5 Wonderful ways of getting online education

5 Wonderful ways of getting online education
5 Wonderful ways of getting online educationThis era is rightly known as the era of advancement and modernization, therefore, as a result, the trends and approaches of contemporary education has been changed . Considering this scenario, there are different types of education developed, all in order to fulfil and accomplish the requirements or demands of modern education. Online education is one of the most enhanced and improved types of education in which student are allowed to study and become a part of classroom from anywhere all around the globe. This aspect should be taken into consideration that online education is being obtained by different students without any cost or in simple words online education are assumed as one of the most cost-effective methods of attaining education. Therefore, the importance of online education is increasing in different developing countries of the world. Consequently, there are 5 amazing ways of attaining online education discussed, so that more and more people could avail benefits of online education in the desired manner. These wonderful ways are described as follows: Academic Earth When it comes to getting free online education from any part of the world then academic earth could be perceived as the right place. This is because of the reason that various from more than 50 universities of the world could be easily comprehended and studied by means of using academic earth in the right manner. In this concern, students are allowed to select any course through the help of finding the name of course or the source. Those students who want to improve their awareness regarding different fields are strongly recommended to use this resource. Open Learning Initiative As the name suggest, this online resource is all about providing facilities that are related with open learning phenomenon. Through the help of this online tool, students are able to learn the course according to their own understanding process and at the same time they can attain help and support from self-guided assignments. Open Education Database By means of using open education database website, students could attain meaningful information and awareness about 10,000 courses that are being taught at different universities of the world. During the application of this tool, students could identify or explore various topics by the help of identifying different detailed courses on the topics. Therefore, it is better to use this tool if students really want to enhance their learning to a great level. 99U In reality this resources provides information and awareness regarding different topics and subjects through the help of videos in simplest manner. There are different sorts of educational videos provided through which students are given opportunities so that they could enhance their understanding and knowledge regarding different topics in an easy and attractive way. This resource does help students in the domains of creativity, innovative thinking, as well as business management. Therefore, students need to learn about this tool as much as possible. Ignite As far as the importance of ignite in modern education is concerned, students could improve their extent of creativity and innovation by the help of using this amazing resource. At the same time, this tool provide opportunities to all people from different parts of the world to share their amazing talents and innovative thinking with others in an appealing way. In this way, students could get awareness and perception about different creative ideas in timely manner. These all amazing, yet effective ways should be applied in order to attain online education free of cost. Therefore, there is need of understanding the importance of online education in the modern scenario, because this is one of the most effective ways of providing education to people from all around the world. With the passage of time, the significance of online education has been increased as this field has provided different sorts of benefits to stakeholders of education in an appropriate way. Author: Jessica Michael is an educator, who shares her valuable suggestion on various online interactive media. She has been teaching for a number of year various subjects to students of different schools. She is very fond of writing, as her articles and blogs at The essay help are much appreciated by professionals, as well as students.

Apply psychological principle of information processing in e-learning

Are There Any Principles Of Information Processing?
  When most people think of information processing, they think of IT and computing because it is a computing term, however, in the world of psychology, it has another meaning. It is a cognitive psychology term that sees the human mind as the information processor. A person takes in information and there is an output as a result.

Are there any principles of information processing?

No, there are not. It is a function of the body, just like sneezing or daydreaming. However, there are psychological elements that are known as cognitive elements involved with information processing in the mind. Many people compare the process to computers, but the comparison is a little flawed. If you were to compare a mind to a computer, the computer would be a highway full of cars, and your mind would be an ocean full of fish. Apply psychological principle of information processing in e-learning

Mixing cognitive psychology with e-teaching and e-learning

Let’s start with the commonly-held idea that people are creatures of habit. If a student has a habit of ignoring traditional teaching methods because he or she is in the habit of doing so (usually a trait learned in school), then that habit is going to persist. It is up to you as a teacher to understand when this occurs and change your method of teaching to suit. Trying to force students to pay attention is often futile.

What about cognitive psychology and attention?

Selective attention is a person’s ability to ignore other things and concentrate on a single thing. Attention capacity is another way of defining how long a person concentrates on something. Be careful how you use these principles. Many sub-standard teachers will teach a person something and then quit for a while because they do not want to “overload” them with information. This is often a foolish thing to do because people have a very high capacity for learning. If you cover a topic in full, then your students may not understand it all, but you can keep going over it again and again until they do. In addition, you can cover it all first, and then segment the lessons and approach it again in smaller chunks. Test the hypothesis if you wish. If a student seems to be struggling with a simple problem, turn up the heat and make it more difficult. For example, when teaching young children to tell the time, you may use an online tool that has the big and little hands spinning around a clock. Ask the student to stop the hands at a certain time. If they continue to struggle, turn up the speed of the clock. You may find that they actually make faster progress than when the clock was moving slowly. Use the way your students think and learn to engage with them Doing a little research into your own students and finding out how they learn best is obviously going to help you teach more effectively. As a race, we seem to look for patterns, even if no patterns exist. HowStuffWorks created a nice article about how people still believe the Illuminati exists because people look for patterns and connect the dots where there are none to connect. Michael Shermer said we are “Pattern-seeking animals,” meaning we are, “Neurologically hard-wired to seek explanations and put the pieces together – even when there is no connection.” Search and test for the patterns that your learners are using. If you are dedicating a little time and effort into getting into the minds of your learners, you will be a more effective teacher. Dyslexic and autistic people have very different thinking and connecting patterns to other people, which is why many traditional classes seem to fail them.

Learning by copying

We learn by copying from a very early age. There is a theory that smiling is an instinct we are born with, but it is squashed by the fact that babies may be copying what their parents do. They may not smile because they are happy, they may smile because they see their parents doing it and they start to notice that they get more attention if they smile and act cute. Learning by copying

How does this relate to e-teaching and e-learning?

Do not rule out the power of copying. For example, men with guy friends that are good at talking to women will often become better at it themselves. They see how their friends do it, and they learn, both consciously and unconsciously, how to talk to women in an attractive manner. If you want to teach your students how to write better essays, then order a few from Assignment Masters and let your students see how it is done. Have your students write essays on a topic, then order some from the professionals and let the students compare theirs with the professional one. The students are not learning by plagiarism, they are simply seeing how something is done so they may understand and copy the concepts at play. Be wary of parallel processing Some people still claim they are expert multi-taskers, despite the fact that it is widely believed that multitasking is a myth, and that you are simply switching quickly from one task to another. Be wary of parallel processing Our brains are able to parallel process things. For example, you are now breathing while your heart is beating. However, when it comes to attention, we are only capable of serial processing. Students should be dissuaded from multitasking and asked to complete one objective fully before starting the next. In addition, if your lessons include multitasking elements, do as much as you can to lower the amount a student does, and it may increase the quality of their work.   Author: Mary Kleim is an educational specialist. She is working on development E-learning Associations which is created for those who are willing to reach success by distant learning. She is going to launch her own distant course of distant course creation.

How to achieve better learning results with your child?

How to achieve better learning results with your child?   We all agree, every parent wants all his/her children to succeed in school. However, for many kids and teens, concentration in this always-pressured, starved-for-time era can be difficult. This is why I am posting some tips for helping your son or daughter improve concentration and do better in the classroom: * Take time for breakfast: Children who have breakfast and enough to eat during the rest of the day, is proven to be able to concentrate better in school, according to Head Start, the national child development program run by the Department of Health and Human Services. * Introduce them to music: Playing instruments has shown to increase focus and concentration in other areas, so make them love playing and instrument. Continue reading “How to achieve better learning results with your child?”

Which pre-school e-learning devices to choose?

Which pre-school e-learning devices to choose? Nowadays, More and more parents are turning to the e-learning devices that are on the market for pre-schoolers. If you still have any doubts about the utilization of these tools, let me confirm – yes, it is possible for children to do a lot of learning before they even start kindergarten. Manufacturers have determined that there is quite a market out there for parents that want to give their children a head start with their education through interactive learning with electronic devices. If you’re interested in getting your child started early as well, here are some of the best-selling and top-rated electronics that are available today. Continue reading “Which pre-school e-learning devices to choose?”

The benefits of distance learning courses

The benefits of distance learning courses What is distance learning? Online learning is the ideal method of study for a wide range of individuals, of all ages, who would like to gain a qualification. Distance learning has a number of advantages over the traditional learning environment. Distance learning allows students to study at a pace convenient to you. So what are the advantages? There are a wide range of positives as to why people should study online. It is becoming an increasingly popular method of study. For many people it is a more suitable way of gaining an education, over more traditional methods of learning. Below are some of the benefits that come with distance learning: Continue reading “The benefits of distance learning courses”

How parents encourage children’s inquisition?

children and parents

How parents encourage children's inquisition?

The fact that children come into the world with a seemingly unquenchable inquisition is a good thing for encouraging them to take an interest in their academic subjects. This natural curiosity is perfect for subjects (like science) that involve understanding the world around us. Here are some tips on nurturing this natural desire to explore. Continue reading “How parents encourage children’s inquisition?”

The importance of early learning at home

The importance of early learning at home Providing learning support at home can help children better cope with the changing national curriculum that the UK government is planning to introduce from 2014. Whether the changes go through quickly or not, we can expect the schooling system to be in a certain state of flux for several years as teachers adapt to the new material. That’s why early childhood learning can be beneficial. By introducing basic ideas from the new curriculum at home and creating a home environment where learning is encouraged, children can have a head start on the school curriculum. And starting to learn in a positive way at home can prove vital for future progress within the school system. Continue reading “The importance of early learning at home”

Bean bags help children study better

Bean bags help children study better Parents may be breathing a collective sigh of relief as children up and down the country are returning to school, but it’s back to the grindstone with projects and homework for little ones as young as four, whilst revision and exams loom for older children and teenagers. To make life easier for everyone why not create the perfect study environment, where children will no longer find homework and revision a chore and parents will no longer need to nag. Sounds too good to be true? Read on! Continue reading “Bean bags help children study better”

Private schooling or private tuition?

Private schooling or private tuition? It is no secret to any parent that the tens of thousands of pupils enrolled in the British public school system run the risk of having a challenging time during their education. In fact, if you were to analyze the official data released by the UK authorities, you can see that some statistics support as low as four in ten students having a good chance of scoring a collection of A-grade GCSE’s and a happy time emotionally at school. Moreover, remember that all the top universities are introducing tougher admission standards. In the light of these facts, it’s only natural that concerned parents are re-evaluating their options, trying to figure out what would work best for their children: private tuition or private schooling? Continue reading “Private schooling or private tuition?”

Getting kids do their homework

Getting kids do their homework We all know most children dread doing their homework. But sometimes, the task can be just as frustrating for parents who have a hard time getting their kids to complete their assignments. However, it is important that you as an adult understand the benefits of homework before trying to convince your kids that it matters. Homework encourages continuous learning throughout the day. It also acts as a crucial thread, linking classroom learning to critical thinking practices outside the school. This instills a sense of discipline, time-management and patience – qualities that a child would otherwise not learn in the classroom environment. Continue reading “Getting kids do their homework”