One of the most challenging aspects of every college student’s academic journey is writing papers. Students usually hate doing these, because it requires them to be equally adept at several different things: writing, research, critical analysis, editing, referencing, proofreading… The list of necessary skills just goes on and on, so it’s easy to see why… Continue reading 15 writing tools for college students

  There is no point of denying this attribute that students are investing so much time and their energies on different social media platforms these days. As a result, they are actually their precious time that can be effectively utilized in different productive activities such as studies and education. In this concern, educators will have… Continue reading 5 Amazing Time management apps students should know

How women can benefit from digital learning?

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] Tight work schedules, busy personal lives, and a long list of responsibilities on personal and work front may prevent working women from pursuing further education. With that said, thanks to digital learning, always on-the-go women can now continue their education easily. Here are the top benefits of digital learning for working women: It…… Continue reading How women can benefit from digital learning?

Best mobile apps for online learning

Many students are surprised to hear that one of the most powerful tools for learning may be right in their pocket. Smartphones are more advanced than ever and they can provide students with some of the amazing resources through apps on their phones. From higher education and advanced courses to basic tools for students, here is…… Continue reading Best mobile apps for online learning