2016 Google’s year in search

2016 Google year in search
Every year the biggest internet browser Google makes a summary of its top searches and presents them in an original manner. The 2016 Year in Google Searches is neatly done, with precise attention to details of what marked the year we hope does not repeat!   So, here is the link of summary page of the Google’s year – top 2016 search results. You can browse it by People, Places, Things and Ideas or just go through each month most browsed results.
Online education was is solid stable search trend,  during the whole year, even though it can be emphasised that India is the leading country where these keywords are browsed most frequently. This is the overview of the region interest in the last 5 years, reflecting the top countries’ list, where online education was searched via Google: Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity of the term. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular. Likewise, a score of 0, means the term was less than 1% as popular as the peak.
Most interesting online education topics searched in the past 5 years, are seen in the list below: Users searching for this term also searched for these topics. You can view by the following metrics: * Top – The most popular topics. Scoring is on a relative scale where a value of 100 is the most commonly searched topic, a value of 50 is a topic searched half as often, and a value of 0, is a topic searched for less than 1% as often as the most popular topic.
  • Rising – Related topics with the biggest increase in search frequency since the last time period. Results marked “Breakout” had a tremendous increase, probably because these topics are new and had few (if any) prior searches.

The online education queries in the last 5 years are reflected from the list presented here: Users searching for the term also searched for these queries. You can sort by the following metrics: * Top – The most popular search queries. Scoring is on a relative scale where a value of 100 is the most commonly searched query, 50 is a query searched half as often, and a value of 0 is a query searched for less than 1% as often as the most popular query.
  • Rising – Queries with the biggest increase in search frequency since the last time period. Results marked “Breakout” had a tremendous increase, probably because these queries are new and had few (if any) prior searches.

You can browse for yourself the keywords of your interest and find out what the world is most interested when browsing Google. Do not remember that this is statistical data processed to give an overview, but if you need more insights you need to have a survey ordered, to establish your interests and goals.   Happy Browsing !!

How SEO Reseller program helps your business?

      How SEO Reseller program helps your business?
As the Internet grows in size and sheer usage, so does competitiveness. Year by year, business owners are tasked with doing increasingly more to keep their businesses afloat and on top of their game – particularly in the world of SEO. Year by year, business owners are tasked with doing increasingly more to keep their businesses afloat and on top of their game – particularly in the world of SEO. That has not changed one bit this year. SEO continues to be important, as Google rolls out update after update making it harder for previous SEO techniques to be applied for better traffic, forcing businesses to rely more and more on organic SEO, or else suffer the consequences. As per Forbes, businesses have been aggressively expanding their digital marketing needs. SEO, as per Search Engine Land, is now a $65 billion industry. But, to businesses in the market of selling these techniques, it can also become increasingly difficult to earnestly offer them to companies who, while needing SEO, also need their SEO to continue to be mostly affordable. Alternatively, some businesses are looking to step up their SEO game, asking you to go beyond your capacity to fulfil a certain monthly quota on sales or traffic. There comes a time when the natural step might be to expand or get to hiring an expert. Instead of increasing your in-house costs and infrastructure, another much smarter and financially-viable option is implementing the services of an SEO reseller.

What is SEO Reselling?

SEO reseller services, or white label SEO services, are basically programs offered by SEO specialists to businesses looking to utilise these services as an extension of their own offerings, utilising their own logo and under their company’s name. To an SEO reseller program’s client’s clients, the original creator and implementer of any proposed SEO plans are never specifically seen or mentioned – the service is paid to be outsourced without giving a company credit.

The benefits of utilising SEO reselling

A reputable SEO reseller program from a firm like TechMagnate can help you deal with your workload in myriad ways: ●      It lets you offer an extended list of services. Right off the bat, employing an SEO reseller means you can offer a long list of SEO services that a single dedicated SEO hire can’t fulfil. This is invaluable, as it makes your business far more attractive to potential clients. ●      It costs less upfront. Instead of building your own SEO department or getting a few SEO consultants on your payroll, SEO reseller packages basically allow you to get more for less, to a certain degree. ●      It allows you to aggressively expand your client base. It takes a while to build an SEO offering. With a white-label service, however, you’ve instantly got one going. As per Moz, white-label also means getting access to the extended link building possibilities of your white-label partner. There are downsides, of course, for doing it all wrong. Specifically, employing cheap or low-quality SEO reseller services will only serve to your detriment, lower your reputation, and drive away clients. To avoid such embarrassments, you’ll have to thoroughly vet and closely work with your potential SEO partners. Because of the way it seamlessly integrates into any digital marketing offering, SEO reseller packages are extremely useful – and extremely popular.   Author: Daina Martin

Do you need SEO specialist?

Do you need SEO specialist?
Do you need SEO specialist?   You have done everything according to all the information that you have researched, and yet your efforts do not seem to be paying off. Instead of spending so much time doing all of these tasks, why not hire an SEO specialist to get it all done for you? In this article, we will tell you why you might want to look into affordable SEO services.

They can keep your SEO up to date

Search engines such as Google, constantly update their algorithm to catch the sites that try to cheat their way through the system. They sometimes roll out unnamed updates, too, according to entrepreneur. If you are not careful, a new update to the algorithm might just cause your website’s rankings to tank hard. By hiring SEO specialists, they can keep an eye on whatever new updates will be coming out next, so that they can make your site foolproof. Better yet, they will give you services that make sure that no algorithm update will ever affect your site’s rankings negatively at all.

They can help you avoid common mistakes

There are a lot of errors that people unfamiliar with SEO make. Some think that just by adding a keyword to any article, they will fare better in the search results. That could not be any further from the truth. Those with sites that are image-heavy do not even realize that search engine crawlers do not index graphics or applets, according to Google, unless they have information included in title or alt text tags. That means that you are losing out on potential ranking boosts. An SEO specialist can point out any weak spot in your site, so that you can keep it optimized for SEO. Otherwise, your site may not get much attention from the search engine crawlers, or it may even get flagged for keyword spamming.

They can help you save time and money

You can spend so many hours tweaking every single thing on your website. The problem with that is you will lose so much time, when you could have devoted it all to improving your real product or service. By investing in affordable SEO services, you can have somebody else take care of all that instead. They will be able to completely focus their efforts on optimizing every part of your site, without the distractions of accounting, customer service, and other crucial business areas. That way, you will not end up neglecting the other aspects of your company. At the same time, you can be sure that your site continues to rise up the ranks. According to Forbes, it is a lot more cost-effective than other methods such as online marketing and PPC campaigns, too. Even if you may think it is a relatively pricey investment, getting an SEO specialist may just be the boost that your company needs to maximize its online presence. Do not put it off any longer. Look for a great SEO expert today.  
Author: Daina Martin

How to engage modern learners in e-learning?

How to engage modern learners in e-learning?
How to engage modern learners in e-learning? When it comes to modern learners, time is of the essence. In a fast-paced world, they are seeking information available at the drop of a hat and they really know their way around the web to easily find what they want to know. So when you’re faced with an audience of users with shortened attention spans and/or less time available to get necessary information, how do you keep them engaged?

 Fit everyone’s schedule

If you want to make your program more accessible to anyone at any time of day, you will need to take the on-demand route (not unlike mega-successful Netflix). Your modern e-learners are seeking platforms where they can learn what they want to learn at their every whim. Waiting for time slots doesn’t appeal to this audience, as it may clash with their schedules or they may simply lose interest altogether. Pre-recorded and on-demand education works in your favour, too. You’ll be able to re-use materials across years, rather than bringing in new instructors each time to conduct new lectures.

 Welcome users back

Allowing your users to work at their own pace and on their own schedules may mean some erratic metrics when it comes to your average daily users. You may find that some users are very active for a few weeks, followed by an idle period for a few weeks, and so on and on. But chances are, your users will come back after these bouts of absence, and when they do, be ready. Make it easy for your e-learners to pick up where they left off, without penalty. Recommend some refresher exercises, but don’t send them backwards.

Keep it short and sweet

Structure your course content in a way that is easily digestible. Full-length videos and lectures have no place in the modern e-learners’ schedules, so break it down into components no more than a few minutes each. And when creating your content, just delve right into the need-to-know information and avoid the fluffy introductions.

Make it interactive

Develop some e-learning components that require participation from your audience. This can take the form of quizzes, practice exercises, or a rewards program that they can share on social media as they progress. Interactivity will also help with content retention, so users will be able to make the most out of their learning experience.

 Add some fun

One of the best ways to keep any audience engaged is to make the material fun. Often, this can take the form of educational games. A trivia-style component, complete with timers, hints, and rewards can keep users engaged at length. Content aside, the game modules alone might just be enough to keep your users eager to continue.

 Integrate social media

Adding a social outlet to your course is a fantastic way to make your users feel less isolated with their learning experience. Linking the program to social media allows them to interact with other learners while holding each other accountable for regular progress. It’s also a way for users to show off their progress to their circles (which is great marketing for you, by the way!). When you design your e-learning curriculum (and e-learning platform design), try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is tech savvy, working from multiple devices, and strapped for time. Doing so, will guide you to a strategy that will help you yield more user engagement. And once you have a strategy in place, be sure to collect user feedback along the way. Hint: you’ll want to make the feedback system brief and seamless as well, because remember—it’s all about time!   Emily Burgess is part of the team behind Course Guru, an Australian business specializing in online training and education. She likes to share her professional experiences and insights through blogging.

Top college degrees in science today

Top college degrees in science today
Top college degrees in science today   Science degrees are always a popular choice for students in college. Having said this, I think that now is a better time than ever, to pursue an academic degree in one of many different fields offered online and on campus. New developments in the environment and in the world of business, have opened the doors to rewarding and lucrative new careers. One of the concerns of future college students (and their parents) is finding a discipline that they not only enjoy, but that will create long term employment prospects. Not only do some of the hottest jobs on the market require science-related skills, but these are the jobs that will be necessary and relevant for years to come. Because “science” covers such a broad area, and because some institutions of learning are more noted for particular offerings than others, what are the best science programs out there for your time and money?

Environmental science

As a fairly new discipline, the environmental science combines elements of physical and biological sciences, in order to study various environments helping making corrections within environments and public policy. Graduates in this field may do anything from practicing law, to acting as a consultant for a major corporation, working for a government to combat environmental woes, or teaching. Environmental scientists can expect salaries ranging from $61,000-$90,000 per year. However, before earning all that money, you’ll need to earn that degree. Community colleges offer environmental programs, four year studies and graduate program. Some of the United States’ best environmental science programs can be found at small liberal arts colleges. Pomona College in Claremont, California near Los Angles has what is considered to be the nation’s best environmental science program. Known as “Environmental Analysis”, this program offers students classes in community activism, environmental education, and urban agriculture. Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania, offers two tracks within its programs. Its Environmental Science track, focuses on the physiology and chemistry of living things, while those majoring in Environmental Studies focus on a broader spectrum, including law and philosophy. The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) located in Syracuse, New York, offers classes with topics dealing with environmental challenges, and global needs for sustainable living.

Computer Science

Computer science has been around a lot longer than you might think, but like environmental science, it really hasn’t come into its own until the last few decades. Computer scientists deal with the development and practical applications of everything related to computers. Degree holders from this studies, have a wide range of career possibilities. NASA, the military, game designers, and the auto industry are among the few, where the employers are looking for computer scientists. Computer scientists can expect to earn between $57,000-$152,000 annually. Almost all institutions of higher learning, offer a computer science program, and the best in the United States are internationally ranked, as well. Leading on the America’s list are Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Stanford University in Stanford, California. Programs offered by these schools include programming, languages, artificial intelligence and physics and mathematics. I have mentioned just a couple of the possibilities offered when pursuing a degree and career in science. Students shouldn’t forget that many classes available online and through other methods of distance learning are great way of getting ahead. Many science degree holders of various types are applying their knowledge to business, as the makers of ASEA Science cellular regeneration products are doing. So, with so many options for pursuing a degree in science that will lead to an exciting career, potential students do not lack for possibilities in considering this field.   Author: Brooke Chaplan

Microsoft vs Google online education news

Microsoft vs Google online education news With the increase of smartphones and mobile devices across all nations, Google and Microsoft are taking a keen interest as to how they can shift their business strategy to spread into the education sector. As a result, both have come up with interesting solutions. Using the power of the internet, these industry giants have made tremendous efforts into outreach programs that target students from all over the world. We had a chance to have an insight on their latest exploits.

The Browser War

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has reworked its aging Internet Explorer with the announcement of Edge. This is an attempt to regain their grasp of the users for browsing the net. However, even after all their efforts, Google still has the lead with Chrome. This is clear with over 75% internet users preferring Chrome over Edge which is a huge margin. Having a dominant internet browser is crucial, as it becomes a major platform for online education. And this is where Microsoft has a severe disadvantage. Microsoft has recently announced implementing Global CSS to expand Edge as well as pushing them to open source territory to attract developers. Progress has been slow, however, and Google also has a firm foundation with Chrome (which already has all those features).

Search Engine

For the modern day education, students have been relying more and more on the internet resources. Search engines make it very convenient for them to look up whatever they want, so making a robust and satisfactory search engine is profoundly important for either Google or Microsoft. And once again, this is where Google has the lead. The Google search engine has been the most popular choice across a wide demography. They have even built a custom made variation for students with the Google Scholar, a search engine which refines their result to suit collegiate requirements. Microsoft’s answer is the Bing search engine which not only has been falling behind in terms of user base, but also overshadowed by Google’s superior searching algorithms

App Market

The increase in the usage of mobile devices has exploded the demand for apps. Even more interesting is the fact that smart phones are becoming popular even in underdeveloped countries. Therefore, it gives both companies a bigger chance to launch superior educational apps for the online store. This is probably the one place where both are tied. Google Play and Microsoft Store have yet to have a big impact on the educational sector.Microsoft has recently announced Microsoft Education which is a web based application for students. Only time will tell if that gives them a good head start over Google.

Social Media

Building a strong community and network of teachers and students is a big step in online education, and both companies have to compete with Facebook over this. Google Plus+ has always had a hard time gaining grounds, and Microsoft has recently brought Socl into Windows 10, but lacks the users. Microsoft has however developed a strong network for education in IT with their Microsoft Developer Network. In conclusion, Google has a greater edge over Microsoft for online education, but the latter company still dominates the OS market, which they can benefit from by expanding to mobile devices.   Author Bio: Jeremy Ramsay has been writing for OrderMyPapers.com for many years now. He has ten years of writing experience. As a web developer himself, he means to gain inside knowledge as to how the different internet companies are adapting their business model to fit the changing society. For more Follow him on Twitter , Facebook. Google+.  

How to develop creative culture at workplace?

How to develop creative culture at workplace?
   How to develop creative culture at workplace?     Have you ever pondered on the significance of developing a creative culture at workplace? Well, many CEOs today consider it highly significant, because they believe innovation contributes to an organization’s growth and success, which can only be achieved if the culture in an organization is creative and smooth. Few days back while I was reading through Internet, I came across an IBM’s survey. IBM basically asked 1500 CEOs from 33 industries of around 60 countries about significance of creative culture at workplace. The survey revealed that they support creative culture and for them it is the most imperative and primary skill for leadership. Vision, integrity, management discipline and consistency are secondary skill sets, according to those 1500 CEOs. Thus, you must have understood that leaders of an organization play a vital role in developing creative culture at workplace. But employees also play their part in fostering this culture at individual level. Do you believe that creative culture is well-suited for big organizations or companies with high-budgets? Well, you are completely mistaken! Size of the company, its industry and its budget are not the major constituents that affect the creative output. I am therefore, sharing the key factors or techniques that can help you to foster creative culture in your organization and encourage your employees to innovate:
  • Create an inspirational workplace
You need to follow the design-centric approach and integrate innovation in your organization’s culture as a must-follow thing. This is essential to keep your pace with the changing demands of the corporate world. But, your employees can never innovate and deliver creative outcome in an obsolete working environment within a small, congested workspace and under dim lights. You need to provide your employees and team members wide open spaces, as to foster a creative culture. Big windows, cozy work spaces, bright lights and huge spaces contribute a lot to the comfort of your employees. If you are on a low budget, you can even do all this at minimum rates. Vivid colored walls and wide spaces are also good enough. You need to make sure that how you can help reveal the creative side of your employees by giving them an ideal workspace.
  • Reward the creative process not just the end result
I have observed that many organizations reward employees on end results. They never praise employees who have worked hard on deploying a creative process, but couldn’t succeed in delivering expected outcome. If you want your team members or employers to consistently stay motivated and come up with out of the box solutions, then reward them. Always cheer their creative process, even if they don’t produce the required result. This is how you can encourage and foster a creative culture at workplace.
  • Build teams with diverse people and give them priority over your customers
You shall definitely not be able to get a perfect team, if you seek to employ your carbon copy in terms of skills, knowledge and mind-set. An innovative and creative organization grows well with diverse team not with similar minded people. Hire people from diverse backgrounds, holding different experiences and education. This diversity will strengthen your organization, resulting in great success. Foster a creative culture by giving highest priority to your team members or employees. I know customers come first, but when you put your team first, it ultimately results in satisfied and happy customers.
  • Create a stress free and positive working environment
Studies have proved that positive mood improves creativity. Thus, you need to provide your employees a positive and stress free work environment, so that nothing hinders their creativity. If your team members or employees are studying and stuck somewhere in their assignment, provide help with assignment. This will be a great initiative to minimize their stress. Our positive mood makes us open-minded and lets us discover better options. So, providing a positive work environment will surely broaden up your employees’ perspectives and will encourage them to innovate. You need to incorporate fun in work as well, so that they feel relaxed and come up with creative ideas and solutions. I would suggest you to frequently organize recreational activities for your employees to better foster a creative culture. Creativity today is a must thing that you have to incorporate within your work processes, encourage and develop within employees, because your competitors might be making efforts to become more creative than you and capture the market.     Author: Kaelynn Bailee is an experienced academic consultant, who has been working in  online firm supervising work quality. She loves to spend her time on her favorite activity, writing education blogs.

5 Courses that can help your career

5 Courses that can help your career
5 Courses that can help your career   Those that belong to the Millennials are more likely to change careers than those that belong to the older generations. They see job hopping as a way to escape the boredom and the burnout that people tend to experience after too much time spent doing the same job. At least, this is what Jeanne Meister wrote for the Forbes in 2012. Therefore, here are some of the courses that you may consider if you want to switch careers. Continue reading “5 Courses that can help your career”

Three web based resources to help you study


Three Web based resources to help you study

How can Internet help students who do not have access to vast libraries?

Most of the time when the word studying comes up, many students believe that they will have to be buried deep within books. However, with the advancement in information technology, this notion now does not hold true. There are a multitude of online resources that help students to turn their boring studies into exciting adventures. Furthermore, many students do not have access to large libraries so that they can borrow books which they need to study nor do they possess ample funds to buy expensive books. So, in such cases, the Internet has proven itself to be quite a helpful resource, as almost all the students’ access to the Internet can use these resources, as they are free of cost. If you want to know about some of these resources, do read ahead! 
  1. Try Google Scholar for a better research:

If you start using Google search, randomly typing queries, you will find some links that might prove helpful for you. However, many of these links will not be relevant to your search and will be useless, so you will just be wasting your time skimming through them. If you want to save your time and find more relevant academic resources, try using Google Scholar.Through this source, you can find many academic articles, mostly free, that can be helpful. It is estimated that it has more than 160 million scholarly articles, so your search will lead to authentic articles which are relevant to your assignment and are of good quality.
  1. Look up Khan Academy:

With interactive videos available in almost 65 languages, Khan Academy is one of the best resources for students who want to have a comprehensive learning experience. This portal has video tutorials on almost all subjects that can help you to develop a deep understanding of concepts that are difficult to grasp otherwise. Khan Academy is available in more than 20 languages, so students around the world can benefit from this gold mine.
  1. Yes! Wikipedia can be used too!

Of course, your professors will insist that you never use Wikipedia and of course you cannot use it as a reference in your academic papers, however, Wikipedia is a great source of information that is written in simple English. So, if you have no clue about your assignment topic or where to start your search, just go to Wikipedia and start your search there, just to get an idea. Moreover, you will find that Wikipedia has source links at the bottom of the page, so you can always use these links to go to the original source of information. There are many other numerous  resources available online, all are free of charge, so all you need to do is research, as you have a magic stick handy – the internet. If you use it properly, you can unlock a world full of treasures that has free resources, just waiting for to be tapped.   Author’s Bio: Melody Wilson is a reputable and versatile writer, having penned various articles, short stories and blogs on diverse topics ranging from the latest technology to education. She has a Master’s degree in Business Studies, but her interests also extend to literature. Currently, she is working as an academic content writer and manager for buyassignmentservice.com a well known online academic writing agency.  

Top Microsoft tools in education

Top Microsoft tools in education

Top Microsoft tools in education   As the modern education world slowly progresses towards being more automated and aided with amazing technological assistance, teachers can find more useful tools for their classroom activities. Giants like Google and Microsoft have stepped up their research and development departments to create applications or devices that can help both the teachers and students in making education, as well as learning much more interesting and interactive. The use of these tools and devices has seemingly increased and captured the attention span of both the teachers and students, which is why they have become a famous way of capturing student’s attention and focus in class. Continue reading “Top Microsoft tools in education”

The exciting possibilities of artificial intelligence

The Exciting Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence
The Exciting Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? AI is an umbrella term encompassing a great variety of disciplines surrounding the mimicry or apparent mimicry of intelligence in technology, for various purposes and on various levels. AI is useful not only for games, but it is used as an extension of ourselves. Continue reading “The exciting possibilities of artificial intelligence”

IT training for elderly people: It’s never too late

older-people-with -ipad
IT training for elderly people: It's never too late The rate at which technology is developing is so fast that most of us struggle to keep up. When we were children, some of the lucky ones may have had an old Commodore 64, which needed programming language just to access Ms Dos. It seems like it took no more than a blink of an eye for programming language to be replaced with touchscreens and the old Commodore to be replaced with an iPad or tablet. And nobody even knows what Ms Dos is anymore! Continue reading “IT training for elderly people: It’s never too late”

Algorithms are the playgrounds of the future


Algorithms are the playgrounds of the future

Math is cool because nothing defines cool better than success.

The world has come a long way since the time of the Greeks. Then the Persians and Arabs kept the wheels of math algorithms turning, while western nations wallowed in the Dark Ages. Continue reading “Algorithms are the playgrounds of the future”

Turn your smartphone into a study library

Mobile-Learning In this era of technology nothing is difficult. Everything lies on your doorstep all you need to do is to open the door for the things to come in. Whether you are sitting at your home or out in the park you can gain access to any place you want. Smart phones have solved many issues regarding visiting any place to get lectures. Even the medical surgeries are taking place online. Smart phones have made our life easy. On just one click without even standing up from our place we reach to the other desired place. We take same enjoyment of watching a movie while sitting in park or garden. On one touch we get in contact with the person sitting 1000 miles away from us. Even students can attend their virtual classes in just one single touch without heading to their university they can enjoy their lectures just like sitting in their classes. Continue reading “Turn your smartphone into a study library”

Enhance creativity through drawing

If you have ever been called out for not paying attention in class, because you were doodling in your notebook, you should not really worry much! What if we tell you that doodling, stimulates the brain and improves your memory and focus? Don’tbelieve us? Check out Chronicle Books’ infographic, which was inspired from one of their most popular selling sketchbooks, “642 Things To Draw” Enhance creativity through drawing

How to create material for workshop?

How to create material for workshop? Those who arrange in-person or virtual workshops throughout academic periods have to do a lot of things such as creating webpages to showcase PDF handouts, outlines, audio and video tutorials etc. Most of those who are not very well versed with the use of software and programs normally hire the services of other technical workers who can do everything on their behalf. Continue reading “How to create material for workshop?”

Companies offering best terms of employments

You have finished your studies and now you are looking for a job. Or you have been stuck with the company that does not offer any promotion, nor values your skills and ambitions. If you want to know which company can offer you good or better conditions them maybe the data in the infographic will help you. Companies offering best terms of employments are selected on several criteria and the text is just a digest on their positive conditions. You should go to their web pages and read more about each and every one of them. Continue reading “Companies offering best terms of employments”

5 predictions on the e-learning evolution

5 predictions on the e-learning evolution Learning is on a path of change. The traditional learning methods that we are more acquainted with is becoming bulky, slow, expensive and less effective if we compare it with the new methods that are emerging and might one day completely replace it. The emergence of e-learning has drastically changed the scenario of education. Continue reading “5 predictions on the e-learning evolution”

Can you learn a language laughing?

Can you learn a language laughing? The simple answer would be, yes – but not all of it. What you will learn laughing will most probably remain longer in your memory. Humor and Learning You should know that humor is important in learning a language. It enables the student to learn new vocabulary in context, it motivates you to want to learn more and it is more enjoyable than traditional lectures. Continue reading “Can you learn a language laughing?”

Is the Internet threatening formal education?

Internet and thinking
Is the Internet threatening formal education? The Internet is often touted as a great source of knowledge and information, not to mention its social benefits. There are two sides to every issue, however, and the Internet also has some drawbacks. It’s hard to deny that the Internet is having a profound effect on modern education, and not always in a positive way. How can it be bad for students to have instant access to more information than can be stored in an entire traditional library? There are a few points worth considering. Continue reading “Is the Internet threatening formal education?”

Get more out of Google in your education researches

Get more out of Google in your education researches

Ideas on moral education: How to boost confidence in children?

VIRTUE LESSONS: What parents should not do

Luckily, there is no set formula on how to raise children, because each child is different, unique, so parent’s relationships with their children are one of a kind. Knowing this, when you are trying to bring up your child, you should always have in mind – that there are things which are counter productive when talking with a child (trying to correct him/her in her/his action) and it is question of what parents should not do under any condition. Continue reading “Get more out of Google in your education researches”

Why using technology in education?

Why using technology in education? You are probably aware that the role of technology and its use in the current and in the future education system in linked and will be more interconnected in future. In the 21-st century, an increasing number of teachers are using different classroom technologies like smart boards, tablet computers, smartphones, projectors, digital videos, and games which are undoubtedly are great tools for helping students learn. Technology as an aid that should solve problems for students and teachers, but we will have to wait for the time when we will have the technology fully replacing the current educational scheme. So far I can say that these are the top reasons to say “Yes” to technology integration in education. Students love using technology It is a proven fact, they do. The interest of all students in technology allows teachers to vary activities of the day and engage students. Most of the students spend hours using smartphones, and other technologies like laptop, tablets, and television when they get home from school, so why not use these tools in their learning through these devices? Power of collaboration The power of internet used in the direction of collaborating is not new to the world. It provides a unique opportunity to engage a group of students, makes them more interested and bringing better results in the learning process. Whether it is a case where a student has to read an audio book, to get help in storytelling, view video lectures, clear any doubts, test listening skills, or doing a custom activity, there are so many useful tools for student-to-student and student-to-teacher interaction and collaborative learning, that it will be negligence not to make use of them. Communication in real time Some areas of studying, for example, language learning and special education, spend more time on auditory listening skills, due to the nature of the study. This will provide students an opportunity to hear native speakers have a conversation and with this help, they learn the best way possible of coping in real life. Good tools like Duolingo, Starfall and Babbel are of great help to students for language learning. Real-World Experts lessons When you want to connect the students to real-world experts and rich resources, only the sky is the limit. Students can use tools like Twitter for research, and with the growth of open online resources, MOOCs, you can engage them with content from the smartest and best teachers in the world. With the help of podcasts and free online videos in the digital age, learning never stops and improves all the time. Professional development By using new technologies students learn skills’ set that will help them in their future career and life development. It is not only students who benefit from technology. The teachers are using technology for their own development, as well. One of the great places for them is Google Hangout for Teacher Development. The education technology industry is getting larger and the educational institutions with the help of educational professionals using technology should utilize it properly for the development of their students and teachers – so that they can better know and understand technology and its role in education (teaching and learning). Making life easier for teachers Teachers have a variety of tasks outside of teaching. They have to plan the lessons, attend it, grade the students, take care of the discipline, meet with the parents, and plus some administrative work. For all these purposes they can they use tools like Learnboost, Engrade, BetterLesson, EduCreations, and Eliademy to ease their tasks. Learning should be fun The use of technology in education can help learning fun through gamification, game-based learning or quest-based learning. Educators in schools and colleges who have practiced game-based learning have been mesmerized to see the results. Homework encouraging Teachers, who never believe that students can be encouraged for their homework, now believe in this. This is the reason why teachers should be encouraged for flipping their classrooms. With the concept of Flipped Classroom, students easily overcome barriers during the class, by quickly removing frustration and irritation that is sometimes developed in the learning process. Teachers are using various tools like TEDEd and Khan Academy to flip their lessons and have time in the classroom to clear the doubts and try it. Students who want to go home and rest after school are not usually eager to put their head in a book, but would rather spend time on the Internet playing games. This is why we should channelize the learning process of students through the Internet and games. Students need to be surrounded by good teachers wherever they go, whether physically or virtually. By encouraging the students to use social media in education the vital role is to stay connected with your students and to encourage them for their homework with guidance. Saving money Although using new technology has an initial investment, it will save money to the schools by multiplying the number of teachers in a classroom. So, instead of having one teacher teaching twenty students, adding technology will increase the number of functional-teachers in the classroom and free up the real teacher to answer questions and help students. With the ability to use free content online, teachers will not have to spend as much on curriculum or resources. This infographic shows why technology should be used in education. “Teachers will not be replaced by technology, but teachers who don’t use technology will be replaced by those who do.” Tell me what you think on the education and teachers interconnections? What are your reasons to use or not to use technology in education?

Google Chrome: More than a browser!

Google-Chrome Most probably many of you are using Google to browse the web pages you want to find, on the things you want to explore, learn, have fun, find data, develop business, exchange information, do all different things you want to do in “the big white open If you are one of the more curious that explores the actual Google pages for more than just browsing, than you would be able to see that there are extremely useful resources on educational side. Let’s begin in chronological order. Google web store on education has four sub-segments: – Academic resources – Family – Foreign languages – Teacher and admin tools Each of them is reach with numerous valuable free resources 1. Academic resources: If you need a graphic calculator, or to explore the human body, if you need to explore the planets or increase the knowledge on foreign languages, you can access all these and hundreds of more applications, with just a simple click. Variety of choices is impressive and you can try the option that suits you best. Academic resources 2. Family: The resources of the education for the whole family are rich with inventive, funny, easy to manage and proactive tools, all accessible at Family Apps. If you need to practice math with your child, teach her/him how to draw, practice music lessons, learn how to make origami, prepare for the big birthday party or many more ideas that you might have on your child’s  further educational development and practice of the learned at the traditional schools, this is the perfect spot to visit. 3. Foreign languages:The world is becoming a global village and most of the people do speak English, but still one needs to learn it. There are  many countries that still prefer doing business in their native tongues and stick to their traditional language utilization. Whichever category of learner of foreign language you belong, you can find very useful tools on learning a foreign language, improving the skills that you have, practice the learned or just check how you stand with a foreign language knowledge once gained. Check at: Foreign Languages App 4. Teacher and admin tools: The name is self-explanatory. This place is reserved for the all groups of educators and the ones that are administration the educational tools. From natural to social sciences, from practical drills and exercises, to dance and conversation practice, all in one place. Teacher and admin tools available for free download. All you need is a good will and a determination to begin to learn, initiative to sustain in what you have chosen and the tools that are offered for free. The quality is of top rating and the user friendly interfaces are more than cozy to use. Still having second thoughts? You now better than that… start your most exciting journey into educational sphere and see for yourself how much fun and joy you can have with every single day and new skill established and learned.

Future studies will be different from today

future - education
future - education It is very much likely that the future students will be faced with an entirely different set of choices than they do have today. College or career straight after high school graduation, will not be the only paths in front of them. The four-to-six-year commitment to a highly esteemed institution will not be the fastest way to a fruitful career or a rich network. Considering the fact that the online education is quickly gaining the momentum, as well as the increased emergence of massive online courses (MOOCs) higher education is shaken to its core. Its value, its status, its cost is also changing. The fact how young people envision their education is changing their < future development and choices. Continue reading “Future studies will be different from today”

What do you want to be?

What do you want to be? Dev IT Solutions, is one of the major players in the field of IT & Mobile application development industry, has introduces a set of Educational mobile applications to help kids learn in enjoyable ways. Their belief is that young kids learn better in informal and creative environment filled with fun and joy. This is the reason why their mobile apps are doing exactly this, as they are divided into several levels that are filled with pleasing sounds and colorful pictures to develop interest of kids. Dev IT Solutions, has been constantly delivering high quality services and products. In this sense they have developed “What Do You Want To Be?” , educational mobile application designed by team of expert and experienced mobile app developers. It is crucial to introduce and help children to learn effortlessly with fun and these mobile apps make it stress free for kids. Talking about this innovative educational mobile app – What Do You Want To Be? a senior spokesperson from Dev It Solutions stated, “We are pleased to announce the launch of these unique educational mobile apps, specially designed for kids and their parents. These mobile applications help kids to learn about various occupations in the world. Along with learning, it also relieves kids of boring puzzle games that, at times overburden their young minds. Continue reading “What do you want to be?”

Discover the magic of m-learning

The current trends in the professional sector when going from e-learning to mobile learning (m-learning), like compatibility, security and training, within the current mobile landscape with the best practices in mobile learning, are getting more and more popular, tempting and promising. Discover the magic of m-learning Business environment Considering the fact that there were around 500 million smartphones, 34 million tablets and over 1 billion app downloads in 2011 alone – according to the records of the global mobile communications market, (Cisco Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast), in 2012 there are likely to be more mobile communication devices in the world than people. Continue reading “Discover the magic of m-learning”

Google for enterpreneurs at Campus Londoon

Google for entrepreneurs  - International expansion at Campus London

Google for entrepreneurs at Campus London

Data Science courses launched in July 2015 will meet UK demand for data scientists and bring programs abroad

Galvanize.com, a leader in industry-focused education, announced its expansion internationally by launching data science courses at Campus London, Google’s startup and entrepreneur hub in East London, UK. There are more that 40,000 members, of Google’s Campus London, a thriving community where anyone can build their startup and attend programs to learn technical and entrepreneurial skills. Galvanize operates five campuses (located in San Francisco, Seattle, Denver and Boulder), and these data science courses at Google’s Campus London represent the first time the company has launched a program outside of the US. “We have a longstanding partnership with Google and Google for Entrepreneurs that has allowed us to enrich our campuses and curriculum with industry expertise, connections and mentorship,” stated Jim Deters, CEO and co-founder of Galvanize. “Bringing our educational offerings to Campus London with this initial program is a natural extension of our partnership and leverages both organisations’ commitment to providing skills and access to a global community of entrepreneurs.” London being an emerging hub for data science, has a permanent demand for data scientists in the UK that has increased 350 percent in the past five years ( with an average salary of £60,0001). Company demand for data-literate talent and employee demand for data science skills make Campus London the ideal place for Galvanize to launch these programs. “As the UK’s tech industry continues to grow we see a lot of demand for data-savvy talent from both the startup community and the established tech players,” said Sarah Drinkwater, Head of Campus London. “By bringing the Galvanize courses to Campus London, we are adding to our already established learning programs, including Campus for Mums, which aims to teach people how to turn their ideas into thriving companies.” Galvanize’s data science courses at Campus London will cover a wide range of topics, from fundamentals of data science, Python for data analysis, to applied machine learning, and many more. Courses will be suited for beginners and experienced data scientists, with commitments spanning full-day intensives to nights and weekends. Galvanize will be hosting a series of free introductory workshops and open house events with pre-eminent data scientists for anyone interested in learning more about the emerging field of data science. You can apply for the first data science cohort or register for an event, head to Galvanize.com, London.  

How to make online promotion of your business?

How to make online promotion of your business? It is true that if your product or service is excellent, they will speak for themselves. However, you need to be visible in order to make your presence known to all the potential customers. Previously, companies used TV/ radio to door to door marketing to entice customers. Now, however, companies have an easier and more cost efficient method of luring new customers to their business known as online marketing. Continue reading “How to make online promotion of your business?”

Google and memory

If you belong to the group of people who believes that technology is changing the way we think and memorize things,
here is an overview of how Google does it! Read about how Google influences your memory and let us know if you agree with this.
Google and Memory

Say goodbye to distractions while studying

students' distractions
students' distractions Every student wants to enjoy their school, college and university in the best way possible. But it is a fact that students have to study effectively throughout their academic life to obtain the best grades. When students are enrolled in a reputable organisation they have to concentrate on their studies effectively for high performance. Fortunately there are few tricks by which students can enhance their academic performance with full enjoyment. If you want to enjoy your academic life in their best way, then you’re reading the right content. Check out the information shared below to learn and fun in your academic life together. Continue reading “Say goodbye to distractions while studying”

Break the online learning misconceptions

broken glass
broken glass Adult learners have long thought that the only way you can get an education is in a classroom with a teacher, desks, and students. However, online learning has changed the way that many adults think. Effective and successful learning can happen with a computer connection and a goal-oriented adult. It just takes a little different thinking to get over your pre-conceived ideas of online learning and to take that chance. What are some of the misconceptions that revolve around online learning and what are the truths to break the online learning misconceptions? Continue reading “Break the online learning misconceptions”

Think like entrepreneur, not like employee!

enterpreneur There is always a moment in life, when one feels that one wants more to life than just a simple moderate lifestyle and a mediocre job. Those are the people who not only possess the will of phenomenal success and triumph, but also the required drive and skills. With that being said, they cannot be viewed as just ordinary employees, but as potential entrepreneurs. Continue reading “Think like entrepreneur, not like employee!”

Why should kids blog?

With the everyday technology developing and its introduction in the education, children are gaining new skills that are helping them improve their skills and expand their knowledge. The infographic is showing why do you need to give children a chance in learning how to blog.
10 Positive Benefits of Blogging for Kids
Discover the positive benefits of blogging for kids by Dr. Patricia Fioriello at her web page http://www.kidslearntoblog.com. Find out how blogging improves communication, writing skills and an understanding of the world and different cultures, plus much more.

4 Tech tools that boost learning

e-classroom In today’s world of technology, more and more students are using tech tools for smart learning. Technological tools are facilitating students with learning methods that are not feasible with conventional ways. Now students can collaborate with their teachers and class fellows in a digital way. Both students and teachers can enhance their class performance by implementing the latest tools of technology in class activities. If you are a student or teacher and hunting for something that will enhance your learning, then you should read about the latest technologies shared below. Continue reading “4 Tech tools that boost learning”

Modern technologies – Better results in learning

technology The 21st-century classroom is not an ordinary classroom anymore. Today classes are surrounded with digital whiteboards and innovative devices that are changing the way students learn. Teachers are also making greater use of modern technologies to teach students in-depth about their topic. Modern technologies have enabled the students to learn in an interesting way that was not possible with the conventional approach to teaching. If you’re a student and looking for something that will help you to learn effectively, then you’re on the right platform. Read the information shared below to know how digital technologies will change the way in which you learn and create better opportunities for you. Collaboration With the invention of modern technologies, students can now work together on class projects without any distraction. Nowadays students are using Cloud-based applications to collaborate with their class fellows and teachers remotely. Digital collaboration allows students to gain information on any topic from their friends anytime. Additionally, it provides them an opportunity to secure their work at online platforms without any charges. In this way, students store their information in a secure place and accessed later at any time from any place without worrying. Thus use digital tools of technology in your studies to enhance your knowledge and skills in a new style. Accessibility Modern technologies have changed the way students collect information for their class projects. With online resources, today every level students can access and research, a copious amount of information on any topic. Google search engine supplies all necessary information a student needs for the development of their class projects. In the present days, students can easily connect to the world by using a secure internet connection. It means that you can also avail plenty of information at your fingertips by using a tablet, smartphone or any other technology. Therefore, teachers should teach students the use of innovative technology devices to increase their experience. As students also loves to study with the latest tools of technology. Distance learning Day by day technology is creating more opportunities for students and teachers. Now students can study in their favourite program from any part of the world with the introduction of distance learning. Yes, students can now earn their college or university degrees online without visiting their conventional classrooms. You can hear the audio & video lectures from your favourite eLearning platforms. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to connect and communicate with your professor through video conferencing. Digital technologies have made education possible for students who are not able to visit the school due to work, disability or any other reason. Social networking A recent study suggests that social networking plays a great role in the academic performance of the student. Social networking sites provide strong educational information to students and educators. By connecting with your friends over social media platforms you can find out about the classroom, activates even if you’re on leaves. Moreover, you can add your class fellows and teacher on your Facebook account to build a strong relationship. Social media sites are easy to access via smartphones or other digital devices that connect to the Internet. Clearly, digital technologies will boost your learning process, enhance your knowledge and create better opportunities for you.   Author bio: Ashley Alex is a writing and academic counselling manager in a leading students support firm. Right now she is assisting the students in various ways, especially who want help with assignment for better opportunities.

Big data gets a passing grade in education world

Binary Data
Binary Data Big data has the potential to have a big impact on the education world, for students and teachers alike. With the expansion of online learning, such as distant learning, and the growing number of devices such as tablets being used in classrooms, gathering data is easier than ever. Learning how to use that data can make for a more personalized and fulfilling learning experience for students. What are some of the ways in which big data can be applied in the education world? And how can educational establishments make the most of the data that’s available to them? Continue reading “Big data gets a passing grade in education world”

E-books offer innovative online reading

e-book Today, uncountable students are turning toward e-books to make their reading process innovative. This is why the demand for electronic books is continually rising from the side of the students. We all know that an e-book is a book in electronic format which runs on different portable devices. It is easily downloaded from the Internet to a PC, notebook, tablet, smart phone or any other portable device. Once you download it, then you can read a number of interesting books on the screen of your portable device. It also carries a page number, table, graphs, and images, just like a paper book. However, if you are also wondering to switch your way of reading from paper books to electronic books then you’re taking a smart decision. Continue reading “E-books offer innovative online reading”

The future of workplace learning

In the infographic below, you will see how the increasing sales of mobile devices, the whooping growth in the mobile share of web traffic, the growing adoption of mobile devices in the workplace, led to the evolution of ‘The Mobile World’. The changing nature of work, the increasing number of mobile workers and the influx of the millenials in the workplace is ‘Changing the Workplace’ and these two factors are presenting a ‘Great Opportunity’ for the Mobile Learning. The-Future-Of-Workplace-Learning-is-Mobile-Infographic Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

Teach with Twitter !

Teachers and students are turning to social media to help inform their learning. This movement – often referred to as DIY PD (do-it-yourself professional development) – is empowering educators to utlize technology resources, digital media and community building to shape their own learning. It isn’t exclusive to teachers — classrooms around the world who are turning to Twitter and social platforms to expand student learning. The Teaching with Twitter Infographic looks at different ways teachers can use Twitter to inform their professional development and classroom practices.   Teaching with Twitter Infographic Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

Noosfeer can solve e-learning experience

Noosfeer can solve e-learning experience

If you are an average Internet user, you have probably never heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or link building. They are techniques used by web content creators in order to be the first results of a traditional search engine, such as Google or Bing.

Given that today on the Internet, there are 3 million new blog posts every 24 hours, the probability for new  (and not so new) players to be on top of the results is extremely low, even if their content is considered as high quality (this happens often with scientific papers, dissertations, lectures, universities’ databases, etc…). Continue reading “Noosfeer can solve e-learning experience”

New logo for Cultus by Norman Wright

Norman Wright
With the New Year, Cultus has managed to fulfill one of its resolutions – logo redesign. We have decided to select a simple, but powerful option that reflects our goals for the future. We strive towards become more established e-learning portal and will be joining efforts towards bringing more interesting and useful edu-tech content. The logo was redesigned by the young and talented Norman, who was kind to give us an interview, which you can read further on. Norman Wright Norman E. Wright a graphic and web designer, who grew up living on the beautiful island Jamaica. At a very young age he was curious and wanted to know how things work. Many times this involved him pulling them apart, then putting them back together, and learning by doing. While attending Knox College High School, he did Technical Drawing and this is where his passion for design began. 1. Why did you decide to go into the design business? I believe I was born to be a designer, it’s something that I’ve always had a passion for. Initially, I wanted to be an architect, but developed a love for graphic and web design. 2. What are your impressions on the current web design industry? The web design industry has a huge impact in terms of commerce and communication today. Most companies and individuals have a web presence whether it’s a blog, company website or social network profile. This opens the door to making connections across the globe, connections which otherwise would not be possible. 3. Do you think the design industry is changing on a rapid scale, and do you consider this important? When I think of the design industry, I consider all the things we use on a daily basis. Whether it’s a building, the clothes we wear, a car, pair of shoes or your toothbrush, someone had to design it before it could be manufactured. The web design industry is changing rapidly and this is good process, since this change brings innovation and improvement in areas such as user experience, web standards and security. The challenge is to keep up to date with these changes and to implement them where applicable. For example, in recent years, the mobile device market has increased significantly, so it’s important for websites to be mobile-friendly. In our days, web professionals have more and more tools available (such as open source responsive frameworks) to address this concern. The increased change and diversity within the industry presents more opportunities, as well as possibilities for the future. 4. How will you define your future prospects and plans? If I could use one word to define my future prospects and plans, it would be “growth”. I intend to develop my skills further, as well as explore other areas of design. www.nwrightdesign.com Thank you Norman. Cultus Team wishes you a prosperous and outstanding career.
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