Organized and clutter free dorm improve grades


Organized and clutter free dorm improve grades

We know that once you leave “the nest ” and head out to college you are relieved to not have to hear your mom nag you about keeping your room clean, only to find out that keeping your dorm room clean and clutter free actually can improve your grades. Here we go all over again. This time around though, it is your own responsibility to keep your room clean. There likely won’t be anyone doing room inspections and keeping you on cleaning duty. Instead, it is time to step out into the real world and take some responsibility in keeping your room from looking like a disaster zone. Continue reading “Organized and clutter free dorm improve grades”

Tricks and tips on how to get good grades in College

pencils Acquiring a college education is a goal that countless individuals hope to achieve. However, the idea of selecting a school, choosing a major and charting a course for ultimate success can seem like a series of insurmountable challenges. Fortunately, the tips that follow below offer a framework for getting the entire process underway. Continue reading “Tricks and tips on how to get good grades in College”

Tips to search and compare online colleges



  When a student looks for an online college to get a degree or masters, he or she needs to look at different aspects of the colleges that are important before joining a particular programme. Sometimes joining the first online college that you find may result in not getting a proper degree, being scammed and the worst possible scenario which is not getting a job due to the degree you may hold. In this process a lot of money and time is wasted. Here are a few useful suggestions that can be employed to choosing the right online college to join.
  1. Credentials:
Does the particular college have the basic educational standards required to function and give you a degree is very crucial in choosing an online college. If they don’t have the basic requirements then it is a waste of time joining these institutions because the degree that is given will not be recognised in today’s work environment. Continue reading “Tips to search and compare online colleges”

3 Philosophies to enhance your college experience

college- life
3 Philosophies to enhance your college experience College, undoubtedly, will be some of the best years of your life. It’s the first time in your life where you are somewhat on your own. You have the freedom to make your own choices. You get to major and study in a subject you are passionate about. Besides all that you meet hundreds of new people, and you get to live with them for the next four years. The college years can easily be the most formative of your life. So, before you go there are a few things to consider. Continue reading “3 Philosophies to enhance your college experience”

3 Tips to help you achieve academic success in college

time-to-learn It takes a combination of time management, organization, prioritization, concentration and skill to achieve academic success in college. Most college students say they want to do well, yet there are those who fail to complete the level of work necessary to achieve and maintain a solid GPA easily and smoothly. It is not advisable to become a recluse who is cut off from society and not enjoy a complete and memorable college life adventure. Nevertheless, it is essential to pay extra attention to your academics as it is your ticket to a successful career and comfortable life. If you are struggling with your academics in college, then these tips will surely help you along the way. Continue reading “3 Tips to help you achieve academic success in college”

3 important truths on adult education

3 important truths on adult education As an instructor at a private college, in spite of the fact that I have contact with the younger generation, I frequently find myself counseling adults thinking about returning to school to further their education. Actually, it is not that much a counseling session, as it is a bit of “a pep talk”. One of the major reasons that many adults hesitate before going back to school is the simple fear that they will not be able to keep up with their younger classmates. Well, you have to stop worrying about that! Here are the three most important reasons that the majority of older students actually out perform their younger counterparts in the college classroom. Continue reading “3 important truths on adult education”

How to choose a career path?

choose-a-career   High school is an exciting time for young people.  Identities begin to be established, new interests are explored, and students begin to realize what goals they have for their time beyond high school.  Performing well on tests and being admitted to a college isn’t enough to succeed in the world.  To make the most of your time in high school and college, and start off on the right path after your education is complete, here are several things students can focus on now: Continue reading “How to choose a career path?”

Which academy is the right academy?

Which academy is the right academy? How many students do you know who have a clear idea about what their future holds?- In my experience, very few. With this in mind, selecting a college or university is, certainly an important decision and there are many factors to take into consideration. Such a choice has to be fully thought-through. Choosing which University, and of course the right program can become, for many people, a great source of anxiety. For some it can take days to evaluate a list of the pros and cons, but for others, the choice becomes a kind of lottery. Frequently, the choice is deduced from randomness over reason, and it all ends with signing up for a faculty without any kind of pondering at all. Continue reading “Which academy is the right academy?”

Looking for scholarships?

Looking for scholarships? If you’re ready to start applying for scholarships, but aren’t exactly sure how to get started, the following five tips will put you on the right track: Don’t limit yourself While a student hinging his entire college experience on a single scholarship usually makes for a compelling movie plot, it’s not the best route for most actual high school students to follow. Although it’ll be great if you can land a single scholarship that covers most or all of your college expenses, don’t overlook just how quickly multiple smaller scholarships can begin adding up. Continue reading “Looking for scholarships?”

An affordable degree catering to the needs of a teacher

An affordable degree catering to the needs of a teacher   Trainers and assessors need to be trained themselves before going on to assess others. In Australia, all trainers hence must undergo a program called TAE40110 –certificate IV in Training and Assessment. There are ten parts to this program, seven of which are compulsory. The trainer (who incidentally becomes the student) learns how to plan assessment activities and guidelines, how to plan and organise group learning and how to plan and deliver learning in the work place. Continue reading “An affordable degree catering to the needs of a teacher”

The best degrees to earn online

e-learning goers
The best degrees to earn online You probably already heard that gaining an online degree is an excellent idea if you want to pursue a higher education but don’t have a lot of spare time to do so. It’s true that an online degree program is convenient and flexible, especially for those non-traditional students who have other commitments and simply can’t dedicate a lot of time and attention to being away from home and work. So, what are some of the best online degree programs and why are they ideal to study online? Continue reading “The best degrees to earn online”

Can you make big bucks with biology?

biology lab
Can you make big bucks with biology? So, you have graduated high school and now it’s time to take that big step and go to college. Where do you go? What should you study? Do you go to community college or take online classes? It’s a tough decision and it can seem overwhelming. While you don’t really have to know everything up front, eventually you will have to decide what you want to do. Researching degrees and careers beforehand can help you out. We have looked at degrees in botany and zoology. Now let’s look at jobs with a degree in biology. Often a degree in biology will lead you to specialize in a particular branch that opens up specific types of careers. Careers can range anywhere from education, research and even sales. Most students go on to earn an advance degree but this is not always necessary and experience can go a long way. Here are some options. Continue reading “Can you make big bucks with biology?”

Tools for distributed e-learning

E-learning is becoming more and more present in an increasing number of social media.

The tools that the people are currently using for distributed e-learning vary and get better with every new technology improvement.

In the infographic below you will see which social media uses which tool, to introduce the e-learning. Feel free to plunge and leave your comment!

Tools for distributed e-learning
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Everything you need to know about online college accreditation


Everything you need to know about online college accreditation

Online colleges are everywhere, and they’re becoming a more legitimate way to get educated every day. However, there are still plenty of online “schools” that are nothing more than scams to get students to hand over their money. The difference between a legitimate school and a scam school is whether or not that school has been accredited. Continue reading “Everything you need to know about online college accreditation”

Duke University

Home of the Blue Devils, Duke University has more than 13,000 undergraduate and graduate student. Being a world-class faculty helping to expand the frontiers of knowledge it has a strong commitment to applying knowledge in service to society, near its North Carolina campus and all around the world. You can visit their web page for more insights Duke University where you will be able to find comprehensive overview of the programs offered, college life, spare time activities and many more.  
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5 ways to make studying more fun

hand Studying isn’t always a fun or exciting activity. Many people will agree that spending hours staring at computers and books can sometimes be boring and difficult. Sitting down to study for hours is not exactly your idea of fun. But the good news is, there are many ways to make studying less monotonous and more exciting. Here are some tips to help you get motivated and make studying more fun, so check them out.

1. Alternate subjects

Trying to focus on your particular subject for many hours on end can sometimes be very hard to retain the information. Try breaking up your study time and alternate topics or subjects every few hours to give your brain some break.

2. Switch methods

Add different tools to each study session. There are many effective ways to study, and you should try out these other ways. Some people find flashcards to be effective for them while others prefer other study materials. Drawing out charts, re-writing notes, or developing scenarios to better understand a concept could even make learning easier and more fun for you.

3. Pick new locations

Although you may already have a favorite study area that is comfortable and quiet, it’s a good idea to step out and explore various options. You can go to a new coffee shop that is not populated, or maybe an independent bookstore that provides you a serene environment. Visiting new locations to do your studies will keep you refreshed and looking forward to the change of environment.

4. Join a study group

Sometimes when you study alone, you will tend to procrastinate without other people’s influence. Studying in groups can be beneficial to your learning, and it will also keep you immersed in the subject or topic. It will keep you focused on the material while also providing you different perspectives from other students. Find students that are taking the same subjects as you and pick a suitable time after school when you study together. Create fun and exciting ways for your group to learn the subject, such as coming up with questions related to the topic or subjects you are studying for. You can also take turns to teach the group.

5. Study actively

Going over materials and notes is not always the best way to study and retain information. You need to participate in class discussions and strive to gain more knowledge from the lessons. Another recommendation would be to teach the material to someone else as this will help you gain a better understanding of the subject.


Studying is essential for all students. You might not always find it an exciting thing to do, but if it’s something you have to do, you need to find ways to make it enjoyable. Every person has their own unique method of studying. From changing your study environment to finding ways to enhance your concentration on the subject, studying or learning can be made more interesting, even fun. Instead of the boring, old studying routine, you can try these simple strategies to help you have a better learning or study experience. These strategies might even help you improve your ability to retain information longer. Today’s post was written by John Monts, blogger for John is currently a student at UC Davis, studying Political Science and Economics.
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College tuition catches

What is one of the most important things to do when you first apply for college? If you have guessed – learn about the professors- you are right. It is very important to develop a good relationship with the instructors if you want to do well, so this is why you need to talk to them all, and get to know their expectations. This will help you throughout your entire college or university experience, as it is really valuable to have them on your side. Find out where the college’s admissions office is and go to it before you pick out your college. In this manner, you can determine whether there are scholarship options specific to the school. A lot of colleges have scholarships that are only for their students, so by going to the admissions office and talking to the officer there, you can find out if you’re getting the best deal on your education. It does not matter if you take college courses online or on campus, you have to prepare yourself for the experience. The modern college student can be at any age from 18 to 88, with years of experience or could be fresh out of high school. Regardless of this fact, the soon-to-be and current students must take advantage of every available resource.
College tuition catches
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44 tips to survive your first year of college

If you are a college freshman you will definitely benefit from these 44 tips during your first year on campus. The examples are real and  have been ” learned the hard way”,  so make the most of them in order to avoid possible troubles or problems and have the most of your college campus day.

44 tips to survive your first year of college
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Quote: High education bubble

The infographic below shows the on-board cost of higher education for students across the globe.
Different costs have been presented in order to show the students facts about things that are usually kept hidden from them, when they initiate admission to some college or university.
Quote: High education bubble
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What is good and what is bed education practice?

What is good and what is bed education practice? Online education is transitioning as time passes and more and more people are finding it a beneficial avenue to enhance and expand one’s education. This is because online education is more in tune with the needs of those who have other commitments such as jobs, homes and families. The ability to seek out and receive an online education at your convenience is truly what has prompted the surge in offerings and thus one who is exploring online options needs to understand how to best compare and vet all of those offerings out there so the right program is chosen from the start.

Review are key

One first and crucial step in better understanding whether an online educational program is right for you or not is to read about the thoughts and opinions others have in regards to the program itself. The best reviews are those located at independent sites, are unedited and have a first-hand look in to the program, classes and other criteria of the program itself. Though one needs to take both overtly good and bad experiences with a grain of salt, you will be able to get a good feel for how others view the program and thus help determine if the option is right for you.

Courses and classes that matter

A different way to access an online education outlet is to look through the offerings. This is crucial because if the program is one that is meant for you and you have very specific educational needs; you will want to ensure the classes and courses offered are those that will be beneficial to you in the long run. This means that if you are seeking to expand your education in the field of business and the one educational outlet you look at only offers classes in culinary arts; that would not be the right place for you and your educational needs.

Recognition and acceptance

Though more and more employers and even traditional educational institutions are becoming more accepting of online based and acquired education, hesitation still exists and thus you need to explore this stigma. You will want to narrow down your list of online options and then make a few calls or inquiries to employers and other colleges to ask their opinion about the programs you are considering. This manual and hand on approach truly can yield great information and potentially save you time and money when you get down to the heart of the matter and determine which offerings are considered good or bad by those whose opinions truly do matter. A little legwork and due diligence on your part can make a big difference when it comes to choosing the right program for your own personal and professional goals. Knowing the right online education to partake in is a fascinating journey; however, it is one that deserves time, attention and thought before proceeding so that you choose the right place and make sure it is one that is recognized, accepted, trusted and respected. Author: Today’s guest post was contributed by John Monts, blogger for John is currently a student at UC Davis, studying Political Science and Economics.
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Make the most of your Master’s degree

Make the most of your Master's degree If you choose to stay on at university following a first degree, it will often mean a substantial financial commitment (up to £6,000 in fees alone). There are good and bad motives for choosing this option. If you just see it as a way to delay entering the world of work, the cost in time and money involved probably won’t be worth it. It is usually those people who have a clear understanding of how it is going to improve their future prospects that gain the most from continuing with postgraduate study. A genuine interest in the topic area will also go a long way when it comes to staying motivated for the duration of your elected course. Here are a few suggestions for how you can make the most out of your time studying for a postgraduate qualification. Continue reading “Make the most of your Master’s degree”

How to overcome financial barriers to education?

How to overcome financial barriers to education? While many people will strongly recommend a college education as a way of affording yourself a financially stable life, there is a significant cost associated with a college education. Not only do you have to pay tuition for your courses, but you will also incur costs associated with textbooks, computers, and other living expenses if you are attending school away from home. In addition, you will also lose much of the time that you can spend working while you are attending school which will limit your ability to earn income. Overcoming these financial obstacles to education can be challenging but this article will provide you with some options to overcome these obstacles. Continue reading “How to overcome financial barriers to education?”

The cost of not knowing

There is no doubt that choosing the right career can be complicated and lengthy process, that has a huge impact on happiness and more that that. The below infographics can help you provide guidance if you are unsure, help you save some money on the college education in the process, by wasting time on unneeded classes.

The cost of not knowing
by michee.

Brighten up at University of Brighton

Videos from the University of Brighton ranging from student profiles, advice on studying a degree, being a student, campus tours, recordings of university events and insights into our ground breaking research could be watched on their YouTube channel – Brighton University. Campus films, research stories and bulletins are some of the contents that are available online, supporting the extensive educational background of this famous institution. It offers excellent blending of traditional and modern scholar experience.  

Students’ experience online

Online education being in its rise, has established new ways of behaviours of the students themselves. You can have a look at how prospective and current student use and interact with their higher education institution’s website in the infographics below:
Students' experience onlinea
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.
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The future of education is online and the future is now!

We are experiencing a trend of having the traditional education disruption by the emerging online education institutions and online available resources.

65% of college and universities say that online courses are a critical part of their long-term strategy and it is clear that this trend is affecting the main stream population of college and university students as 31% of them are taking at least one course online.

New technology is supporting online education adoption and enabling its spreading and implementation to be very effective.This is why online classes have recorded enrollment of over 6.1 million students in at least one online course.

More interesting details can be seen below: Continue reading “The future of education is online and the future is now!”

How to get your scholarship?

If you need money to continue your studies, then you need “The Ultimate SlugBooks Guide to Earning a Scholarship” infographic!
Go through the images below for helpful tips helping you to find scholarships and awards to apply for, how to prepare your applications correctly, how to avoid common mistakes and at the end find the cash you need to make your educational dreams a reality.
How to get your scholarship?
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

The benefits of postgraduate study

The benefits of postgraduate study Traditionally the end of an undergraduate degree has meant a seamless transition to the start of a lifelong career. But with increasing numbers of students entering higher education, coupled with the ongoing challenges of a subdued labour market during times of economic uncertainty, this picture is one that increasingly features in the yearbooks of yesterday’s alumni. Consequently an option for graduates which is becoming more popular is to continue in higher education and to enrol on a postgraduate course. While the option of further studies may not be for everyone, there are undoubtedly many key benefits to be gained from undertaking a postgraduate course. Continue reading “The benefits of postgraduate study”

The most popular online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

The most popular online Bachelor’s Degree Programs Online bachelor’s degrees have rapidly gained in popularity over the past few years, thanks to a number of factors including an unpredictable economic climate and the constantly evolving nature of many fields due to advances in technology. According to a 2011 study by the Babson Survey Research Group, as of 2010 there were over 6 million completely online undergraduate students. This number has doubled between 2007 and 2011, and the growth looks to continue as the popularity and accessibility of these programs rises. There are a number of different degree options online, and many factors to consider when choosing an online school; here are some of the best programs, and what to look for when choosing one. Continue reading “The most popular online Bachelor’s Degree Programs”

Education and money

Education and money

Public education may seem like a pure science that is populated by people who are above the human worries of life and live only for the joy of filling young minds with truth. However like in most things in life, schools do well or poorly largely driven by money. One of the justifications for governments’ funding of schools is, you take out of the educational process any graft or influence peddling by private interests which in theory, if corporate interests or even wealthy individuals, can influence the schools because of wealth, plus could also dictate the curriculum and “slant” lessons might take and as such put a spin on the truth because the schools become dependent on the funding source. In theory, public schools should be above funding issues because tax funds should pay for everything, so no one political or cultural influence can set the agenda of what is to be taught in school. That concept only holds up in theory, as if you spend any time in association with pubic or private schools, you know that money and education are intimately intermingled and there is plenty of influence going on all the time. Continue reading “Education and money”