What to expect when you are studying overseas?

What to expect when studying overseas Traveling overseas to obtain an education is a bold move that requires careful research and understanding on your part as a student.   Take time to plan and get to know your new home. Expect to experience culture shock, difficulty getting items that are familiar to you, and a different manner of thinking to your own country. Here are some other things to expect during every phase of your overseas education.

Upon entering the country

When you first arrive, you’re likely going to be optimistic about your new school and surroundings. Since everything will be new to you, it’s an exciting time, and people generally have a feeling of exhilaration during the first few weeks. At first, you may marvel at some of the conveniences your own country may lack, and the differences you never expected. The best advice is to enjoy the honeymoon phase and get to know as many of your schoolmates as possible.

Settling in 

Once the honeymoon phase is over, you will start to notice things about the new country you won’t like. No place is perfect, and you’ll likely go back and forth between enjoying your new home, and reminiscing about home. During this time, it’s helpful to realize these emotions are normal and are not a reason to leave your program. Stay focused on your schoolwork and engage in extra-curricular activities to help maintain a high level of motivation.

Adjusting to daily life

As you begin to get into a routine and adjust to daily life, it’s important to realize there are resources available at every school to help you. Many campuses offer free legal advice for dealing with landlords, and ensuring your rights aren’t violated. Learn where the international services building is located, and take advantage of anything available to you as a student or newcomer.

Preparing to graduate

In your last year, you should begin to look at potential employment options. As an international student, you have to plan carefully. When you graduate, your student visa won’t allow you to stay in the country for an extended period of time. The last year is the time for you to decide if you want to stay in the country, or go back to your own and look for work. If you receive an offer of employment before graduating, you can get a working visa to stay in the country. Talk to an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles like Joshua L. Goldstein for advice on how to immigrate and change your visa. Going to a new country for your education is an exciting and rewarding time for any student. Use the resources available to you to get to know your new home and how you can better adjust to it.
Author: Brooke Chaplan

Australian scholarship for international students

The benefits of scholarships
Australian scholarship for international students   Australia is one of the most preferred destinations for international students to complete their scholarship education. In the developed world, Australia is the 3rd largest country that attracts a considerable number of students from around the world after the United Kingdom and the United States. In fact, study in an Australian university can make a real difference to your educational and professional career. There are many employment opportunities for graduates from this country in a number of different fields, such as business, sciences, arts, etc. Acquiring a higher degree from an Australian university will definitely make your resume brilliant. This country is indeed a perfect study place for international students who can explore its highly recognised education system through various international scholarships. It has been found that over $200m annual funds are granted by the Australian Government for international scholarships for higher degree courses including undergraduate, masters and PhD programs. In Australia, both private and missionary organisations are playing a pivotal role by equally providing international students with international scholarship opportunities and all offer partly or fully financially supported scholarships. Besides this, studying in any Australian university has numerous advantages and splendid features, it assists students in developing their analytical, creative and independent thinking skills. One of the most vital aspects is that when you will complete your graduation you will be highly preferred by both the international employers. In the following paragraphs, I will talk about work while studying as the splendid feature of study in Australia, and then I will discuss living cost in the country:
Work while studying is one of the most prominent features. International students are free to do a job in Australia to easily and conveniently meet out their education and other expenses. To do a job in the country, you will have to get the permission along with your visa grant. After getting the working permission from the concerned authority, you can acquire a job for about 20 hours per week, while continuing your studying. Besides this, you will also get visa label in your passport so that you are able to show your legitimacy to work in front of the workplace where you will work. As far as the earning is concerned, you as the international student can earn up to 16 per hour. In Australia, finding a work opportunity is easy for international students as there are many business sectors in the country, such as retail in mega shopping malls, hospitality in hotels and restaurants, and administration in hospitals, schools, etc. Besides these options, you can also go with the tutoring option.
In Australia, migration rules and regulations are for international people including international students and they are legally bound to prove that their financial strength is strong to extent that they can bear out their living and other expenses. Living costs are accommodation, food, clothing, travel, and leisure expense. On average, A$ 15,000 to A$ 18,000 annually can be spent by an international student in Australia. Finding a reasonable accommodation within your pocket budget is one of the very difficult tasks for students. The best option is to try to find temporary safe haven instead of looking for permanent setting. Keep in your mind accommodation in hotels are very costly because you’ll have to spend around $ 150 for just one night. Besides a temporary shelter, you have the option to contact property agents for getting accommodation. As far as the Australian weather conditions are concerned, both cold and hot are its condition throughout the year. The coldest months are June, July and August and the hottest are December, January and February. So you’ll have to arrange your clothing accordingly. Author’s Bio:
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Learn English online for free

Learn English online for free
Learn English online for free

Learning is the key to success, whether you are a student or a professional, learning is the only way you can progress. It is correctly said that when learning stops, so does your growth. For students, learning and having a strong command over the English language is the key. In order to write with quality and avoid struggles in assignment writing, having a strong knowledge of English language principles and basics is very important. When we talk about studying English language, there are also other factors like students coming from abroad who do not have the right understanding of the language or professionals coming to work in English spoken countries. Continue reading “Learn English online for free”

Habits of online students

When you want to know why do students opt for online studies you might want to go through the replies of the survey questions below. In spite of the small number of interviewed students, the results are quite interesting and accurate on the reasons why do students prefer e-learning. Here is a glimpse on the online students’ habits! The-Study-Habits-of-Online-Students-Infographic

Top 5 reasons to study abroad

study abroad
Top 5 reasons to study abroad When it comes to choosing a college or university, most people tend to think of those that are in their home country. But there’s another option that you should consider, and that’s studying abroad. More and more colleges and universities are looking to add diversity to their student body, so they are more willing to accept foreign students into their programs. If you are currently looking for the right college to attend, the following are five reasons to consider studying abroad. Continue reading “Top 5 reasons to study abroad”

Is it worth studying abroad?

Is it worth studying abroad? Students that study abroad can take advantage of many benefits that aren’t necessarily readily offered by study in their home countries. Students who undertake international study programmes can greatly increase their employability prospects, as a result of their experience of working in different cultures. This brings with it a whole range of other flexible and adaptive skills in communication and relationship building, which can be transferred directly to the employment market. Continue reading “Is it worth studying abroad?”

5 Great alternatives to dropping out of university

5 Great alternatives to dropping out of university University is underway in a lot of parts of the country and though the vast majority of students will be enjoying their courses, the honest truth is that some may not be. If you’ve come to a point where you’re thinking about dropping out of university then it’s best to take some time to consider some alternatives. Dropping out is a big decision and can impact on your life for a long time still, specifically if you don’t have a good alternative in mind. So, let’s take a look at the other options that you have in mind that will make things a lot easier in the long term. Continue reading “5 Great alternatives to dropping out of university”

Make the most of your Master’s degree

Make the most of your Master's degree If you choose to stay on at university following a first degree, it will often mean a substantial financial commitment (up to £6,000 in fees alone). There are good and bad motives for choosing this option. If you just see it as a way to delay entering the world of work, the cost in time and money involved probably won’t be worth it. It is usually those people who have a clear understanding of how it is going to improve their future prospects that gain the most from continuing with postgraduate study. A genuine interest in the topic area will also go a long way when it comes to staying motivated for the duration of your elected course. Here are a few suggestions for how you can make the most out of your time studying for a postgraduate qualification. Continue reading “Make the most of your Master’s degree”