How to choose a primary school?

How to choose a primary school? Audible:Important infrastructure tips for schools When you are running a school for kids, it’s important to understand that you are not just responsible for providing good education to them, but are also responsible for making sure that they are getting this education in the right environment, with the best of facilities. This is the reason why one of the main parameters that parents judge a school on, for their child, is the infrastructure. All schools must have good infrastructure for the kids to have a smooth educational and developmental journey. And maintaining this infrastructure is even more important. Continue reading “How to choose a primary school?”

3 Benefits for schools that invest in student planners

3 Benefits for schools that invest in student planners There are certain investments that every school can make, from new technology in the classroom to more comfortable desks and chairs. One of those investments is a student planner. Every school has the option to hand out these agendas to their students at the beginning of the school year. However, many schools don’t see this as a necessary investment. They reason that the student can buy a planner if they want to use one. At the same time, there are a number of benefits for schools that do invest in planners for their students. If you are still on the fence about asking this investment for your school, here are a few benefits to purchasing school-wide agendas. Continue reading “3 Benefits for schools that invest in student planners”

Digital age suffers from bullying

online-bulling Believe it or not – 25% pupils experience Digital age suffers from bullying! On 1 November 2012, Gerald White, from the Memorial University of Canada has been introduced among school children, on using Internet. The presentation: “School, family, and community factors related to cyber victimization: Findings from research in Newfoundland and Labrador schools, sponsored by the Graduate Programs and Memorial Faculty of Education established the fact that 25% of the pupils were experiencing bullying in various forms while using the world wide web searching. Continue reading “Digital age suffers from bullying”

Modern technology in education

internet According to the latest insights as to how exactly modern students of today prefer to use technology and how does their learning get an impact if they use technology, it was revealed that the use of modern equipment technology and tools, the learning and interactivity of students increases. They also find it much more interactive, as well as full of interesting areas, when aided by technology. The transfer of knowledge becomes very easy and convenient, as well as effective. What this means is, that our minds now tend to work faster when assisted with the use of modern technology, be it any part of life, here we talk about education. The reliance and dependence of such an innovation, that simply makes life an easy, smooth journey is completely unavoidable these days even in schools, universities and colleges. Continue reading “Modern technology in education”

Top 10 exam revision tips

Top 10 exam revision tips When preparing for examinations, it is important that you spend your time wisely to ensure you are getting the most out of your revision sessions. Everyone is different! One revision technique that works for one person, may not necessarily work well for another. It is essential that you figure out what is the best method for you. Below are some exam revision tips that you may find useful. Continue reading “Top 10 exam revision tips”

Revision tips for MBA students


 Revision tips for MBA students

Studying for an MBA may be the most important decision you made in your life and keeping on track with revision is one of the most important skills you have to learn, as it will also assist with future career development and business success. One of the most important factors to bear in mind when beginning your revision planning is that you must allow yourself enough time to thoroughly learn all the topic and subject areas that are likely to be examined. Continue reading “Revision tips for MBA students”

College ranking breakdown

In 1948, U.S. News & World Report was a magazine reporting on politics, economics and education across the world. Today, the organization is known mostly for its college ranking system, an annual report that compares universities across America. Despite criticism, the report is used throughout the world as the definitive guide to U.S. higher education. The U.S. News & World Report splits colleges into four separate categories and then compares schools within the ranks. Regional universities and colleges are further split into geographical areas, but national universities and liberal arts colleges compete against schools throughout the country. Within each category, one college is declared the best and every other school is compared to that particular college. The report uses seven different criteria to compare schools, ranging from the university’s reputation to class sizes and incoming test scores for freshman. Alumni giving, financial spending on students and graduation rates are also considered. While some factors are subjective, most are based on data that is shown to users of the report. Source: The College Consensus College ranking breakdown
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