Have a video review of the app before you buy it

If you want to have a review videos for apps for kids for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android, together with App trailers, book and app walkthroughs, gameplay videos, all Educational apps for 0-6+ (audio and interactive books, children games, math, early learning and abc apps through daily daily updates, you can check www.appysmarts.com Here…


Which pre-school e-learning devices to choose?

Nowadays, More and more parents are turning to the e-learning devices that are on the market for pre-schoolers. If you still have any doubts about the utilization of these tools, let me confirm – yes, it is possible for children to do a lot of learning before they even start kindergarten. Manufacturers have determined that…


How to keep students interested?

There was a time when engagement was the sole responsibility of the student. The teacher would dutifully drone through the lesson, randomly demanding answers and participation with the flick of a wrist, and any children who weren’t paying attention would feel the business end of a ruler or get to experience the shame of a…