3 Benefits for schools that invest in student planners

There are certain investments that every school can make, from new technology in the classroom to more comfortable desks and chairs. One of those investments is a student planner. Every school has the option to hand out these agendas to their students at the beginning of the school year. However, many schools don’t see this as a necessary investment.

They reason that the student can buy a planner if they want to use one. At the same time, there are a number of benefits for schools that do invest in planners for their students. If you are still on the fence about asking this investment for your school, here are a few benefits to purchasing school-wide agendas.

1. Custom handbook pages allow students to know the rules on a daily basis.

Student handbooks are often tossed aside and forgotten. They are only referenced when a problem arises or there is some sort of issue. When a school orders custom planners for their students, they have the option to add their handbook pages into the planner itself. This provides accessibility to the rules, policies and safety procedures for the student. The rules of the school are always in their locker or backpack. Schools that have their handbooks printed within the planner see this as beneficial, as their students are more informed, and thus less likely to break a rule.

2. School pride is always represented.

Many companies that make student planners for schools will allow the school to have a custom cover made. You can place the school name, the year and the mascot on the cover. This small addition helps promote school pride all around the school. The book also in turn distinguishes one school from the next and one student from the next. It gives the student a sense of belonging to a special place.

3. Custom planners support better academic behavior among students.

Every school knows just how important it is for students to succeed. Jobs and funding often depend upon it. When students fail, the school fails. One of the easiest ways for a school to support better academic behavior all across the board is with a planner. Some students would never use a planner unless it was given to them. Others would never even buy a planner. If they have such a tool to keep track of time, assignments and studying, they might do better in school. If a school gives their students such a tool to succeed, the positives will follow.

The purchase of planners is not just for the students and their parents. Schools have the opportunity to invest in their students with the purchase of these items. Not only can a school agenda help the student keep track of the rules of the school and extend the school spirit from cover to cover, but these school supplies can also lead to a better school overall. If students are using a tool that helps them achieve, the school has already seen the benefits of such an investment.

Grace, a high school guidance counselor, is in charge of reaching out to resources such as Meridian Planners every year in order to provide an agenda for every student. She’s proud to work at a school that recognizes the importance of these and other tools in student achievement.

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