3 Reasons why you should keep investing in your education

3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Investing in Your Education
3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Investing in Your Education     We often believe that once we finish high school and college, there will never be a need to sit down and learn again. Still, as the business world is growing at a rapid pace, there are always ways in which you can improve. And if you want to keep up with the newest trends in business, you should always keep investing in your education. We have come up with 3 reasons why continuous education is important and which might just get you motivated to sign up for a new course.  

You will be happier

We all know that learning can be daunting and take up a lot of your time. But every new thing you learn is always guaranteed to make you feel happier. Even if it is something small like a new card game, learning a new skill. But learning something that your business career can benefit from is a completely different experience. Not only will you know something new but you will also be able to employ it in your office and do better at work. Also, when you learn something new it shows you that you can improve even more and that any obstacles you believed you were there are non-existent. Not to mention that with every course you take, your employers are going to think more of you until you eventually become a person they can trust everything with.  

Your value will constantly grow

Becoming an irreplaceable employee is quite difficult. But, if you keep investing in your education you value will constantly grow and you will become a better employee. For example, if you can just sell products you are valued as a regular employee. If you can sell, as well as design and promote products you are guaranteed to be valued as one of the most important employees in the company. Of course, not only that but continuous education will help you grow as a person. The more you know the more other will be able to rely on you and think of you more. So, if you want your value to keep growing, you shouldn’t miss out on any opportunity to learn new skills. Leadership and communication courses are just some of the things you should think about investing in. Also, no matter what niche you are working in, business writing courses are something you can always benefit from.  

You will be more humble

Another thing continuous education helps you with is staying humble. And there are many ways you can benefit from this. Being humble will allow you to keep an open mind and become interested in the things you have never heard about. On the other hand, believing that you know absolutely everything will make you arrogant, which is never a good thing in the business world. There is something new around every corner and being ready to learn and accept new things can do wonders for your life. It will help you grow both as a person and as an employee. Also, everyone else will know that you always ready to push the envelope, which means they will constantly approach you with new ideas and opportunities. In addition, you will always appear more charming and easy to work with. Continuous education is something you should always be ready to invest in. Every new skill and lesson you learn will help you grow and move up in the business world. Having all of this in mind, you should always keep searching for some new courses you can take.  
Author: Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and a regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.

How to find the right tutor for your child?

individuality tutoring
individuality tutoring The thought of how to find the right tutor for your child can be frustrating. A lot of parents who have not had to hire a tutor before, have a hard time knowing what to look for when the time comes to do so. Many children struggle in certain subjects in school, and need a tutor to help them become knowledgeable in those areas. Tutors can be found for free or for a fee, so it is important to find the right tutor for your child. Being able to trust your child’s tutor is a very important part of the hiring process. Someone who cannot be trusted should not be a tutor for a child who needs to learn to be successful. Finding out tutors background both education and criminal is crucial during the hiring process. Continue reading “How to find the right tutor for your child?”

The power of eLearning as a social and collaborative tool

The power of eLearning as a social and collaborative tool     Much of the reason why eLearning is so effective at enhancing the learning process for so many users is the collaborative aspect of this powerful learning device. In this post I’ll:
  • Prescribe how to get the most out of your eLearning program by using it as a social and collaborative tool.
  • Explain why adapting your eLearning program to be more collaborative and social can have such a positive impact on learning outcomes.
Stimulate interest with interactive comparable learning devices Competitiveness in learning isn’t so healthy. However, integrating certain comparable learning devices into your training program can have a positive, inspirational effect on your trainees. Continue reading “The power of eLearning as a social and collaborative tool”

Google for enterpreneurs at Campus Londoon

Google for entrepreneurs  - International expansion at Campus London

Google for entrepreneurs at Campus London

Data Science courses launched in July 2015 will meet UK demand for data scientists and bring programs abroad

Galvanize.com, a leader in industry-focused education, announced its expansion internationally by launching data science courses at Campus London, Google’s startup and entrepreneur hub in East London, UK. There are more that 40,000 members, of Google’s Campus London, a thriving community where anyone can build their startup and attend programs to learn technical and entrepreneurial skills. Galvanize operates five campuses (located in San Francisco, Seattle, Denver and Boulder), and these data science courses at Google’s Campus London represent the first time the company has launched a program outside of the US. “We have a longstanding partnership with Google and Google for Entrepreneurs that has allowed us to enrich our campuses and curriculum with industry expertise, connections and mentorship,” stated Jim Deters, CEO and co-founder of Galvanize. “Bringing our educational offerings to Campus London with this initial program is a natural extension of our partnership and leverages both organisations’ commitment to providing skills and access to a global community of entrepreneurs.” London being an emerging hub for data science, has a permanent demand for data scientists in the UK that has increased 350 percent in the past five years ( with an average salary of £60,0001). Company demand for data-literate talent and employee demand for data science skills make Campus London the ideal place for Galvanize to launch these programs. “As the UK’s tech industry continues to grow we see a lot of demand for data-savvy talent from both the startup community and the established tech players,” said Sarah Drinkwater, Head of Campus London. “By bringing the Galvanize courses to Campus London, we are adding to our already established learning programs, including Campus for Mums, which aims to teach people how to turn their ideas into thriving companies.” Galvanize’s data science courses at Campus London will cover a wide range of topics, from fundamentals of data science, Python for data analysis, to applied machine learning, and many more. Courses will be suited for beginners and experienced data scientists, with commitments spanning full-day intensives to nights and weekends. Galvanize will be hosting a series of free introductory workshops and open house events with pre-eminent data scientists for anyone interested in learning more about the emerging field of data science. You can apply for the first data science cohort or register for an event, head to Galvanize.com, London.  

6 ways technology is changing the classroom

education According to usnews.com, 78% of K-12 teachers believe that technology has a positive influence on the classroom, producing more productive and active students. Technology is radically changing the way our children are learning. Education coupled with new technology is providing for more active and independent learning, wider access to information, a whole new perspective on learning, a more personalized learning experience, more self-sufficient students, and an increase in the self-esteem of students. In the article below you will be able to read about the six ways technology is changing the classroom in our education today. Continue reading “6 ways technology is changing the classroom”

Rise corporate ladder with a degree in finance

money stairs
Rise corporate ladder with a degree in finance A career in finance is highly challenging and rewarding. The first important step which you can take for a financial career is to enroll in an appropriate accredited program. Bachelors in economics and commerce can help you to kick-start your career. Right after school you can enroll in a program which gears you towards a successful future. He courses in finance are the right blend of practical training and theoretical classes. To build a strong career you can opt for the programs which are offered by universities located overseas. You can benefit from the placement opportunities offered by the colleges. Required traits and skills Competent finance professionals can be the leading CEO’s of tomorrow. They play a vital role in keeping the wheels of the corporate industry running. A finance professional needs to have the following traits:
  • The candidate should have the innate abilities to solve problems. Employers recruit candidates who can face challenges of all kinds well.
  • To become a leader in finance, it is important to have strong analytical skills.
  • If a student displays high levels of motivation and is a strong team player chances are higher that he will succeed at the interview.
  • Strong communication skills and high levels of motivation can help in convincing the recruiters.
Work as financial advisor As work settings vary in finance aspirants should have the ability to work both independently and in a team.  If you opt for the path to becoming a financial advisor the following points can prove very useful:
  • If you are interested in finance and investment, it can be the right career for you.
  • It is necessary that you get a four years degree which will eventually help you to get a license. Degrees in economics, finance and mathematics, can prove useful.
  • A work experience can help you to gather vital information about the industry. As you get acquainted with the requirements of jobs in finance, you can browse the various career paths which are available.
You can opt for student debt relief programs which help you to meet the cost of post secondary education. Career opportunities Several careers in finance are offered by banks. Most of the financial careers require undergraduate training. Accounting careers deal with financial reconciliation. Accountants keep track of expenditures and monitor the flow of money. With a career in financial planning, you will be able to help clients make the utmost of the resources which they have. This financing guide will be of use when selecting the career opportunities, depending on the interest and the opportunities offered. Select right job It is important that you land with a job which is compatible to your skills and interests. You can aim towards a career in corporate finance. You can serve in important positions which are offered by large and small companies. You may have to deal with mergers and acquisitions. If economics interests you, you can work in banks. Financial services offered by banks can become a part of your professional life. As you work in a bank, you may have to deal with issuers of security. Most firms offer financial jobs. You can adopt both online and offline methods to search for jobs. As finance jobs require high specialization, it is important that you select the right majors. Staying in touch with the university alumni can help you to browse greater avenues. If you are good in crunching numbers, a career in public accounting may be ideal for you. With strong interpersonal skills, you can take up the role of a financial advisor. The key to success lies in conducting a thorough research and giving in the best at the work front.   Author Bio: Bryan planned to take up a course in financial planning. He opted for student debt relief in order to meet the educational expenses. To know more click here.

4 ways to improve your voice over skills

4 ways to improve your voice over skills 1. Vocal warm ups You may usually associate vocal warm ups with singers, but as a voice artist it’s important that you do the same. Long hours in a voice over recording studio, on top of the rehearsals beforehand, can be rather strenuous on your voice, which is why it is essential that you prepare your voice in order to maintain stability and endurance. After all, talking can be exhausting, especially when you have to do it in a range of tones in different styles and volumes for a great length of time. Think of warm ups as exercise for your vocal chords – they’re essential for optimal performance. Try doing some lip trills, sirens and even some tongue twisters (they really help with enunciation). Vocal warm ups can also help you to expand your vocal range, which can be useful for a variety of self-explanatory reasons. 2. Breathing Back in the day it was unacceptable for breathing to be audible in a recording, so voice artists had to practise silent breathing in order to mask the problem. Fortunately, today, it is no longer as big a deal, but it still helps if you can minimise the effects so that you can get a cleaner sound overall. Let’s face it, taking a big gasp in the middle of a sentence can sound messy and unprofessional, so it pays to meticulously study your script and work out where you can safely take your breaths beforehand. 3. Enunciation When doing voice over work it is absolutely crucial for the purpose of clarity that you enunciate when you speak. Recordings can lose some of the full quality of your voice, and they don’t always pick up on things in the way that you hear them in person. Therefore, it is mandatory that you enunciate. To facilitate with this process, try recording yourself beforehand and really listen out for words that seem slurred and obscure. Those are what you need to work on, and as previously mentioned, tongues twisters are a great way to help you develop this skill – practise makes perfect. 4. Try standing up You should always try to record your voice standing up. Sitting down is instantly more restricting. You’re physicality has a huge impact upon the quality of your voice. Standing up increases your lung capacity, allowing you to breathe easily and speak with comfort and clarity. It also makes it easier for you to take deeper breaths, as it mitigates the compression on your breathing muscles. Standing up also gives you the freedom to make actions with your body, which can significantly improve the believability of your vocal performance overall – your actions translate through your voice. For more info on online singing lessons you can visit My bio: Amanda Clarke is a copy writer at a digital marketing agency in London. My Social Media profiles: and facebook.com/amanda.clarke  
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Online vs. traditional education

Online vs. traditional education
I hope you like the infographic showing the current trends of online education opposed to the traditional education.
Trends clearly show the rise of popularity of online education and the percentage see an upward trend in the coming years.
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5 best places to study engineering


5 best places to study engineering

With an average salary of £37,000 (Reed 2013) Engineering is amongst the most highly paid professions in the UK, as such it is no wonder that studying engineering is an attractive option to many. There is an extensive range of engineering degrees available, allowing future engineers to specialise in their particular field of choice. However it seems that the quality of courses, as well as the respect that certain Universities command when placed on a CV, vary greatly. To this end, this article will guide you through the best Universities for studying engineering. Continue reading “5 best places to study engineering”

Is it worth studying abroad?

Is it worth studying abroad? Students that study abroad can take advantage of many benefits that aren’t necessarily readily offered by study in their home countries. Students who undertake international study programmes can greatly increase their employability prospects, as a result of their experience of working in different cultures. This brings with it a whole range of other flexible and adaptive skills in communication and relationship building, which can be transferred directly to the employment market. Continue reading “Is it worth studying abroad?”

Which soft skills does a graduate need for success?

Which soft skills does a graduate need for success? In order to succeed in this era of technological advancements, it is best for an individual to have personal and professional effectiveness training. Individuals need to develop and utilize new skills in order to keep up with the rapidly changing work environment. These skills include soft skills which play a vital role in professional success. Continue reading “Which soft skills does a graduate need for success?”

Make the most of your Master’s degree

Make the most of your Master's degree If you choose to stay on at university following a first degree, it will often mean a substantial financial commitment (up to £6,000 in fees alone). There are good and bad motives for choosing this option. If you just see it as a way to delay entering the world of work, the cost in time and money involved probably won’t be worth it. It is usually those people who have a clear understanding of how it is going to improve their future prospects that gain the most from continuing with postgraduate study. A genuine interest in the topic area will also go a long way when it comes to staying motivated for the duration of your elected course. Here are a few suggestions for how you can make the most out of your time studying for a postgraduate qualification. Continue reading “Make the most of your Master’s degree”

Brighten up at University of Brighton

Videos from the University of Brighton ranging from student profiles, advice on studying a degree, being a student, campus tours, recordings of university events and insights into our ground breaking research could be watched on their YouTube channel – Brighton University. Campus films, research stories and bulletins are some of the contents that are available online, supporting the extensive educational background of this famous institution. It offers excellent blending of traditional and modern scholar experience.  

The benefits of postgraduate study

The benefits of postgraduate study Traditionally the end of an undergraduate degree has meant a seamless transition to the start of a lifelong career. But with increasing numbers of students entering higher education, coupled with the ongoing challenges of a subdued labour market during times of economic uncertainty, this picture is one that increasingly features in the yearbooks of yesterday’s alumni. Consequently an option for graduates which is becoming more popular is to continue in higher education and to enrol on a postgraduate course. While the option of further studies may not be for everyone, there are undoubtedly many key benefits to be gained from undertaking a postgraduate course. Continue reading “The benefits of postgraduate study”

E-learning revolution

e-learning revolution
e-learning revolution Check the amazing facts of e-learning developments, in fact, figures + academic perspective. 1.The growth of the eLearning industry with amazing facts and statistics that shows how fast online eLearning is growing. The video also illustrations the pain that organizations feel when trying to convert their material to SCORM compliant eLearning. e-learning revolution 2. Noam Chomsky, a world-renowned linguist, intellectual and political activist, spoke at the University of Arizona on Feb. 8, 2012. His lecture, “Education: For Whom and For What?” featured a talk on the state of higher education, followed by a question-and-answer session. Chomsky, an Institute Professor and a Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he worked for more than 50 years, has been concerned with a range of education-related issues in recent years. Among them: How do we characterize the contemporary state of the American education system? What happens to the quality of education when public universities become more privatized? Are public universities in danger of being converted into facilities that produce graduates-as-commodities for the job market? What is the role of activism in education? With unprecedented tuition increases and budget struggles occurring across American campuses, these are questions that are more relevant than ever. Education For Whom and For What?-Noam Chomsky

Things to remember during Freshers’ Week

Things to remember during Freshers’ Week Once the hard work’s been completed, the exam results have been returned and the final offer from your chosen university is on the table, the excitement of leaving home for the first time can feel almost overwhelming. But although the buzz of meeting new friends and living on your own will have you counting down the days until it’s time to load up your mum and dad’s car, heading to university can also be an extremely daunting experience. In amongst the rush and the panic to prepare yourself for life in the outside world, it can be easy to forget some of the basic essentials you’ll need to both bed in to your new student digs and survive the imminent onslaught of Freshers’ Week. Continue reading “Things to remember during Freshers’ Week”