Modern marketing factors not taught at college

These are not secrets. These are not marketing gems. They are not even original. They are just facts about marketing that you are not being taught in college. They are things that you learn with experience. When you learn something new about your professional, post it online and help others the same way this article…… Continue reading Modern marketing factors not taught at college

  We all agree, every parent wants all his/her children to succeed in school. However, for many kids and teens, concentration in this always-pressured, starved-for-time era can be difficult. This is why I am posting some tips for helping your son or daughter improve concentration and do better in the classroom: * Take time for… Continue reading How to achieve better learning results with your child?

Children sleeping disorder might cause educational interference

There are a number of children that have sleeping disorders that interrupt their lives,influencing their parents and siblings night rest. A child sleep disorder makes the life very difficult and interfere with the necessities of life. Parents who worry about the child sleep disorders in their family, can be comforted as they are not alone.…… Continue reading Children sleeping disorder might cause educational interference

Education for adults

We are lucky to say that the times when we thought that the learning ends with the college of university degree are over. With the online university open for everybody, regardless their age, even the retired people can learn something more. Here are some useful links to distance learning opportunities for older people: Including older people in the technology…… Continue reading Education for adults

Teaching Channel celebrates teachers

Teaching Channel is a video showcase on the Internet and TV consisting of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America’s schools. With the help of the Teaching community, their mission is to revolutionize how teachers learn, connect and inspire each other to improve the outcomes for all K-12 students across America. In order to accomplish this mission,…… Continue reading Teaching Channel celebrates teachers

7 ways to get -A- in Biology

Most of us took high school biology at some point. Some of us probably received A’s in the course, so it might seem as though college biology shouldn’t be that different. This is particularly true since most biology students are freshmen. But college biology, like any college course, is structurally and academically different from high…… Continue reading 7 ways to get -A- in Biology

Cambridge English TV

If you would like to improve your English language skills and sound like a native speaker Cambridge has developed a series of educative and very easy to follow video tutorial on their YouTube channel, called Cambridge English TV Created by top professional educators, learning English has never been easier or more interesting.