Developing country


5 Most transformative teaching tools of today

The world is constantly changing and education reflect many of our changing beliefs and world views. Schools today are constantly updating curriculums to meet the demands of a changing world and developing countries are working hard to address education inequalities. Countries around the world are building more schools, and children are learning in more creative…


Education revolution

We live in an era where the nontraditional and conservative ways of living are no longer liked and appreciated by the society. The community is altering itself; from the older means to grasping the new and novel concepts, every individual within is trying to adjust and adapt themselves in the current scenario.


The benefits of distance learning courses

What is distance learning? Online learning is the ideal method of study for a wide range of individuals, of all ages, who would like to gain a qualification. Distance learning has a number of advantages over the traditional learning environment. Distance learning allows students to study at a pace convenient to you. So what are…