6 Ways that prove online education has an edge over traditional education

We are aware of the challenges that students have to face while studying at traditional colleges and universities. Firstly, they have to pay higher tuition fee to be a part of a prestigious institution. After that, they have to deal with course shortages, budget cuts and busy classrooms which drain almost all of their energy… Continue reading 6 Ways that prove online education has an edge over traditional education

The importance of online education

The process of educating people online is increasing rapidly. Online education using internet and communication technologies offers many opportunities to qualitatively and quantitatively increased access to education. According to a survey I recently read, 62% of the schools around the world offered online degrees to their students. The demand of students to get their education… Continue reading The importance of online education

5 Wonderful ways of getting online education

This era is rightly known as the era of advancement and modernization, therefore, as a result, the trends and approaches of contemporary education has been changed . Considering this scenario, there are different types of education developed, all in order to fulfil and accomplish the requirements or demands of modern education. Online education is one… Continue reading 5 Wonderful ways of getting online education

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Tuition funding is a great demand for the budget and big challenge for the students, regardless of their age and social background (excluding the rich – of course!)

What you should know is that there are a variety of scholarships offered by a number of organizations.

Prospective students have to explore the US federal grants and service learning programs, together with the corporate sponsored scholarship programs, available employer assistance programs, as well as scholarships offered by civic organizations, colleges and universities.

As you already know, one of the most valued aspects of online learning is that you can do it at home, in your local coffee shop, library and just about anywhere you want. Working students, parents, schoolars and active-duty military worldwide, can benefit from this particular characteristics of the online learning. Having this in mind Allied schools” has surveyed around 70 of their students, asking them questions about their study habits. It is not a big sample to generalize, but the results are pretty much interesting and go for the general online students.

University of Yale

Yale University, is one of the world’s leading centers of learning and research. Established in 1701, Yale is located in New Haven, Connecticut. It has three major academic components: Yale College (the undergraduate program), the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the professional schools. Yale encompasses a wide array of centers and programs, libraries,… Continue reading University of Yale

Online education: Should it be expanded?

Online education has grown exponentially in the last decade. From college courses to online public K-12 schools, course offerings have become more diverse as students around the world begin to take advantage of the flexibility online education has to offer. Even as more students and teachers recognize the need for flexibility in terms of time… Continue reading Online education: Should it be expanded?