Is it worth studying abroad?

Students that study abroad can take advantage of many benefits that aren’t necessarily readily offered by study in their home countries. Students who undertake international study programmes can greatly increase their employability prospects, as a result of their experience of working in different cultures. This brings with it a whole range of other flexible and adaptive skills in communication and relationship building, which can be transferred directly to the employment market.

Other benefits enjoyed by international students are better salary prospects, a large network of international contacts and being able to take advantage of better working conditions. This infographic, compiled by London Business School, highlights other interesting statistics on the international appeal for studying abroad. It offers insight in to the top 10 study destinations in the world, employability prospects for international students in addition to cultural and ethnic diversity in the top business schools, including London Business School. Read more here.

London Business School is one of the leading international business schools, situated in London, England, UK.


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