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Benefits of employee scholarship programs to your business

Benefits of employee scholarship programs to your business


The current global marketplace is increasingly more competitive and in this situation, more and more organisations, whether small or large, are making efforts to stand out from the crowd. Employee recruitment, selection and retention of a talented and skills workforce is indeed a typical full-time job. In our days it is not enough to offer a candidate simply a competitive wage with health insurance plan. The current most talented, skilled and knowledgeable employees developed in a world of exceptional facilities, from flexible working hours to on-site lap, pools to every day massage-therapist visits. Briefly, they expect more than enough.

Employee Scholarship

Despite what the budget of your organisation’s HR, it is feasible to offer more and for this featuring a comprehensive scholarship program is one of the best approached, along with tuition support package or other education-associated advantages. Providing employees with assistance in their higher education is an easiest approach to make an appropriate investment in your company’s workforce. By helping employees financially in their education, employers demonstrate their workforce that they care about their personal growth, as well as the budget of their family members; employers are also assisting, to make sure that they have got people with enough knowledge and required talent.

Scholarship programs assist organisational employees, as well as their family members, and the organisation, as well. In the current more competitive employment world, there is a high importance and worth of employee scholarship programs. It has been found that non-traditional students taking time off, following their school or balancing part-time college with permanent job are becoming an integral part of the college world. It can be said that increasingly more members of the workforce are attending educational institutes, an also they are precisely the kind of high passionate, motivated and self-made workers that the today’s employers will wish to recruit and retain for the long period of time. The benefits related to tuition assistance, whether they are in the forms of scholarship schemes, reimbursement programs, etc., can be very effective to doing so.

Employee Scholarship Program

If you are, as an employer, are fully prepared to commence an employee scholarship program in your company, or you are in search for expanding your firm’s present offering, you have some good choices. Check out the following best options to recruit and retain the talent pool in your company:

·      You can provide your employee with scholarships by means of a community foundation: This is one of the good options as it lets a donor to financially support scholarships of just about any sum and criteria. This approach is perfect for individuals running small, community-focused companies.

·      You can establish a separate foundation: If you go with this option, this will offer much control over spending and scholarship selection, it can also consume more time to control and manage, and is not as tax-efficient as other approaches.

·      You can create an endowment fund by naming scholarship program with a college: You can make a donation to an educational institute or their scholarship foundation and in means outsourcing award selection and disbursement to the experts. Further, it also implies that only school going students benefit, and not necessarily the workforce working in your company.

·      You can establish an employee scholarship program with a not-for-profit administrator: There are many non-profit organisations that provide scholarship and other educational programs outsourcing. If you outsource your employee scholarship program, this approach will assist you and your company’s HR department save more time as well as wealth, while retaining the capability of organising the criteria of award, amounts of scholarship and other particulars.

Whatever choice or approach works best for your company and its overall financial status, the truth is that just developing a comprehensive education assistance program as the name of employee scholarship program will be beneficial to you and your business from the day one. As there is more blurred lines between college going students and the professionals working in organisations and the competition for most talented workforce gets more and more fierce, it is crucial for not only your organisation, but also your country to contribute your role in supporting educational development and for this, developing a comprehensive and successful employee scholarship program is one of the easiest approaches.

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Australian scholarship for international students

The benefits of scholarships

Australian scholarship for international students


Australia is one of the most preferred destinations for international students to complete their scholarship education. In the developed world, Australia is the 3rd largest country that attracts a considerable number of students from around the world after the United Kingdom and the United States.

In fact, study in an Australian university can make a real difference to your educational and professional career. There are many employment opportunities for graduates from this country in a number of different fields, such as business, sciences, arts, etc.

Acquiring a higher degree from an Australian university will definitely make your resume brilliant. This country is indeed a perfect study place for international students who can explore its highly recognised education system through various international scholarships. It has been found that over $200m annual funds are granted by the Australian Government for international scholarships for higher degree courses including undergraduate, masters and PhD programs.

In Australia, both private and missionary organisations are playing a pivotal role by equally providing international students with international scholarship opportunities and all offer partly or fully financially supported scholarships.

Besides this, studying in any Australian university has numerous advantages and splendid features, it assists students in developing their analytical, creative and independent thinking skills. One of the most vital aspects is that when you will complete your graduation you will be highly preferred by both the international employers.

In the following paragraphs, I will talk about work while studying as the splendid feature of study in Australia, and then I will discuss living cost in the country:


Work while studying is one of the most prominent features. International students are free to do a job in Australia to easily and conveniently meet out their education and other expenses. To do a job in the country, you will have to get the permission along with your visa grant. After getting the working permission from the concerned authority, you can acquire a job for about 20 hours per week, while continuing your studying. Besides this, you will also get visa label in your passport so that you are able to show your legitimacy to work in front of the workplace where you will work.

As far as the earning is concerned, you as the international student can earn up to 16 per hour. In Australia, finding a work opportunity is easy for international students as there are many business sectors in the country, such as retail in mega shopping malls, hospitality in hotels and restaurants, and administration in hospitals, schools, etc. Besides these options, you can also go with the tutoring option.


In Australia, migration rules and regulations are for international people including international students and they are legally bound to prove that their financial strength is strong to extent that they can bear out their living and other expenses. Living costs are accommodation, food, clothing, travel, and leisure expense. On average, A$ 15,000 to A$ 18,000 annually can be spent by an international student in Australia.

Finding a reasonable accommodation within your pocket budget is one of the very difficult tasks for students. The best option is to try to find temporary safe haven instead of looking for permanent setting. Keep in your mind accommodation in hotels are very costly because you’ll have to spend around $ 150 for just one night. Besides a temporary shelter, you have the option to contact property agents for getting accommodation. As far as the Australian weather conditions are concerned, both cold and hot are its condition throughout the year. The coldest months are June, July and August and the hottest are December, January and February. So you’ll have to arrange your clothing accordingly.

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John Kelly is a professional and skilled article writer as well as education counselor. He is connected partially with an online education consultancy firm, Assignment Helper UK to provide guidance and assistance.

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Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016

Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016

Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016
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Financing your higher education is always a task which is crucial and has to be very thoughtful. Lots of students fall into the trap of poor financial management when they are at college and then they become victims of increased debt, which has to be repaid after students graduate from their colleges. One of the best ways to avoid such hazards is to plan your finances properly and arrange plans which will cover the most of your higher education expenses throughout your academic journey.
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Student loans don’t have to break you



The average student loan debt sits right around $29,000, according to a report by the Institute of College Access & Success’ Project on Student Debt.

Depending on your choice of school and your choice of major, this number could be astronomically higher.

In the meantime, the Chronicle of Higher Education found that roughly 20 million students attend college each year and that out of those 20 million, 12 million take out loans.
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