Benefits of learning management systems

E-learning is very much the alternative to traditional schooling. With the help of the internet, every student regardless of religion, color, or country from around the world can learn. And with Learning Management Systems (LMS), it can be made possible. While some conventional educators may deem it as a threat, it does offer a wide…… Continue reading Benefits of learning management systems

Online degrees or traditional education? Which degree lands you with a better job offer?

  Online learning has become a popular choice for students. More people are “going to class” online, and the trend is growing. In fact, more schools are giving their students the opportunity to learn remotely from home. But, what has brought on that change? As you will see, students are using the online option for…… Continue reading Online degrees or traditional education? Which degree lands you with a better job offer?

Top 10 influencers in e-learning in 2016

E-learning is industry developing at fast pace, with a lot of new technological developments introduced on regular basis, as well as many important key players that keep investing in it. Regardless of this fact, there has to be a person who can make the best use of what the markets and the educators are offering and…… Continue reading Top 10 influencers in e-learning in 2016

Online educators are quick to sing the praises of eLearning. It’s simpler, it’s easier, it’s more cost effective, and it provides you with the optimum environment for remote education. The truth is although eLearning might seem like the perfect solution, you should not allow unrelenting optimism cloud your judgment. You can run into problems with… Continue reading 5 most common eLearning pitfalls

It is a well proven fact that students can succeed in math, no matter where they start, where they live, or who they are. At the same time every teacher, principal, and parent wants the children in their care to realize this potential. However, every child must be challenged, encouraged, and engaged in her or… Continue reading DreamBox: the future of learning math

Smarter kids with smart use of technology

So, if you have ever witnessed your child clinging towards the computer or even your phones then do not panic; they might be on the verge of completing their homework with the assistance of the various choices available on the phones. This concept might be new to you and you might consider it damaging for…… Continue reading Smarter kids with smart use of technology

Tech tools for 21st century students

  If you’re a student who doesn’t have enough knowledge regarding the pros of tech tools for the 21st century students, then you’re at the right place, keep reading. Over the past decades technology has completely transformed the educational system . Now in the place of pencils and pens, students are using their fingers tips,…… Continue reading Tech tools for 21st century students

Modern technology in education

According to the latest insights as to how exactly modern students of today prefer to use technology and how does their learning get an impact if they use technology, it was revealed that the use of modern equipment technology and tools, the learning and interactivity of students increases. They also find it much more interactive,…… Continue reading Modern technology in education