some interesting facts to consider: Mobile traffic from across the world is 51%; There are a total of 4.5 billion mobile users globally; Facebook announced that they… Continue reading How mobile platform can enhance your business prospects?

If you think e-learning and m-learning are basically one and the same thing, you’re completely wrong.

Turn your smartphone into a study library

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] In this era of technology nothing is difficult. Everything lies on your doorstep all you need to do is to open the door for the things to come in. Whether you are sitting at your home or out in the park you can gain access to any place you want. Smart phones have solved… Continue reading Turn your smartphone into a study library

The future of workplace learning

In the infographic below, you will see how the increasing sales of mobile devices, the whooping growth in the mobile share of web traffic, the growing adoption of mobile devices in the workplace, led to the evolution of ‘The Mobile World’. The changing nature of work, the increasing number of mobile workers and the influx… Continue reading The future of workplace learning

Learning to improve your typing speed could be the single most important thing you do between now and the end of 2014. Why? Because it is one thing that you can do that will serve you for the rest of your life.

How fast can you type? How fast can you type accurately? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, go visit a typing test website like and find out. It’s OK; we’ll wait for you to get back.

Done? Good.

Now that you have a better idea of your adjusted typing speed, is it what you thought it would be? The average adult types at about 40 words per minute. Is your score higher or lower than that number? If it’s higher, then that means you type faster than average. This is good, but there is always room for improvement.

If your average typing speed is less than 40 words per minute, then you have some work to do. Go back to that website listed above, or any other typing tutor website that you choose, and start practicing.

It can be as simple as spending 30 minute per day doing accuracy drills or speed practice, in addition to your regular computer usage. Someone who is on the computer all the time will find that they learn to type much quicker than someone who only accesses their computer for a short amount of time each day to check email or play games.

Spending this short amount of time each day can not only increase your typing speed, but it can improve your chances of getting a good job offer. There are not many jobs left that don’t require some sort of computer expertise. A high adjusted word per minute speed, meaning the number is adjusted depending on the accuracy of your typing, looks good on a resume. This could be the deciding factor between getting a job and being left in the unemployment line.

Spend some time practicing and we guarantee you’ll start seeing a difference.

Adam Fort is an educator and touch typing enthusiast. Currently, he helps to develop online typing tutor called Ratatype.


The internet has made the world a very connected place. The mobile devices have granted us instant access to information and we are now entering a new phase of innovation — presenting information to reach people in real time, at any location, in a way that impacts them most. This is where video comes!

It is a fact that people learn better and faster with video, trends show how many people are consuming video, changing the world from a global perspective as well as helping the business and purchasing industry.

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Mobile cloud computing has given a new dimension to data storage

  Mobile cloud computing is simply a special platform that combines cloud computing and mobile devices in order to come up with a system where a cloud does the function of carrying out intensive tasks, such as storing a large amount of data. Moreover, in this system the data storage, as well as data processing… Continue reading Mobile cloud computing has given a new dimension to data storage