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Learning is the key to success, whether you are a student or a professional, learning is the only way you can progress. It is correctly said that when learning stops, so does your growth. For students, learning and having a strong command over the English language is the key. In order to write with quality and avoid struggles in assignment writing, having a strong knowledge of English language principles and basics is very important. When we talk about studying English language, there are also other factors like students coming from abroad who do not have the right understanding of the language or professionals coming to work in English spoken countries.

Whatever the reason maybe, the key to improvement again is learning. One can find tremendous sources and avenues to find opportunities to improve their English language skills, especially with the presence of the internet technology. There are various tutorial videos, sites and courses that one can enroll online by sitting at home and start learning the language without any problem. Some of those courses are even for free. Today’s guest post will talk about four top websites to learn online the English language for free.


The best way to learn the English language is to keep listening and reading it. In order to listen, you will need quality audio tapes, preferably from top speakers and professors who speak in such a way that you can rather learn instead of getting lost in the audio. Ello is one website, which features professors and speakers from around the world, to allow you to listen to them and learn how to speak with them. There are diverse topics that you can listen to from games and technology to travel and experiences as well as political and foreign topics. This means you can learn while listening to what interests you more. Additionally, as you are listening to the topics, you also get a text related script, just like subtitles to follow what is being said, this helps you enhance your English learning.

Fun Easy English Language

Fun Easy English Language is targeted more towards students or children studying in primary schools. It is a very comprehensive website, which features the Basic English language learning tutorials and courses. These courses relate to pronunciation, grammar, learning how to spell different words and other similar English language basic perspectives. Most of the courses are designed in a very interesting video format, which can allow children to keep their interest levels high.

It is one of the most credible websites to learn English language, reason being that the website is owned by the British Council UK, so you are assured all the lessons and sample courses are some of the most effective ones when it comes to learning.

Exam English

Exam English, as the name suggests, is a comprehensive website where you can equip yourself and prepare for different English course exams like IELTS, TOEFL and GMAT. The website offers free tutorials and sample exams to assist you in scoring your English language courses.


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