Private schooling or private tuition?

It is no secret to any parent that the tens of thousands of pupils enrolled in the British public school system run the risk of having a challenging time during their education. In fact, if you were to analyze the official data released by the UK authorities, you can see that some statistics support as low as four in ten students having a good chance of scoring a collection of A-grade GCSE’s and a happy time emotionally at school. Moreover, remember that all the top universities are introducing tougher admission standards. In the light of these facts, it’s only natural that concerned parents are re-evaluating their options, trying to figure out what would work best for their children: private tuition or private schooling?

Expected costs
Granted, private schools fees vary from one facility to another, as do private tutor fees. Nonetheless, if you are trying to determine the cost difference between private school fees and private tuition for one child, then know that the costs involved up to a certain level can be fairly similar for full time education. Of course using a tutor as an additional supplement to traditional schooling for a limited number of hours will incur a lesser cost.

Social development
A justified concern regarding full time home schooling is the social development of the child. While as far as private schools are concerned things are pretty clear, the same cannot be said about private tuition. However, since not all children enjoy or thrive in school environments, automatically assuming that a private school will help a child develop better social skills is wrong. Besides, a good tutoring centre will know how to and place emphasis on finding the right clubs and activities so that the pupil has numerous opportunities for social contact and interaction.

Best learning environment
Even though private schools can provide more nourishing settings and pay more attention to the student’s needs due to enhanced facilities, they can’t provide any guarantee that your child will be happy there or ensure that they will be successful academically. Without denying the fact that there are numerous excellent private schools in the Birmingham area and throughout the UK, it is necessary to mention that not all children flourish in these environments – another reason private tutoring can be beneficial.

Simply put, while some pupils feed on the competitive environment, growing independent and strong in character, others might find it too stressful and unfitting. Because the willingness and pleasure to learn cannot be achieved without comfort, private tuition wins this round. Perhaps the best thing about private tutoring is that the curriculum is always adapted to the child’s personality, learning needs and learning style.

Promoting self-learning
A private tutor knows how to integrate teaching into all aspects of the pupil’s life while still managing to make sure studying is not perceived as a burden. This is why students who benefited from private tuition can be capable of applying their knowledge to other life situations. For more information and statistics about the UK education system click here.

About the Author: Kumon is one of the private tuition services in the Birmingham area that doesn’t just prepare students for acing their exams, but also fosters the children’s skills and aptitudes for self-learning. Emma recently sent her son there for some additional tuition and found it helped him massively.

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