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Microsoft vs Google online education news

With the increase of smartphones and mobile devices across all nations, Google and Microsoft are taking a keen interest as to how they can shift their business strategy to spread into the education sector. As a result, both have come up with interesting solutions. Using the power of the internet, these industry giants have made […]

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Three web based resources to help you study

  [responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] How can Internet help students who do not have access to vast libraries? Most of the time when the word studying comes up, many students believe that they will have to be buried deep within books. However, with the advancement in information technology, this notion now does not hold true. There are […]

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Improve learning English with synonyms

 Improve learning English with synonyms

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The educational mobile app launched by Dev IT Solutions, for iPad & iPhone, will help kids learn English words and their synonyms.

Dev IT Solutions, as one of the leading names in the mobile application development industry, is introducing a set of educational mobile apps to help kids learn English in pleasant ways.

Up to now Dev IT Solutions has launched various educational mobile apps for kids to learn English, beginning from mobile apps, and designed initially for iPad platforms, they provide a creative opportunity to kids, parents and teachers to integrate technology with learning even at a very early stage.

The launch of these English coaching mobile apps is welcomed both by teachers and parents since English is constantly gaining popularity, as the most important global language.

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Best mobile apps for online learning

Many students are surprised to hear that one of the most powerful tools for learning may be right in their pocket. Smartphones are more advanced than ever and they can provide students with some of the amazing resources through apps on their phones. From higher education and advanced courses to basic tools for students, here is […]

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Google and memory

If you belong to the group of people who believes that technology is changing the way we think and memorize things, here is an overview of how Google does it! Read about how Google influences your memory and let us know if you agree with this.

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6 Things about mobile apps development

Are you passionate about mobile apps?

Given the fact that today we have numerous tools and various facilities available for mobile apps development, it is actually not that tough to select this field as your career.

What’s even more reassuring is the fact that if the app that you develop turns out to be popular among users, you can certainly make a fortune out of it and ensure a steady flow of funds from the royalty.

However, not it is not all so rosy about developing mobile apps!!
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World’s most educated countries

It is a well known fact that the economic growth of any country can be easily measured by the percentage of literates pertaining to that country. However, despite of the ongoing financial and economic crisis across the world, many investors think that offering education is still a worthy business. An International economic study has revealed […]

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