Online degrees or traditional education? Which degree lands you with a better job offer?

online-learning   Online learning has become a popular choice for students. More people are “going to class” online, and the trend is growing. In fact, more schools are giving their students the opportunity to learn remotely from home. But, what has brought on that change? As you will see, students are using the online option for a variety of reasons and becoming just as suitable to be hired, as traditional learners.  

Interacting in online classes

  While you may think that interaction in an online classroom does not exist, that is not true. Students interact in many ways. Although some online classes use webcams to hold conversations, many professors choose writing. The professor and students are able to view everything everyone says in chat rooms, and they reply by typing their message. But, there are other forms of written communication. E-mails, class notes and PDF files are all used to create the same learning experience as the traditional classroom setting. The main difference is the message’s medium. Online students also benefit from less-structured class times. You can make your own schedule as long as you meet deadlines.  

Transforming the classroom

Because professors and students don’t meet in a structured setting for online classes, everyone has the freedom to be more independent in a transformed setting. As a result, learning is more personalised. Professors can tweak a lesson to fit how the student understands it. As such, professors will be able to figure out how each student learns, and change their process to fit a student’s needs. This can also eliminate problems that might have otherwise occurred based on the traditional setting. Another benefit of the less-structured model is that a student doesn’t have to go from one part of the lesson to the next, and so on, in order. They can go back-and-forth as needed. They can also go at their own pace. The ability to do so allows the student to control what they learn, how they learn a lesson and the pace at which they learn it.

Online learning consortium

But, the process of online learning is not as new as one would think. In fact, educators have been teaching online since 1992. The tools, resources, and guidance they have received have taught educators how to teach online effectively. As a result, they have helped students learn better by going at a student’s pace rather than the traditionally structured route.

Online bachelor’s degree programs

Many schools across the country are also using these tools on a regular basis. In fact, some schools have developed fully-online bachelor’s degree programs. As a result, students rarely need to even come to class at all. This less-structured setting is perfect for students who have a job or family that they need to focus on just as much.

Online degrees and the workplace

You may think that getting an online degree may hurt you when trying to find a job. However, that is no longer the case. In fact, many employers consider online degrees to be beneficial. Because students did not have the structure of a traditional classroom, they were able to make time for other necessities. As a result, they were able to multitask better than if they had been in a traditional setting. Therefore, online learning may give you an advantage.


One of the most common online learning tools is Blackboard. It provides a way for educators, and learners, to come together in a virtual setting to teach, and learn, just about any lesson that one needs to understand. However, schools are no longer the only institutions using it. Government leaders and businesses are also using the tool. Now that everyone is on-the-go in many ways, teaching and learning remotely have become a popular choice for many regardless of the field they are in. It allows them to learn at their own pace while being able to schedule every other task that they need to focus on. This ability also allows people to learn more beneficial skills for their job.


Online classes have become commonplace because of the less-structured setting. People are able to set their own schedules and learn the necessary lessons at their own pace. As such, they get the education they need to become just suitable to be hired, where employers are taking notice.  

What makes quick learners effective students?

What makes quick learners effective students?
What makes quick learners effective students? Quick learners are at the base of any growing organization since they are considered the heart and soul of that organization. It is their willingness to go an extra mile that makes them stand out. Quick learners are smart and witty in their dealings with colleagues and supervisors and know where to draw the line in being assertive or downright aggressive in putting the point forward. They could be those who quickly catch boss’s eyes and are granted privileges, such as being allowed to leave early on occasions or accompanying boss to meetings. While they are assigned different “names” in organizations, to them they are the show stealers and are entitled to any or all privileges. Your tenure in an organization may account for some growth, but it is not how long you stay, rather how long does it take you to learn the ropes and put them to test. Let us look at some points which make quick learners who they are:


Being a quick learner has less to do with genes than with a drive to learn. If you’re always curious and have always been the kind of person who asks WHY a lot, you’re likely to become a quick learner. Although quick learner is not a title in itself but if you’re being hailed as the one you surely are a force to be reckoned with. You are branded as someone who will climb the corporate ladder fast. Is that too much attention? Well, your choice. The urge cannot be created, but induced over time. You have to be willing to seek knowledge such as reading books, staying up to date with current affairs, watching documentaries or movies based on world history, traveling, networking/connecting with people in your niche and so on. The urge will keep you on your toes and naturally with this much knowledge, who wouldn’t want to have them implemented? This gives birth to fresh and creative ideas such as finding new ways to solve a problem, cutting down on wastage and/or streamlining existing procedures.

Keeping the brain healthy

A healthy mind is a key to many pursuits in life not just professional. With a brain full of positive energy and with less nonsense is surefire to get noticed in any organization and that is what quick learners have in abundance. They don’t bring their personal lives to work or be affected by them (exceptions aside). The issue with the world is that they are so much caught up in petty issues that they tend to overlook the matters requiring of their most attention. Office politics, grievances with management, hating colleagues, not realizing that this way the mind is becoming cluttered and is taking away their energy of giving hundred percent. While it is not suggested that you become sitting ducks and let the world walk all over you, but to complain on the issues on an almost daily basis is not going to do you any good. Wait for proper forums to raise your points and in front of people who actually have authority to do address those concerns of yours. Quick learners tend to score in this area, meanwhile, the majority of the staff is engaged in trivial stuff and hence loses their chance to focus and expand efforts for improvement.

Saying ‘NO’

This is easily the most neglected aspect in any working environment. Quick learners are also good scanners of their surroundings – how information is disseminated, who is assigned what task, how can I lend a helping hand or take an initiative in a particular project, in addition to what I need to avoid at all cost from landing in my court. You must understand the gravity of a simple ‘No’, when exercised in a respectable, manner and backed by valid argument is not a workplace sin. Many of us have been told to comply with whatever boss tells us and are afraid that saying no, may be considered as a confrontation or in any way a thing of defying the order of your superior(s). If your hands are already full with a task and you cannot do justice to an additional task you could simply say “Boss, as you know the deadline is approaching and since this report is of immense importance to the Board of Directors meeting, may I suggest that if I’m allowed to focus solely on the task at hand, I can draft this report with meticulous detail, so that you won’t have to go through it in its entirety and can skim through when you sit down to vet it yourself”. How’s that for a ‘No’? Did you sense any negative connotation or an unwillingness to not take up additional work in the request above? So, as a matter of fact, this approach is advisable since in an attempt to please your boss, you may end up not doing any of the tasks assigned to you, because you could not make time for one and kept trying to squeeze time for another. Quick learners prioritize their work and hence succeed. It may not always be that your request will be accepted by your boss but learn this skill on how to articulate a ‘No’ response without sounding bad. Of course, you cannot blatantly say ‘No’ to your boss’s face or be prepared to face the consequences.

Find a mentor or become a mentor

Mentors can range from your superiors to your colleagues or even your juniors that can teach you a lot. If you walk with the mindset that ‘I know everything’, ‘I’ve worked for such and such companies’ or the classic ‘I’m well-qualified’. Although, aforementioned things carry their weight but in a new organization you have to play by different rules and that can be how to avail certain breaks, for example, smoke, lunch etc. However, mentoring goes beyond that. Mentors are leaders that coach you during the course of your stay in any organization. Quick learners are fast to pick up on that opportunity and attached themselves to that individual. For example you can shadow a fresh graduate in an organization and enlighten him/her on how things are done in an actual workplace than he/she might have learnt in a classroom, understanding of hierarchy and reporting levels, and advice in general on how to treat his/her first job as a launching pad to further their career that you may have accumulated on your own during your professional span with no one to tell you beforehand. The results will speak for themselves when that individual performs up to the standards and in compliance with company policies. In marketing terms that person will be your ‘cash cow’ – someone who came of your professional nurturing. I’m sure by now you would be able to see the distinction between a quick and a not-so-quick learner plain as day. Author’s Bio: Rayanne Dany is a coach and trainer by profession. Her extensive study in the field of human psychology makes him stand out among her peers. She is also an assignment writer, so you can seek his expertise for true assignment writing help.

Tips and tools for learning IT online

Tips and tools for learning IT online It is essential for students to be committed towards online learning for them to be successful. They must be able to follow all deadlines and complete all their assignments on time. Following are the guidelines that can help steer the students through their online learning experience: Continue reading “Tips and tools for learning IT online”

Vocational school of the future

Vocational school of the future Your future is important, there is no doubt about this. It is so important, that you need to work on it, beginning today. While they say that the only thing constant about life is the change, prepare yourself for this and you have it made. The most important tool you will need on this endeavor is a good education and life learning A constant zest for continuous learning will help you stay ahead in the present and gain you advantages for the future. To take the first step towards this, it is important to choose the right vocational school, as not any vocational school will do. This is why you have to make sure that you choose to invest your time, effort and future in an accredited vocational school. Continue reading “Vocational school of the future”

Modern technologies – Better results in learning

technology The 21st-century classroom is not an ordinary classroom anymore. Today classes are surrounded with digital whiteboards and innovative devices that are changing the way students learn. Teachers are also making greater use of modern technologies to teach students in-depth about their topic. Modern technologies have enabled the students to learn in an interesting way that was not possible with the conventional approach to teaching. If you’re a student and looking for something that will help you to learn effectively, then you’re on the right platform. Read the information shared below to know how digital technologies will change the way in which you learn and create better opportunities for you. Collaboration With the invention of modern technologies, students can now work together on class projects without any distraction. Nowadays students are using Cloud-based applications to collaborate with their class fellows and teachers remotely. Digital collaboration allows students to gain information on any topic from their friends anytime. Additionally, it provides them an opportunity to secure their work at online platforms without any charges. In this way, students store their information in a secure place and accessed later at any time from any place without worrying. Thus use digital tools of technology in your studies to enhance your knowledge and skills in a new style. Accessibility Modern technologies have changed the way students collect information for their class projects. With online resources, today every level students can access and research, a copious amount of information on any topic. Google search engine supplies all necessary information a student needs for the development of their class projects. In the present days, students can easily connect to the world by using a secure internet connection. It means that you can also avail plenty of information at your fingertips by using a tablet, smartphone or any other technology. Therefore, teachers should teach students the use of innovative technology devices to increase their experience. As students also loves to study with the latest tools of technology. Distance learning Day by day technology is creating more opportunities for students and teachers. Now students can study in their favourite program from any part of the world with the introduction of distance learning. Yes, students can now earn their college or university degrees online without visiting their conventional classrooms. You can hear the audio & video lectures from your favourite eLearning platforms. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to connect and communicate with your professor through video conferencing. Digital technologies have made education possible for students who are not able to visit the school due to work, disability or any other reason. Social networking A recent study suggests that social networking plays a great role in the academic performance of the student. Social networking sites provide strong educational information to students and educators. By connecting with your friends over social media platforms you can find out about the classroom, activates even if you’re on leaves. Moreover, you can add your class fellows and teacher on your Facebook account to build a strong relationship. Social media sites are easy to access via smartphones or other digital devices that connect to the Internet. Clearly, digital technologies will boost your learning process, enhance your knowledge and create better opportunities for you.   Author bio: Ashley Alex is a writing and academic counselling manager in a leading students support firm. Right now she is assisting the students in various ways, especially who want help with assignment for better opportunities.

The cost of college blues

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5 Careers with an Engineering Degree


5 Careers with an Engineering Degree

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Benefits of online drivers’ education


Benefits of online drivers' education

Many people think that driving a car is pretty easy and that spending a couple of hours behind the wheel is all it takes to become a good driver, without having to read any books or attend classes that could provide them with the necessary theoretical knowledge. But, there is more to driving than just sitting behind the wheel and hitting the gas pedal. There are lots of rules and traffic laws that you have to be aware of in order to be able to drive in a safe manner and avoid putting your life and the lives of other road users at risk. That’s what drivers education is for, to teach you about the rules of the road, and prepare you for every challenge you may face on the road. Continue reading “Benefits of online drivers’ education”