How to deal with being sick in college?

How to deal with being sick in college?
  How to deal with being sick in college? Sickness is what which affects almost everyone but when it comes to college students so honestly dealing with it and focusing on studies are really difficult tasks for them. You must understand that sickness is what which stops your life and dealing and accomplishing daily life tasks become more difficult. With keeping it in mind one can understand the difficulties college students face while dealing with sickness. So, being a college student if you have got sick, so rather than getting more worried, have a useful approach to deal with it. And when it comes to the right approach it is to address the issue properly and stay focused to get better soon. That positive attitude will really help you to get better soon. Followings are some great steps to deal with being sick in your college make sure you do not overlook them, as they will benefit you a lot.

1.    Don’t skip classes

It is fact that although you are sick you can never dare to skip your class as skipping can come in your way to perform well in both midterm and semester exams. Keep in mind that always bring a water bottle and your medicines to class and that will help you to deal with sickness while attending class.

2.    Stay away from unhealthy food

It is another thing to know while dealing with sickness in college. You will find your college friends eating unhealthy food and asking you to join them. But make sure you say no to them, as that can turn against of you and you may have another serious health issue. The more you stick to your homemade lunch the more it will help you to recover soon.

3.    Take short naps in free time

When you are in your college with having sickness so one of the possible ways of taking rest, is to opt for napping during any free time in college. Honestly, it will really work out for you and keep you away from feeling lazy in your college. Make sure you do take out time for it throughout the day in college.

4.    Always stay hydrated

It is fact that if you stay hydrated that will really contribute to making you recover from sickness and get active again to deal with college life challenges. The required intake of water is really important for you most specifically at the time when you are sick. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day in college.

5.    Visit college health center

If your college has its health center make sure you go there and you will get a proper diagnosis and right medication which will help you to recover soon. Keep in mind that health centers like this are really productive and helpful for those students whose parents are not around them for taking them to the hospital. College health centers really offer best services.

6.    E-mail your professor

It is the last thing to do if you are not able to attend class anymore because of your severe sickness. Keep in mind that your professor will definitely understand your problem and allow you to take a rest for few days. All you will have to do is to just e-mail him with the request that you cannot keep up with your study because of that severe sickness. Above-mentioned steps are really beneficial to learn the art of dealing with sickness for college students. So being a college student, make sure you do not overlook them, as they will benefit you in various ways throughout your college life.  

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Anna Marsh is an Educational Blogger, and Writer. As a blogger of UK Assignment Help Online, she takes out time to inform the readers about the different matters of college life and how to deal with them. You can connect with her via Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.

How SEO Reseller program helps your business?

      How SEO Reseller program helps your business?
As the Internet grows in size and sheer usage, so does competitiveness. Year by year, business owners are tasked with doing increasingly more to keep their businesses afloat and on top of their game – particularly in the world of SEO. Year by year, business owners are tasked with doing increasingly more to keep their businesses afloat and on top of their game – particularly in the world of SEO. That has not changed one bit this year. SEO continues to be important, as Google rolls out update after update making it harder for previous SEO techniques to be applied for better traffic, forcing businesses to rely more and more on organic SEO, or else suffer the consequences. As per Forbes, businesses have been aggressively expanding their digital marketing needs. SEO, as per Search Engine Land, is now a $65 billion industry. But, to businesses in the market of selling these techniques, it can also become increasingly difficult to earnestly offer them to companies who, while needing SEO, also need their SEO to continue to be mostly affordable. Alternatively, some businesses are looking to step up their SEO game, asking you to go beyond your capacity to fulfil a certain monthly quota on sales or traffic. There comes a time when the natural step might be to expand or get to hiring an expert. Instead of increasing your in-house costs and infrastructure, another much smarter and financially-viable option is implementing the services of an SEO reseller.

What is SEO Reselling?

SEO reseller services, or white label SEO services, are basically programs offered by SEO specialists to businesses looking to utilise these services as an extension of their own offerings, utilising their own logo and under their company’s name. To an SEO reseller program’s client’s clients, the original creator and implementer of any proposed SEO plans are never specifically seen or mentioned – the service is paid to be outsourced without giving a company credit.

The benefits of utilising SEO reselling

A reputable SEO reseller program from a firm like TechMagnate can help you deal with your workload in myriad ways: ●      It lets you offer an extended list of services. Right off the bat, employing an SEO reseller means you can offer a long list of SEO services that a single dedicated SEO hire can’t fulfil. This is invaluable, as it makes your business far more attractive to potential clients. ●      It costs less upfront. Instead of building your own SEO department or getting a few SEO consultants on your payroll, SEO reseller packages basically allow you to get more for less, to a certain degree. ●      It allows you to aggressively expand your client base. It takes a while to build an SEO offering. With a white-label service, however, you’ve instantly got one going. As per Moz, white-label also means getting access to the extended link building possibilities of your white-label partner. There are downsides, of course, for doing it all wrong. Specifically, employing cheap or low-quality SEO reseller services will only serve to your detriment, lower your reputation, and drive away clients. To avoid such embarrassments, you’ll have to thoroughly vet and closely work with your potential SEO partners. Because of the way it seamlessly integrates into any digital marketing offering, SEO reseller packages are extremely useful – and extremely popular.   Author: Daina Martin

Understanding Extended Oracle RAC across sites with VMware NSX

Understanding Extended Oracle RAC across sites with VMware NSX       If you’re relatively new to network virtualization and the initialization of utilising software-defined data centres for businesses, then the idea of training for Oracle database function across an NSX-based network will require some thinking. NSX’s manufacturers, the Dell subsidiary VMware, recently announced on their very own blog that they’ve begun showcasing the ability to stretch an Oracle RAC between multi-datacenter networks, through NSX, for layer 2 adjacency. This is exciting news for networks that utilise the Oracle 9i database product’s real application cluster function to allow a database to be installed across multiple servers. Companies do this for scalability, lower costs as several low-end servers can do what high-end server can do at a higher price, and greater safety as a single server failing won’t mean the end of the database. But, before we can discuss why RAC certification through a reputed company like Koenig Solutions is important for businesses with large customer databases and a general wealth of data, you need to understand the importance of network virtualization, software-defined data centres and NSX especially.  

What is NSX?

NSX is VMware’s software solution for companies looking to implement a quality network virtualization software into their networking. Just like server virtualization before it, network virtualization allows companies to expand the capabilities and capacity of their network without increasing their cost by driving cost down through the use of several data centres and the cloud to manage the operation of a network rather than on-site infrastructure. NSX also allows companies to execute micro-segmentation in their networks, which means they can continue operating on a network seamlessly while actually segmenting their network onto several different virtual machines in a data centre to allow for better security measures. Security is paramount in building and managing a network – due to the sheer amount of shared data present on a network, any intrusion can compromise the rest of the network unless proper measures are in place to stop such security infringements. There is a lot of interest in pushing for network virtualization among bigger companies and IT specialising smaller companies alike. The ability to host complex network functions without the need for a lot of hardware makes network virtualization that much more of a potential solution for smaller businesses that can’t afford the infrastructure required for typical in-house networking.  

What is an RAC?

Another important concept when understanding the importance of integration between the Oracle database and VMware’s NSX software, is the utilisation of Oracle 9i’s RAC and extended Oracle RAC functionality. RAC stands for Real Application Cluster as per TechTarget, specifically allowing every server access to the entire database rather than the usual approach of database clustering, which involves segmenting a database across multiple servers. The benefits here are a lack of loss in data when one server goes down, also known as failover capacity as per the TT website. With these tools, a business can propel itself to new levels of network efficiency, especially among businesses with a multinational clientele – and that’s where training helps tremendously in helping such companies achieve their goals.  
Author: Daina Martin

How to engage modern learners in e-learning?

How to engage modern learners in e-learning?
How to engage modern learners in e-learning? When it comes to modern learners, time is of the essence. In a fast-paced world, they are seeking information available at the drop of a hat and they really know their way around the web to easily find what they want to know. So when you’re faced with an audience of users with shortened attention spans and/or less time available to get necessary information, how do you keep them engaged?

 Fit everyone’s schedule

If you want to make your program more accessible to anyone at any time of day, you will need to take the on-demand route (not unlike mega-successful Netflix). Your modern e-learners are seeking platforms where they can learn what they want to learn at their every whim. Waiting for time slots doesn’t appeal to this audience, as it may clash with their schedules or they may simply lose interest altogether. Pre-recorded and on-demand education works in your favour, too. You’ll be able to re-use materials across years, rather than bringing in new instructors each time to conduct new lectures.

 Welcome users back

Allowing your users to work at their own pace and on their own schedules may mean some erratic metrics when it comes to your average daily users. You may find that some users are very active for a few weeks, followed by an idle period for a few weeks, and so on and on. But chances are, your users will come back after these bouts of absence, and when they do, be ready. Make it easy for your e-learners to pick up where they left off, without penalty. Recommend some refresher exercises, but don’t send them backwards.

Keep it short and sweet

Structure your course content in a way that is easily digestible. Full-length videos and lectures have no place in the modern e-learners’ schedules, so break it down into components no more than a few minutes each. And when creating your content, just delve right into the need-to-know information and avoid the fluffy introductions.

Make it interactive

Develop some e-learning components that require participation from your audience. This can take the form of quizzes, practice exercises, or a rewards program that they can share on social media as they progress. Interactivity will also help with content retention, so users will be able to make the most out of their learning experience.

 Add some fun

One of the best ways to keep any audience engaged is to make the material fun. Often, this can take the form of educational games. A trivia-style component, complete with timers, hints, and rewards can keep users engaged at length. Content aside, the game modules alone might just be enough to keep your users eager to continue.

 Integrate social media

Adding a social outlet to your course is a fantastic way to make your users feel less isolated with their learning experience. Linking the program to social media allows them to interact with other learners while holding each other accountable for regular progress. It’s also a way for users to show off their progress to their circles (which is great marketing for you, by the way!). When you design your e-learning curriculum (and e-learning platform design), try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is tech savvy, working from multiple devices, and strapped for time. Doing so, will guide you to a strategy that will help you yield more user engagement. And once you have a strategy in place, be sure to collect user feedback along the way. Hint: you’ll want to make the feedback system brief and seamless as well, because remember—it’s all about time!   Emily Burgess is part of the team behind Course Guru, an Australian business specializing in online training and education. She likes to share her professional experiences and insights through blogging.

Create a fulfilling career with these 4 degrees   When it comes to fulfilling careers, people have varying opinions. There is no objective meaning nor is there a grail-worthy career that comes to mind. However, absorbing other’s feedback can help you either graduate with a degree you can use to achieve a meaningful career ahead or rethink your present career path and adjust accordingly. Here’s four degrees that not only produce a paycheck every month but can also nourish personal growth.


There is perhaps no other degree on earth that, well, puts you closer to earthly elements, such as plants, animals, people, and the environments in which they thrive in. Biology is a great course to major in if you are interested in science and wish to develop a deeper understanding of its broad components. Most Biology curriculum are loaded with hands-on classroom and field training.


A civil engineering degree instills the knowledge and skills to become an engineer in any organization you decide to pursue. A civil engineering degree particularly yields a more fulfilling career since demand for expertise in advancing IT infrastructures remain high. Businesses across the globe are headhunting people with a sound background in networking concepts, database management, and programming.


While you don’t really see those typical Wall Street suits walking around with fulfillment written in their face, having a degree in Economics can get you in the front doors of hedge funds and investment banks that pay handsome fees. Yet what’s more personally fulfilling is that people who have a natural command over economic and financial models and mathematical algorithms will find the environment to be challenging and mentally stimulating. When you get tired working in the office environment, you can simply set up a trading floor of your own at home and just trade with a personal account.


Though they say an English degree is impractical nowadays due to the high costs of tuition and the relatively low demand for English majors, it’s still a worthy risk to undertake. Having an English degree allows you to work as a writer/editor, which gives you freedom to work from anywhere and at any pace while making the same or even more dollars than people working in offices. Before diving into any school or coursework, make sure you weigh the pros and cons beforehand. Creating a fulfilling career is all about thorough planning and preparation. It’s about planting small stones one at a time to create a solid career foundation for your future. Bio: Rachelle Wilber is a freelance writer living in the San Diego, California area. She graduated from San Diego State University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Media Studies. She tries to find an interest in all topics and themes, which prompts her writing. When she isn’t on her porch writing in the sun, you can find her shopping, at the beach, or at the gym. Follow her on Twitter@RachelleWilber and Facebook

How to develop creative culture at workplace?

How to develop creative culture at workplace?
   How to develop creative culture at workplace?     Have you ever pondered on the significance of developing a creative culture at workplace? Well, many CEOs today consider it highly significant, because they believe innovation contributes to an organization’s growth and success, which can only be achieved if the culture in an organization is creative and smooth. Few days back while I was reading through Internet, I came across an IBM’s survey. IBM basically asked 1500 CEOs from 33 industries of around 60 countries about significance of creative culture at workplace. The survey revealed that they support creative culture and for them it is the most imperative and primary skill for leadership. Vision, integrity, management discipline and consistency are secondary skill sets, according to those 1500 CEOs. Thus, you must have understood that leaders of an organization play a vital role in developing creative culture at workplace. But employees also play their part in fostering this culture at individual level. Do you believe that creative culture is well-suited for big organizations or companies with high-budgets? Well, you are completely mistaken! Size of the company, its industry and its budget are not the major constituents that affect the creative output. I am therefore, sharing the key factors or techniques that can help you to foster creative culture in your organization and encourage your employees to innovate:
  • Create an inspirational workplace
You need to follow the design-centric approach and integrate innovation in your organization’s culture as a must-follow thing. This is essential to keep your pace with the changing demands of the corporate world. But, your employees can never innovate and deliver creative outcome in an obsolete working environment within a small, congested workspace and under dim lights. You need to provide your employees and team members wide open spaces, as to foster a creative culture. Big windows, cozy work spaces, bright lights and huge spaces contribute a lot to the comfort of your employees. If you are on a low budget, you can even do all this at minimum rates. Vivid colored walls and wide spaces are also good enough. You need to make sure that how you can help reveal the creative side of your employees by giving them an ideal workspace.
  • Reward the creative process not just the end result
I have observed that many organizations reward employees on end results. They never praise employees who have worked hard on deploying a creative process, but couldn’t succeed in delivering expected outcome. If you want your team members or employers to consistently stay motivated and come up with out of the box solutions, then reward them. Always cheer their creative process, even if they don’t produce the required result. This is how you can encourage and foster a creative culture at workplace.
  • Build teams with diverse people and give them priority over your customers
You shall definitely not be able to get a perfect team, if you seek to employ your carbon copy in terms of skills, knowledge and mind-set. An innovative and creative organization grows well with diverse team not with similar minded people. Hire people from diverse backgrounds, holding different experiences and education. This diversity will strengthen your organization, resulting in great success. Foster a creative culture by giving highest priority to your team members or employees. I know customers come first, but when you put your team first, it ultimately results in satisfied and happy customers.
  • Create a stress free and positive working environment
Studies have proved that positive mood improves creativity. Thus, you need to provide your employees a positive and stress free work environment, so that nothing hinders their creativity. If your team members or employees are studying and stuck somewhere in their assignment, provide help with assignment. This will be a great initiative to minimize their stress. Our positive mood makes us open-minded and lets us discover better options. So, providing a positive work environment will surely broaden up your employees’ perspectives and will encourage them to innovate. You need to incorporate fun in work as well, so that they feel relaxed and come up with creative ideas and solutions. I would suggest you to frequently organize recreational activities for your employees to better foster a creative culture. Creativity today is a must thing that you have to incorporate within your work processes, encourage and develop within employees, because your competitors might be making efforts to become more creative than you and capture the market.     Author: Kaelynn Bailee is an experienced academic consultant, who has been working in  online firm supervising work quality. She loves to spend her time on her favorite activity, writing education blogs.

5 Amazing apps college students must know

5 Amazing Apps College Students Must Know
5 Amazing Apps College Students Must Know The importance of academic education in the life of every college student should not be ignored by any means. Therefore, with the passage of time, more and more efforts have been made in order to make the education scenario appealing and productive for students to a great extent. This era is regarded as an era of social media where most of the people like to interact with other people for the sake of sharing their views and thoughts about different things. For that reason, college students are also spending so much time on different social media platforms in order to solve their distinct academic issues. The prevailing education system has become more demanding and challenging because every day there are different things happening all around the globe. Therefore, the lives of college students specifically have become difficult to manage and at the same time, they are anticipating various kinds of issues in their studies. As a result, they are searching different solutions on different online interactive mediums in order to make their learning processes more fruitful and result-oriented. The domain of web development in recent times has been greatly utilised by the professionals and stakeholders of education to a certain extent. This is an important aspect to consider that there have been different kinds of amazing and mind-blowing apps developed for the purpose of providing greater support or assistance to various college students. Considering the significance of these productive and influential apps in the domain of education, there are 5 best-utilised apps described as follows:

1. Any. Do

When it comes to organising various forms of academic tasks in the desired manner then all college students are needed to use this amazing app as much as possible. There is no point of denying this attribute that a lot of students can make their education lives more enjoyable and hassle free with the help of using the benefits and features of this app in reality. Actually, it allows students to develop their own to do list and at the same time, this list could be easily developed considering the demands and preferences of students in a great way. This type of list is easily accessible from anywhere and in this way students are able enough to synchronise their all tasks in the best possible manner.

2. Dropbox

College students are always recommended to use the exciting features of dropbox so that they are able to secure all their coursework or notes in an appropriate way. With the help of Dropbox, students can easily upload different kinds of files in an efficient manner. At the same time, they can upload pictures or images, videos and documents in the cloud in order to access them online from any part of the world. Students can easily attain peace of mind by the help of using the app of drop box through which students can share their useful data with other students in an effective way.

3. Mailbox

At times, it becomes difficult for students to manage their record or data of e-mails that are so much crucial and important for them. Therefore, mailbox should be used in order to secure your confidential and important emails in a proper way. The importance of mailbox should be assumed in the right manner as students are allowed to use different kinds of swipe commands so that they are able to clean their inbox to a certain extent. At the same time, students are also allowed to archive their e-mails and they can also set reminders to a considerable level. In this process, students could also work on different e-mails at a time in order to save their precious time.

4. Scribd

This is another wonderful app that has been developed in recent years for the sake of making the learning scenarios of students interesting and attractive. Therefore, all college students are highly recommended to use this app as much as possible so that they are able to obtain best outcomes in the future. This app is regarded as the most productive online library because students can easily obtain information and awareness regarding different subject matters and issues in a great way. Scribd actually provides the service through which students are allowed to explore different sorts of books and documents in an efficient way. At the same time, students are also allowed to explore and identify different forms of information so that they can enhance their level of learning to a great extent. At the same time, students have this amazing opportunity that they can organise or develop their own form of documents according to their own requirements. Scribd also offers the facility to various students in developing their own library in which they can easily maintain different kinds of data quite easily. These sorts of data could be easily perceived in the form of documents, books, notes and at the same time, they can share these types of information with other students as well.

5. EasyBib

Students during the time of their college education find the task of essay writing quite difficult and as a result, they are unable to attain the required deliverables in the end. Therefore, in order to provide maximum benefit and support in the process of essay writing, students are strongly recommended to use the features of the easy bib in a great way. With the help of Easy bib, students will be able to easily identify the correct form of citations in the best possible manner. As a result, college students will be able to complete their tasks of essay writing in an efficient way and at the same time, they will complete the bibliography section in a reasonable manner. Final Thoughts All the above-mentioned apps are specifically designed in order to bring the desired level of satisfaction and ease in the life of every college student. Therefore, it is the high time for all those college students to use these amazing apps for the sake of making their educational lives informative and productive. There is the likelihood that students will be able to gain required deliverables in the future provided that these apps are rightly used by the students. About the Author: Kate Silverton is an experienced educator and has worked for different colleges as a lecturer. During her professional career, she has been able to influence the learning extents of different students in a positive way. Apart from this, she also takes the time to interact with students to provide them help with dissertation of different colleges on various social media platforms so that they are able to improve their learning capacities to the desired level.

Top Microsoft tools in education

Top Microsoft tools in education

Top Microsoft tools in education   As the modern education world slowly progresses towards being more automated and aided with amazing technological assistance, teachers can find more useful tools for their classroom activities. Giants like Google and Microsoft have stepped up their research and development departments to create applications or devices that can help both the teachers and students in making education, as well as learning much more interesting and interactive. The use of these tools and devices has seemingly increased and captured the attention span of both the teachers and students, which is why they have become a famous way of capturing student’s attention and focus in class. Continue reading “Top Microsoft tools in education”

The exciting possibilities of artificial intelligence

The Exciting Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence
The Exciting Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? AI is an umbrella term encompassing a great variety of disciplines surrounding the mimicry or apparent mimicry of intelligence in technology, for various purposes and on various levels. AI is useful not only for games, but it is used as an extension of ourselves. Continue reading “The exciting possibilities of artificial intelligence”

Why Twitter “works” in education?

Why Twitter "works" in education?

Why Twitter "works" in education?

As with the advancement in technology, social media channels grow day by day, each adopts their own personality.

LinkedIn is the oldest in the family.

Instagram is the playful teen, that opened its restaurant with the money for the family.

Facebook is the walking political argument that everyone know not get started.

And Twitter? Twitter is the wild child of the whole bunch.

Continue reading “Why Twitter “works” in education?”

IT training for elderly people: It’s never too late

older-people-with -ipad
IT training for elderly people: It's never too late The rate at which technology is developing is so fast that most of us struggle to keep up. When we were children, some of the lucky ones may have had an old Commodore 64, which needed programming language just to access Ms Dos. It seems like it took no more than a blink of an eye for programming language to be replaced with touchscreens and the old Commodore to be replaced with an iPad or tablet. And nobody even knows what Ms Dos is anymore! Continue reading “IT training for elderly people: It’s never too late”

Algorithms are the playgrounds of the future


Algorithms are the playgrounds of the future

Math is cool because nothing defines cool better than success.

The world has come a long way since the time of the Greeks. Then the Persians and Arabs kept the wheels of math algorithms turning, while western nations wallowed in the Dark Ages. Continue reading “Algorithms are the playgrounds of the future”

Turn your smartphone into a study library

Mobile-Learning In this era of technology nothing is difficult. Everything lies on your doorstep all you need to do is to open the door for the things to come in. Whether you are sitting at your home or out in the park you can gain access to any place you want. Smart phones have solved many issues regarding visiting any place to get lectures. Even the medical surgeries are taking place online. Smart phones have made our life easy. On just one click without even standing up from our place we reach to the other desired place. We take same enjoyment of watching a movie while sitting in park or garden. On one touch we get in contact with the person sitting 1000 miles away from us. Even students can attend their virtual classes in just one single touch without heading to their university they can enjoy their lectures just like sitting in their classes. Continue reading “Turn your smartphone into a study library”

How to create material for workshop?

How to create material for workshop? Those who arrange in-person or virtual workshops throughout academic periods have to do a lot of things such as creating webpages to showcase PDF handouts, outlines, audio and video tutorials etc. Most of those who are not very well versed with the use of software and programs normally hire the services of other technical workers who can do everything on their behalf. Continue reading “How to create material for workshop?”

Social media spring cleaning for graduates

Social media spring cleaning for graduates When applying for jobs, it is customary to go through a mental checklist. A stunning CV? Check. Snappy covering letter? Check. Up-to-date LinkedIn profile? Of course. Appropriate Facebook, profile? That’s the one that seems to be catching more and more people out. Last month, seventeen year old Paris Brown, a youth crime commissioner, came under intense media scrutiny for the controversial content of her official Twitter feed. According to Victoria McLean, Director of City CV, this is proof that “all it takes is a few poorly judged status updates to well and truly stall your career before it has even begun.” These days, an individual’s online identity can be as much of a deciding factor in the selection process as qualifications and experience. After all, your social media profiles could be interpreted as the ultimate CV: personal, honest, and 100% you. Which is why employers are increasingly looking at the online presence of their candidates before making a decision. If you are a student preparing for graduation and steeling yourself for the notoriously competitive job market, then it is absolutely crucial that you get your social media profiles in order before sending out a single application. Says former technology recruiter Nick Bryan: “As someone who has reviewed CVs for IT jobs: yes, we look at your Facebook. And Twitter. And blog.” While it is hardly an exact science, evidence exists to suggest that certain traits (such as intellectual curiosity, conscientiousness and agreeability) can be determined through the nature of the content that people upload to Facebook. A wide range of personal interests and photographs of travel are generally well received, and even snaps of nights out can demonstrate an extroverted, sociable personality (within reason). However, a recent study conducted by YouGov found that 42% of university students are concerned that their Facebook photographs, status updates and comments may end up causing them some embarrassment when they go on to seek work. To further complicate matters, it has been found that in some cases, deleted Facebook content can be viewed up to three years after removal. The constant changing of the settings regarding security and privacy on Facebook also means that a user may believe their profile to be only viewable by approved members, but it is in fact visible to a much wider audience. In these cases, using your own judgement is vital. We would advise, as a rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t say it in the office, don’t say it on the Internet. If you’d like further help with your CV or online profiles then call us on +44 20 7100 6656 or email We’re always happy to help. You’ll also find us on, on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Is the Internet threatening formal education?

Internet and thinking
Is the Internet threatening formal education? The Internet is often touted as a great source of knowledge and information, not to mention its social benefits. There are two sides to every issue, however, and the Internet also has some drawbacks. It’s hard to deny that the Internet is having a profound effect on modern education, and not always in a positive way. How can it be bad for students to have instant access to more information than can be stored in an entire traditional library? There are a few points worth considering. Continue reading “Is the Internet threatening formal education?”

Education for you and by you: PREPR

Education for YOU and by YOU: PREPR The new Open Prepr initiative is created to help students develop skills through innovation and collaboration. Crowd funding for the project begins today and the motto is: Let’s Open Education Together!! Continue reading “Education for you and by you: PREPR”

Why using e-books as an educational resource?

Why using e-books as an educational resource? It is a fact that the users of e-books have become a well-known mode of studying for many students around the world. It has become a significant educational resource for many university students and self-studying enthusiasts. An e-book is basically a book in electronic format. These days, it can be downloaded to most of the latest tech gadgets from a personal computer, a laptop, a smartphone or any type of reading device. From numbered pages to graphical content, you can enjoy reading conveniently without any hassle. There are many benefits that students can gain when using eBooks and given below are a few facts: • The instant ability to access an e-book is considered as one of the most important benefits. You can purchase or download the e-book from available websites, immediately download it and start reading them within minutes. It’s that simple. When there’s an emergency and you cannot locate a bookstore or a library nearby, an e-book becomes the best option for you. • The paper is certainly not required since you will not be printing the entire booklet. Most of you out there will either use a tab, smart phone or even your laptop to read through and note down what is important to you. • The urgency of information required when completing assignments for various courses is reduced since you can download the e-book immediately. You have to just figure out what the best websites are. • There are book lovers out there for sure but e-books take less space. It practically does not take any space at all within your room. All you have to do is download them and save them on your computer or reading device. • E-books are also portable. They do not restrict you to carry two or three books at a time. Their format simply helps you to carry hundreds and thousands of e-books at a time once you have downloaded them. Students have the extra burden of carrying textbooks which schools and universities provide them with. Therefore, any extra reading material that they have to find can be easily done through the Internet. Simply go to a renowned website and purchase and download the e-book that you require when the need arises. There is simply no reason to worry about the excess weight. • With the development of technology, you have been given the opportunity to read e-books even on the move. Place and time will certainly not be an issue. • e-books also come with added advantages and bonus material at times. They can also show links that offer access to various information sites related to the subject matter. This, in turn, will help you to expand your knowledge base. • An added benefit that most of you will love is that e-books are searchable. You can effortlessly search for a phrase or paragraph without turning all the pages. Simply type what you require in the find bar and you are provided with the page content. You can have more resources on e-books at: Free e-books 20 Best websites to download free e-books WHSmith – free e-books e-books go Author’s Bio: Sophie Taylor is a well-experienced copywriter, for almost 3 years. She loves writing articles in different categories and currently she has written study in Cologne.

10 ways to make child’s learning fun

10 ways to make child's learning fun  We all know that traditional ways of learning requires a teacher, a chalkboard, a desk, a ruler, a pencil, and a textbook. A teacher with a stern, professional posture stands before the room with barely a smile on her face as she goes through the lesson in front of her class. This was the image seen in many movies and some adults actually had her in their classes for many, many years. She or he may have conducted a rather boring class, spending a lot of time talking over your head or talking to the chalkboard. Continue reading “10 ways to make child’s learning fun”

3 Philosophies to enhance your college experience

college- life
3 Philosophies to enhance your college experience College, undoubtedly, will be some of the best years of your life. It’s the first time in your life where you are somewhat on your own. You have the freedom to make your own choices. You get to major and study in a subject you are passionate about. Besides all that you meet hundreds of new people, and you get to live with them for the next four years. The college years can easily be the most formative of your life. So, before you go there are a few things to consider. Continue reading “3 Philosophies to enhance your college experience”

How to become an online tutor?

How to become an online tutor? Diversity: Your students are likely to come from all parts of the globe. How amazing would it feel to touch the lives of people from all around the world? It’s incredibly rewarding. Schedule: Work your own hours and don’t be bound by a 9-5 routine. It helps to remove the monotonous drudgery of everyday life and keeps you happier, stress-free and allows you to do more of what you love. Exposure: By teaching online, you are exposed to many, many more potential students, allowing you to take on more students than you would otherwise be able to. It’s not that hard! As long as you feel like you can interact with people, you will be able to take on students. Patience and understanding go a long way when you’re trying to teach someone online. If you don’t have experience as a teacher, don’t worry, we believe in you! Make sure you practice what you preach, though. Work part-time: By teaching online, you don’t need to put time and money into incorporating or establishing a company or brand. You can simply use an online tutoring service to start receiving clients. How to become an online tutor? Becoming an online tutor is easy. Becoming a successful online tutor isn’t. To become an online tutor, all you need to do is decide what you want to teach and then source your clients. But how do you find your clients? You’ll need to put yourself in front of an audience of learners or scour the web for them. To source clients, using a classifieds website such as Craigslist or Gumtree can be useful. Create your classifieds adverts and wait for the clients to roll in, right? Not so fast! Normally, you’d be lucky to receive 1 client doing this, because there are literally hundreds of adverts daily on each of these classifieds, and you’ll find similar results elsewhere. A great solution to this is to put yourself on an online marketplace. You’ll pay a commission on your classes sold through these platforms, however, you will be placed in front of an audience of enthusiastic learners, which will kick-start your online tutoring career. Promoting your online classes Now you’ve got yourself set up with an online tutoring marketplace, you’ll want to maximize your earnings and build up your online feedback. We recommend sharing your class on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. Tap into your local network of friends and family to find your first few clients, which will help boost your inquiries. Finally, use YouTube and create a quick video of your services, if your online tutoring platform allows it, add it to your class listing. It’s a great first point-of-contact for your students, which will help you close the sale. If you’d like to become an online tutor, we suggest you check out, an online tutoring marketplace dedicated to connecting tutors and learners.  

Secure your career: top 4 tips for LinkedIn use

Secure your career: top 4 tips for LinkedIn use LinkedIn has changed the way individuals interact in their professional lives. Whether you are looking for a new job, a career change or business partners, LinkedIn is your one stop solution. The social job portal is designed to help you achieve and foster excellence in your career, business and relationship development. Here are the top 4 LinkedIn tips that will ensure a successful career path for you: Continue reading “Secure your career: top 4 tips for LinkedIn use”

Study and training techniques for education and business

learning - tips Whether you are studying for your University examinations or training to increase your skill set to boost sales; the same study techniques apply. A lot of people jump in at the deep end when it comes to learning. They realise what they need to learn, pay for a course and get started straight away. The reality is that you need to take a step back and figure out exactly how you are going to absorb the most information. Continue reading “Study and training techniques for education and business”

The battle space of online piracy

Online piracy is unfortunate reality to the entertainment industry as peer-to-peer technology has grown. Check out the battlefield of the online piracy, i.e. which areas of online content are imposed most on the copy rights and protected content misuse. Social engines, social networks, media sharing and blogs are the four main categories from where the content is taken used, but luckily the governments’ measures are there to cope with these conditions and impose measures. The infographic is picturesque and it gives a detailed explanation of the current situation in the cyber space situation in the United States of America. The Battlespace of Online Piracy

The importance of technology at a workplace

The importance of technology at a workplace At times, we do come across bosses, managers and leaders who do not wish to change and adapt when it comes to technology and modern world. They like their own style of working, their own thinking and their own operations. Many times, if it is not the leaders or the bosses, but also employees themselves who do not wish to adapt to technological change at work place. However, the modern world is all about accepting the change, improvising and finding ways to better productivity and workplace. These all can come from nowhere, but introducing automation and technology. If implemented and learned the right way, technology can also help improve human connectivity and relationships at work place. Continue reading “The importance of technology at a workplace”

Make a career in marine engineering

Make a career in marine engineering
Make a career in marine engineering The making of every boat from yacht to a massive ship like Titanic, starts from a marine engineer’s table. Marine engineers are the responsible for putting together and keeping the water based vehicles up and running. While the work may seem extensive, considering the size and complexity of machines, life of a marine engineer is very interesting and fast moving, filled with new problems and opportunities in every corner. It does not stop just here. The pay is amazing too! If working with big ships or keeping the small speedboats moving ahead is your dream too, you should also join the list of elite marine engineers like Joseph Bell, Robert Fulton, etc. They have created a big name in the shipping industry because of their skills and learning they received outside the classroom. Do you want to learn how to become a skilled marine engineer? If the answer is an obvious yes, keep reading… The coursework you will have to study and practice to become a marine engineer is quite extensive. It is true that it can be very difficult, but at the same time you will have practice for your goals outside the classes… being a marine engineer was never supposed to be easy. Here is how you can enroll to the studies:
  1. Choose the right college
A good marine engineering college is not the one that only makes you the master of basics, but it is the one that gives proper hands on experience on what the engine looks like, how it functions, which  problems can come out, and how to resolve them, etc. To shortlist the right college, make a list of the world’s top marine engineering colleges; check their course structures, and the feasibility of getting admission in them.
  1. Read about established marine engineers
Try to find as much information as you can, about successful engineers. Read about their career chart, problems they face, what innovative solutions they found and how, and everything you find interesting to help you increase the knowledge in this area. By doing this, you will see new light of this career, which will only give you an edge in better decision making.
  1. Network with industry experts
With the advent of social media, it has become extremely easy to network with someone whom you idealize. For starters, you can open a LinkedIn account and join groups having marine engineers and participate in the discussions. Or you can always follow them on Twitter.
  1. Know the recent events
Last but not least – the one thing that will undoubtedly help you is to know what is new in the marine engineering industry. It will give you a chance to show your knowledge among influential people, as well as help you find new ways to manage problems. Being a marine engineer will call for a lot of hard work and dedication. Be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night and think about new solutions. You will get plenty of chances to practice what you learned, once you start working, it’s good that you start with these activities along your course of work. It all might seem difficult in the beginning, but a good college will definitely make it easily in the end. Best of luck!   About the Author: Tripti Rai writes on the behalf of, she advises students on right career choices, exam advices, educational institutions etc. Along with education, she also likes to talk about real estate whenever she gets a chance.    

Learn to code!

If your New Year’s resolution is to learn a new skill or find a new job, you can consider making 2015  – the year when you have to learn how to code!!
This skill offers many advantages for anyone seeking new opportunities no matter what your current age or job title is. Wide range of industries are eager to hire people with programming knowledge.
If you are interested to learn how to code for a side project or a personal website, it’s a great way to learn new skills and challenge yourself to work towards a goal.
Below are the ranking prices, length of studying and intensity of 13 Top Learn To Code Schools.
Comparing Coding Courses

Modern technology in education

internet According to the latest insights as to how exactly modern students of today prefer to use technology and how does their learning get an impact if they use technology, it was revealed that the use of modern equipment technology and tools, the learning and interactivity of students increases. They also find it much more interactive, as well as full of interesting areas, when aided by technology. The transfer of knowledge becomes very easy and convenient, as well as effective. What this means is, that our minds now tend to work faster when assisted with the use of modern technology, be it any part of life, here we talk about education. The reliance and dependence of such an innovation, that simply makes life an easy, smooth journey is completely unavoidable these days even in schools, universities and colleges. Continue reading “Modern technology in education”

Say goodbye to distractions while studying

students' distractions
students' distractions Every student wants to enjoy their school, college and university in the best way possible. But it is a fact that students have to study effectively throughout their academic life to obtain the best grades. When students are enrolled in a reputable organisation they have to concentrate on their studies effectively for high performance. Fortunately there are few tricks by which students can enhance their academic performance with full enjoyment. If you want to enjoy your academic life in their best way, then you’re reading the right content. Check out the information shared below to learn and fun in your academic life together. Continue reading “Say goodbye to distractions while studying”

Best times to write creatively

Every writer can have a writer’s block! Nothing new in this, of course. The infographic gives you a good overview on the pros and cons of writing in the morning and in the afternoon, giving you an overview of both options good and not so good sides. Have a look and let us know if you can find yourself in any of the groups, whether this infographic can help you, or whether you disagree with its conclusions. Write to us!
The Scientifically Proven Best Time to Think and Write Creatively
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
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Learn how to study

Effective study habits are very important to a successful college career. Since there are a lot of  factors that affect how well you retain information, here are some of them that influences  the learning process and give you tips to develop effective study habits. It is not really a science to learn how to study, but sometimes the obvious things can not be foreseen.
Learn how to study

4 Strategies for boosting up career

compass In today’s competitive world, every person wants to make a powerful career. Making a powerful career requires both time and effective planning for accomplishing the targets. Fortunately, there are some strategies by which any individual can boost a career. If you’re also thinking about your career, and finding something to boost up your career level, then you’re at the right place. Have a look at the information shared below to learn the about the 4 Strategies for boosting up career. Continue reading “4 Strategies for boosting up career”

Software that can improve your writing

writer on lap top
writer on lap top This article presents to your software that can help improve the written quality of your work. It cannot make you a better writer because that takes more than a bit of software, but it can help you follow the rules of written English a little better. Just be aware that there is no substitute for learning the rules of written English yourself, because only in this way you will be able to take full advantage of the software and services listed below. The list is in the order of the services or software that makes your proofreading job the easiest–starting with the one that makes proofreading very easy. 1 – Proofread with Grammarbase offers a proofreading service that is fast, efficient and trusted by a great many companies. This is a company that can improve your writing after the fact. The software is actually used at the very beginning when you make your order. You put your text into their online tool and it tells you if there are potential errors that their professionals can use. If you pay attention to the corrections they make then you can learn from them so as to improve your writing skills for next time. They have a customer support team that can really help you get your questions answered. They match each proofreading assignment to the next available professional and will charge you slightly less if you have a longer deadline. The proofreading team is an in-house one, which means you get a dedicated professional to help you. They are not going to send your work back to you after simply running it through a spelling and grammar checker. They work through your text with a fine tooth comb until it is perfect. Their seasoned professionals make sure it is perfect and do not make changes for the sake of it. Considering the quality of their work and their stellar online reputation, it is fair to say that they charge a reasonable price for their service. 2 – Spell Check Plus This is a tool that can help improve your writing by showing you the error of your ways. It will often point out words that you may have written instead of the actually needed word. In other words, the tool will point out the times you misuse words, and it is very good at pointing out when you have missed commas. It can really help you improve your writing if you take its advice on board and learn from the things that it shows you. 3 – Paper Rater This is a nice little tool, and it is a shame that they have a pricing plan because it is going to put people off (as it is actually free by all reckoning). It checks your work in real time and shows you your errors so that you may improve your writing after the writing has been done. You may see your errors and take on its suggestions so that you may learn from your mistakes and apply what you have learned to the next piece of work you do. 4 – Pro Writing Aid This is a tool that looks like a con because of all the “We are used by X and Y” on the homepage, but it is useful when you get into it. You have to put your text into the tool on the homepage and it takes you through to a results page where it goes over your errors and you can see where it may be a good idea to change things. It can be very useful if you are looking to improve your writing in any significant way. 5 – Grammark It is a simple tool, but it will point out things that other spelling and grammar checkers may not. It is a good backup tool to use once you have used another spelling and grammar checker. It may pick up on some of the things that other checkers may have missed, though on its own it is not perfect. 6 – After the deadline with This is similar to Grammark in that it is not perfect on its own, but is independent enough to pick up on errors that other spelling and grammar checkers will miss. It is quite easy to use since all you have to do is put your text into space, click and it shows you your potential spelling, grammar and style errors that it color codes for your convenience. 7 – Reverso This may be one of the most sophisticated tools you can find on the Internet. It is not that easy to use, but it shows corrections for text in numerous different languages, and it will change some of your suggestions for you. It comes up with suggestions that it is sure about, so instead of asking you if you want to change them it will just do it for you. Amy Cowen is an experienced writer. That is how she has gained a lot of knowledge on inspiring, proofreading and editing her writing. Feel free to contact her on Facebook.

2 new and 2 old online education resources

social media tools
social media tools At the present time, there are plenty of online educational resources that are empowering students. From online resources teachers and students not only understand complex topics clearly, but also enjoy the process of learning. Unfortunately, a large number of online resources are engaged in cheating student, therefore we should use trusted websites to avoid fraudulent activities. However, if you don’t have enough knowledge about online resources that are enhancing students’ academic performance, then you’re reading the right content. Take a look at the information shared below to figure out 4 best online educational resources for smart learning. Continue reading “2 new and 2 old online education resources”

4 Tech tools that boost learning

e-classroom In today’s world of technology, more and more students are using tech tools for smart learning. Technological tools are facilitating students with learning methods that are not feasible with conventional ways. Now students can collaborate with their teachers and class fellows in a digital way. Both students and teachers can enhance their class performance by implementing the latest tools of technology in class activities. If you are a student or teacher and hunting for something that will enhance your learning, then you should read about the latest technologies shared below. Continue reading “4 Tech tools that boost learning”

Modern technologies – Better results in learning

technology The 21st-century classroom is not an ordinary classroom anymore. Today classes are surrounded with digital whiteboards and innovative devices that are changing the way students learn. Teachers are also making greater use of modern technologies to teach students in-depth about their topic. Modern technologies have enabled the students to learn in an interesting way that was not possible with the conventional approach to teaching. If you’re a student and looking for something that will help you to learn effectively, then you’re on the right platform. Read the information shared below to know how digital technologies will change the way in which you learn and create better opportunities for you. Collaboration With the invention of modern technologies, students can now work together on class projects without any distraction. Nowadays students are using Cloud-based applications to collaborate with their class fellows and teachers remotely. Digital collaboration allows students to gain information on any topic from their friends anytime. Additionally, it provides them an opportunity to secure their work at online platforms without any charges. In this way, students store their information in a secure place and accessed later at any time from any place without worrying. Thus use digital tools of technology in your studies to enhance your knowledge and skills in a new style. Accessibility Modern technologies have changed the way students collect information for their class projects. With online resources, today every level students can access and research, a copious amount of information on any topic. Google search engine supplies all necessary information a student needs for the development of their class projects. In the present days, students can easily connect to the world by using a secure internet connection. It means that you can also avail plenty of information at your fingertips by using a tablet, smartphone or any other technology. Therefore, teachers should teach students the use of innovative technology devices to increase their experience. As students also loves to study with the latest tools of technology. Distance learning Day by day technology is creating more opportunities for students and teachers. Now students can study in their favourite program from any part of the world with the introduction of distance learning. Yes, students can now earn their college or university degrees online without visiting their conventional classrooms. You can hear the audio & video lectures from your favourite eLearning platforms. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to connect and communicate with your professor through video conferencing. Digital technologies have made education possible for students who are not able to visit the school due to work, disability or any other reason. Social networking A recent study suggests that social networking plays a great role in the academic performance of the student. Social networking sites provide strong educational information to students and educators. By connecting with your friends over social media platforms you can find out about the classroom, activates even if you’re on leaves. Moreover, you can add your class fellows and teacher on your Facebook account to build a strong relationship. Social media sites are easy to access via smartphones or other digital devices that connect to the Internet. Clearly, digital technologies will boost your learning process, enhance your knowledge and create better opportunities for you.   Author bio: Ashley Alex is a writing and academic counselling manager in a leading students support firm. Right now she is assisting the students in various ways, especially who want help with assignment for better opportunities.

Get the most out of your online class discussion

Getting the most out of your online class discussion
Getting the most out of your online class discussion A report from the 2013 College Explorer found that online learning has jumped 96 percent over the last five years. Currently, about 45 percent of college students are taking at least one online course. Online courses can be just as challenging, if not more challenging, than traditional brick-and-mortar classes. With online, the professors are encouraged to give students the same experience they would get by attending an actual class. One way to help with this is by having online class discussions in each course. I took a few courses online a few years back. Class discussions were required – in fact, they were where you received the majority of your “points” for the class. Continue reading “Get the most out of your online class discussion”

5 careers for adult students

library student
5 careers for adult students Any adult considering returning to school to further their educations will not be alone. Many older adults return to study at a community college or university after working a job, participating in the military or raising a family. While many adults want to return to college to receive a bachelor’s degree to increase job opportunities, there are also educational programs that require less time. Continue reading “5 careers for adult students”

8 Apps that save college students money

8 Apps that save college students money
8 Apps that save college students money   At this point, anyone who owns a smartphone knows how to use an application. There are several different applications that can help college students or teens preparing for college save money in many ways. Most applications are free and will be compatible with any type of smartphone. Some can be used on other devices like tablets and even your computer.
  1. Mint:

Mint is one of the most popular money and finance apps available on both iOS and Android platforms. Learning to use it before or during college can actually give you jump start on managing finances for your entire life. Mint helps you tie together your spending, bills, and payments by creating charts and graphs. Once you set it up for yourself, it is customized and allows you to see all of your personal financials easily in graphic form.
  1. Chegg:

Chegg is an application that helps you search for the lowest prices on new and used textbooks in both traditional and digital formats. You can then opt to buy or rent the textbooks you need. If you do buy textbooks, you can utilize the application to sell them back when you are done with that class.
  1. SmartyPig:

SmartyPig is a savings application with a twist. The application helps you save for something specific like a big purchase, special event, or just accumulate savings. It helps reach your savings goals faster by adding in a 1% interest to your savings and also offering cash rewards that can be redeemed for retailer gift cards that come with up to 11% savings.
  1. WhatsApp:

Although this is not specifically a money saving app, it really does save money in the long run because it allows you to text internationally for free. This is especially helpful for college students studying abroad. Keep in touch with family and friends for free. It allows you to text, call, can send pictures back and forth.
  1. BillGuard:

BillGuard is 100% free app that helps protect you from credit card fraudulent activity. Since College students are at the age where you can apply for and use credit cards, it is a great idea to learn about protecting yourself from fraud and learning how to track spending. It is easy for new credit card holders to let spending get out of control. Using a tool like Bill Guard to ensure that spending does not get away from you. Being careful with early credit card spending is so important so that mistakes in over spending do not continue to haunt you for the rest of your life.
  1. GasBuddy

Gas Buddy is an iPhone application that shows you where the best price gas stations are in your area. Of course, this application is great for anyone who drives, no matter what the age. The app also helps you find nearby gas stations, which is important when travelling. Knowing which gas stations are the least expensive is an extra added benefit.
  1. Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa is a mobile couponing app that helps the busy college student always on the go find coupons when you need them. What college student has time to clip coupons ahead of time? This helps you look up and use coupons when you need them.
  1. Saved Plus

Saved Plus is a free application for iOS and Android that automatically saves money based on your spending. When you make purchases, a percentage of each purchase that you set will be transferred to your savings account. In addition to saving the money for you, the app lets you set savings goals. Bio: Tegan Connor is a blogger and Brand Manager for Neverland Store. She enjoys writing about lifestyle tips for college students and young adults.
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More then a teacher

Teacher Marija
More then a teacher We have managed to get an interview with the young, but very skilled and enthusiastic teacher Marija, who is an inspiration to her pupils and should definitely be a role-model to her peers. Read through further and find out how does she see the education, learning and what are her tools in realizing the most interactive classroom Macedonia has ever experienced. Continue reading “More then a teacher”

Learn to think like a scientist

No one will argue with the fact that people who are involved in science for a long time, have a different mindset. Even if the scope of your activities is far from a science, the habit of scientifically thinking will bring you a great benefit because you will learn how to solve various problems (work, family, household, and many others) more efficiently and faster. Thomas Edison achieved success for the reason that he spent a huge amount of experiments and worked hard on his task. He had to go through thousands of failures and setbacks, but it did not upset the scientist and did not deprive his enthusiasm. Edison continuously repeated that all these failures were only steps to the top of his success. It is worth learning the scientific way of thinking and adopt its habits, because you will be able to master a creative approach to solving your problems. You will learn how to generate original ideas. We will also consider how to develop the habits of scientists and implement them in your thinking, to change lives. I hope you love the content below! 7 Habits How to Learn to Think Like a Scientist Infographic

Technology in science research

Social media delivers specific benefits to scientists that were largely unavailable to the industry just a decade ago. Did you know that 62% of scientists use social media as a way to share information and collaborate with one another? Also, the Internet allows scientists and researchers to build on the knowledge they already have by being able to collect data and find the information they are looking for. Discussions are easily fostered between groups from all over the globe, which allows your message and findings to be spread on industry forums. In the past, scientists needed to wait for magazines or industry publications to come out periodically in order to get news. Nowadays, immediacy allows scientists to reduce costs and increase resources easily. To gain more insight into this evolving world, take a look at this helpful infographic. You will be able to see the origins of social networking and ways that scientists can take advantage of technology to set them up for the future. Created by Labroots, the leading social networking website for scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals. Technology in science research Enhanced by Zemanta

3 Habits that will ruin your study regime

3 Habits that will ruin your study regime Everyone has a couple of bad habits. Sometimes these habits affect your life a little and sometimes they cost you dearly.
Whether you are studying for a lecture or for your online courses with your future job success and income directly relate to the quality of your education and your grades. As a result, it is extremely important to make certain that you are studying efficiently and with a focused mind. Continue reading “3 Habits that will ruin your study regime”

How parents encourage children’s inquisition?

children and parents

How parents encourage children's inquisition?

The fact that children come into the world with a seemingly unquenchable inquisition is a good thing for encouraging them to take an interest in their academic subjects. This natural curiosity is perfect for subjects (like science) that involve understanding the world around us. Here are some tips on nurturing this natural desire to explore. Continue reading “How parents encourage children’s inquisition?”