Exercise your mind with e-learning

Every New Year, we are given a clean slate upon which to draw a brand new future. With the New Year’s resolution to exercise your body, it is the right time to consider exercising your mind. Now is the perfect time to continue your education! Of course the big question is, how do you fit it into…


What do distance learning institutions need to improve further?

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] It goes without saying that online education is the future of gaining all the needed knowledge, for every nationality, every social group of people and for everyone’s budget. The benefits from distance learning are well known: ease of access, time stretch studies upon one’s needs, low or no fees, convenience of learning everywhere and at…


Get an online college education now!

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] The new revolution in education has been taking place in the last 20 years. This process has been intensified with the massive utilization of Internet, even though its beginnings are also interesting overview.(Short history of distance learning) The distance learning offers the possibility to be able to turn back the clock, so to…


The benefits of distance learning courses

What is distance learning? Online learning is the ideal method of study for a wide range of individuals, of all ages, who would like to gain a qualification. Distance learning has a number of advantages over the traditional learning environment. Distance learning allows students to study at a pace convenient to you. So what are…


What is wrong with online learning?

When it’s time for students to head off to college, it may be as simple as heading to the next room and sitting down at the computer. With the explosion of online learning opportunities on the Internet, many students are opting for this form of distance learning. It appeals to adults who are looking for a…


5 Great alternatives to dropping out of university

University is underway in a lot of parts of the country and though the vast majority of students will be enjoying their courses, the honest truth is that some may not be. If you’ve come to a point where you’re thinking about dropping out of university then it’s best to take some time to consider…


How to choose online degree courses?

With so many resources available online, you might wonder which one is the most reliable or best solution for your needs. The answer to these questions is not straight forward, but what can be said for sure is that Online degree programs have become the first choice of working individuals, who cannot visit far to…


Online education needs a “Dictator”

It is “politically” incorrect to suggest that you should work to pass your exams because it discriminates against lazy lay-abouts. But the facts go in the direction that the conventional education is suited for the lazy ones! If you think it is too dramatic, please read further. If you are at a “politically” incorrect school the…


Learning tips for distance learners

With the advent of information technology, more and more people are getting the full benefits from e-learning. Ones who were not able to finish their college courses due to some unavoidable circumstances can now get their college degree without having to resign or give up their current job. Distance learning is the better way of acquiring…