3 tips for preparing your clinical exam

Your nerves are likely going to be taught when you walk in to take your clinical exam. It is the culmination of years of work and study. Preparing well ahead of time is the key to moving through your exam smoothly and with as few negative incidents as possible.

Top 10 exam revision tips

When preparing for examinations, it is important that you spend your time wisely to ensure you are getting the most out of your revision sessions. Everyone is different! One revision technique that works for one person, may not necessarily work well for another. It is essential that you figure out what is the best method… Continue reading Top 10 exam revision tips

Revision tips for MBA students

  Studying for an MBA may be the most important decision you made in your life and keeping on track with revision is one of the most important skills you have to learn, as it will also assist with future career development and business success. One of the most important factors to bear in mind… Continue reading Revision tips for MBA students

How has the university changed?

As an employer I have constantly had cause to marvel at the poor presentation and writing skills of many of the young people applying for work. Application forms have been littered with errors and CV’s badly written. Perhaps surprisingly some of these applicants have been graduates and when I look back to my own days… Continue reading How has the university changed?

Revealed secrets of online tests

Hours upon hours of a teacher’s time can be consumed by planning and assessing student achievements. Assessing what and how a student is learning can be difficult for numerous reasons because multiple methods of testing come into play: Identifying what students know and understand about a topic; Identifying what needs to be reviewed; Summarizing what has been… Continue reading Revealed secrets of online tests

Effective online education revision techniques

There’s no way of escaping exams, so it’s really important for students to find efficient ways to revise the information they’ve learnt. Revision is extremely important, since it enables students to observe their progress and get a high score. Therefore, you’re about to see some guidelines that should be applied by all students interested in… Continue reading Effective online education revision techniques