The benefits of scholarships

The scholarship is a primarily financed help which might be offered by an establishment or any organisation either governmental or non-public. The aim of a scholarship is to assist those students who are deprived of financial resources to accumulate higher studies. There are different criteria of awarding scholarships including merit basis, want basis and employment…… Continue reading The benefits of scholarships

How to get the most out of your study time

Most people strive to be the most productive version of themselves, whether it is at work, or in their everyday lives. However, when it comes to studying, maintaining productivity can be a challenge but there are ways to maximize your productive output. The key to effective studying is not to cover large volumes of content…… Continue reading How to get the most out of your study time

    Petar Ninovski, young entrepreneur from Macedonia has a vision to transform every corner of the world into an urban classroom. An excellent determination, with a justified beginning! By launching the platform Brainster, he plans to create a marketplace for offline classes, where one can teach and learn variety of topic - from social media… Continue reading Boost your brain power on Brainster

Top 5 reasons to study abroad

When it comes to choosing a college or university, most people tend to think of those that are in their home country. But there’s another option that you should consider, and that’s studying abroad. More and more colleges and universities are looking to add diversity to their student body, so they are more willing to…… Continue reading Top 5 reasons to study abroad