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3 Ways to master digital learning technologies in modern education

Technology is helping in every aspect of life. It is also helping teachers to expand beyond the traditional text-based learning. It is innovating new ways to engage with students who will get to learn best in many other ways. Technology’s role has evolved from a weekly computer class into a versatile learning tool which would […]

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E-learning trends of 2018

  2018 has just begun with revealing new e-learning trends and they seem to benefit the education sector from all aspects. Every year, lots of students opt for e-learning programs and the major reason is that it is not expensive. You find that the e-learning adaptation is increasing rapidly all over the world and the […]

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Benefits of learning management systems list

Benefits of learning management systems

E-learning is very much the alternative to traditional schooling. With the help of the internet, every student regardless of religion, color, or country from around the world can learn. And with Learning Management Systems (LMS), it can be made possible. While some conventional educators may deem it as a threat, it does offer a wide […]

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8 Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Education!

8 Benefits of using augmented reality in education

There are many uses of Augments Reality (AR) in education. Once an educationist integrates augmented reality into their lectures, they’ll be able to seize their students’ undivided attention. Below is a list of all of AR’s benefits.   Increased participation in classes Everyone will want to participate. Through an Augment’s app, the students will be […]

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Your classroom needs to go virtual

Your classroom needs to go virtual – today!

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Global e-learning facts

Here are some interesting facts about e-learning compiled by Capita.   Companies who use eLearning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity by 50% (IBM report, 2013) Companies who offer best practice e-learning and on-the-job training generate around 26% more revenue per employee (e-learning magazine, 2013) The Asian eLearning market is expected to […]

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children and parents

How parents encourage children’s inquisition?

How parents encourage children's inquisition?

The fact that children come into the world with a seemingly unquenchable inquisition is a good thing for encouraging them to take an interest in their academic subjects. This natural curiosity is perfect for subjects (like science) that involve understanding the world around us.

Here are some tips on nurturing this natural desire to explore.
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Google Glass’ pros and cons

Google Glass' pros and cons

Google Glass is a new wearable technology currently being tested by volunteers in the Google Explorer program. The head mounted device projects information to the wearer’s visual field and responds to touch and voice commands. The device can take pictures and videos, provide weather and traffic updates and guide drivers by GPS.

Google Glass may be available for holiday shoppers
For testers, Google Glass cost $1,500. Glass is projected to be released by the holiday season and should cost about as much as a smartphone. Glass is designed to intuitively integrate wearable technology into the user’s daily life.
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