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Digital age suffers from bullying


Believe it or not – 25% pupils experience Digital age suffers from bullying!

On 1 November 2012, Gerald White, from the Memorial University of Canada has been introduced among school children, on using Internet. The presentation: “School, family, and community factors related to cyber victimization: Findings from research in Newfoundland and Labrador schools, sponsored by the Graduate Programs and Memorial Faculty of Education established the fact that 25% of the pupils were experiencing bullying in various forms while using the world wide web searching.
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The benefits of learning in a global classroom

 Studying in a global classroom – The plus points
The global classroom is an idea that is eccentric
and is just as rewarding in terms of academics, awareness, and personality development.


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Study your health insurance options

laptop and stethoscope
College is one of the best times of a person’s life.

They’re finally on their own and in charge of their own schedule, living life away from the care of their parents. Not to mention, most college students have relatively low bills and very few responsibilities outside of school.
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Teaching Channel celebrates teachers

Teaching Channel is a video showcase on the Internet and TV consisting of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America’s schools.

With the help of the Teaching community, their mission is to revolutionize how teachers learn, connect and inspire each other to improve the outcomes for all K-12 students across America.

In order to accomplish this mission, they have set 3 simple goals:

• Build professional learning resources that teachers want;

• Deepen and improve opportunities for teacher learning, and

• Elevate and celebrate teachers in our society.

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Harvard College , Memorial Hall

How to get into Harvard College?

How to get into Harvard College?

Harvard College is revered through the world for providing excellence in education. Many students dare not apply believing the college is beyond their academic credentials and financial reach. Here are just a few reasons you might want to reconsider and mark the institute down on your shortlist of chosen schools.

Why choose Harvard College?
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