Best remote access software

  Remote access software allow you to access your pc or laptop from remote distance, transfer data, install / uninstall software, troubleshooting and more. Such software are very useful in large corporations and at home as well for instance: In large organizations there are a huge number of personnel, in case of any problem occurring… Continue reading Best remote access software

Microsoft vs Google online education news

With the increase of smartphones and mobile devices across all nations, Google and Microsoft are taking a keen interest as to how they can shift their business strategy to spread into the education sector. As a result, both have come up with interesting solutions. Using the power of the internet, these industry giants have made… Continue reading Microsoft vs Google online education news

One of the most challenging aspects of every college student’s academic journey is writing papers. Students usually hate doing these, because it requires them to be equally adept at several different things: writing, research, critical analysis, editing, referencing, proofreading…

If you think e-learning and m-learning are basically one and the same thing, you’re completely wrong.

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Technology is growing with every passing day, there is no doubt about the fact that technology will continue to outshine everything else that goes around in the world. From smart phones to the internet and beyond, there are so many different kinds of developments that are going on in this world related to technology.

Windows Server 2012 Network infrastructure training

The recent update to Microsoft’s Windows Server line-up, the new MS Windows Server 2012, has a lot of new features, better advanced services and several other improvements. IT specialists and MCSE holders are enrolling to the updated Windows Server 2012 Network Infrastructure Training to gain an edge over this new server framework. What are the… Continue reading Windows Server 2012 Network infrastructure training

Help for students’ test scores

Tests are not every student’s strength. Have you struggled with test preparation, or have received low test scores in the past despite your best efforts? These tips can help you improve your scores and grades.

Shortcuts to moving ahead in your career

Do you feel that your career has turned into a treadmill with only one speed — slow? Some employees who aren’t happy with their income or career opportunities decide to chuck the whole thing and go into another field or industry entirely. Others take the big leap into entrepreneurship, going it alone against the same… Continue reading Shortcuts to moving ahead in your career

If you went to business school even as recently as a few years ago, you probably spent a lot of time learning about mind maps, to-do lists, and the importance of taking good notes. Such ideas sound antiquated to the latest batch of graduates, but the ideas behind the action of taking notes or drawing a mind map are still sound. That’s why there are so many productivity boosting apps that aim to take old-fashioned ideas and make them more appealing for “digital natives”.

Toodledo, for example, is a handy To-Do app for mobile devices that lets you maintain detailed and sophisticated to-do lists, synch tasks with your calendar, set alarms, and collaborate with other users. There are a million people using Toodeldo to take care of their ever-increasing workloads, and rival to-do list app “Remember The Milk”, has more than five million users.

The Mind Mapping app “Mind Meister”, makes it easy to draw detailed, large mind maps on your computer. The app is much easier to use than traditional flow charting software, and has some fans in huge corporations, including Electronic Arts, CNN, and Oracle. Personal accounts start at $4.99 a month, which is a great price for such powerful software.

For those occasions when a sophisticated app seems like overkill, there’s always simple tools such as EverNote, a freemium note-taking app that makes a great replacement for a notepad and pen.

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There’s no denying, the World Wide Web is big – expanding with every single day!!

It’s so comprehensive and large that the creators of the Internet decided to place the word “wide” in its actual name. Obvious, right !!

Internet has millions of websites with a seemingly infinite amount of web pages on each, all viewed by people around the world each day, and increasing on hourly basis.

It is a common practice in our living, to see people connected to the Internet all around you, via smart phones, laptops and desktop computers, and this is becoming more than a lifestyle…