How to choose a primary school?

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When you are running a school for kids, it’s important to understand that you are not just responsible for providing good education to them, but are also responsible for making sure that they are getting this education in the right environment, with the best of facilities. This is the reason why one of the main parameters that parents judge a school on, for their child, is the infrastructure.

All schools must have good infrastructure for the kids to have a smooth educational and developmental journey. And maintaining this infrastructure is even more important.

So. here are a few tips for each school to be good:

Good hygiene

Schools need to be clean all the time, and the habit of cleanliness needs to be inculcated in the kids. It’s important for the school to be a hygienic place, because the kids spend most of their day here, and they obviously don’t want to catch infections and allergies because of being in an unhealthy environment. Hence, the schools must invest in dustbins, and cleanliness staff to make sure that the school environment is healthy and hygienic.

Plumbing checks

For kids, nature calls can sometimes not be controlled, like adults do. This is the reason why having good toilets and bathrooms are important. Schools should ensure that they have separate bathrooms for kids of all ages, to suit their height and convenience. Moreover, regular plumbing checks must be done to ensure that the toilets are working fine, and are not getting clogged.

Landscaping maintenance

Schools need to have anencouraging vibe in the area. The spaces need to reflect positivity for the kids to learn in a cheerful atmosphere. So it’s important to have good landscaping in and around the school. And the same landscaping needs to be maintained on a regular basis for it to have the desired effect.

Safety checks

At least once in a year, schools must invest in an extensive safety check, to ensure that the buildings are in a good condition, and that the fire fighting mechanisms and tools are upgraded. Moreover, sensitive areas such as Chemistry labs should be checked for any possible danger, and any broken areas or pointy dangerous things in and around the school should be repaired or replaced.

Being updated

All schools need to be in sync with modern times. Earlier, most schools didn’t have music rooms and Math labs, but considering the fact that these are in demand now, a lot of schools are developing them. Similarly, schools need to understand how kids might need rehearsal spaces for extra curricular activities, or might need a bigger basketball court, or might need some other things depending on their interests. These interests need to be looked at, so that the authorities can invest in the school’s upgrade in the right manner.

These small infrastructural investments and developments go a long way in making a school good for a child. These are things that every parent looks for, before enrolling his/ her child in the school.

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