How to deal with being sick in college?

How to deal with being sick in college?
  How to deal with being sick in college? Sickness is what which affects almost everyone but when it comes to college students so honestly dealing with it and focusing on studies are really difficult tasks for them. You must understand that sickness is what which stops your life and dealing and accomplishing daily life tasks become more difficult. With keeping it in mind one can understand the difficulties college students face while dealing with sickness. So, being a college student if you have got sick, so rather than getting more worried, have a useful approach to deal with it. And when it comes to the right approach it is to address the issue properly and stay focused to get better soon. That positive attitude will really help you to get better soon. Followings are some great steps to deal with being sick in your college make sure you do not overlook them, as they will benefit you a lot.

1.    Don’t skip classes

It is fact that although you are sick you can never dare to skip your class as skipping can come in your way to perform well in both midterm and semester exams. Keep in mind that always bring a water bottle and your medicines to class and that will help you to deal with sickness while attending class.

2.    Stay away from unhealthy food

It is another thing to know while dealing with sickness in college. You will find your college friends eating unhealthy food and asking you to join them. But make sure you say no to them, as that can turn against of you and you may have another serious health issue. The more you stick to your homemade lunch the more it will help you to recover soon.

3.    Take short naps in free time

When you are in your college with having sickness so one of the possible ways of taking rest, is to opt for napping during any free time in college. Honestly, it will really work out for you and keep you away from feeling lazy in your college. Make sure you do take out time for it throughout the day in college.

4.    Always stay hydrated

It is fact that if you stay hydrated that will really contribute to making you recover from sickness and get active again to deal with college life challenges. The required intake of water is really important for you most specifically at the time when you are sick. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day in college.

5.    Visit college health center

If your college has its health center make sure you go there and you will get a proper diagnosis and right medication which will help you to recover soon. Keep in mind that health centers like this are really productive and helpful for those students whose parents are not around them for taking them to the hospital. College health centers really offer best services.

6.    E-mail your professor

It is the last thing to do if you are not able to attend class anymore because of your severe sickness. Keep in mind that your professor will definitely understand your problem and allow you to take a rest for few days. All you will have to do is to just e-mail him with the request that you cannot keep up with your study because of that severe sickness. Above-mentioned steps are really beneficial to learn the art of dealing with sickness for college students. So being a college student, make sure you do not overlook them, as they will benefit you in various ways throughout your college life.  

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How to engage modern learners in e-learning?

How to engage modern learners in e-learning?
How to engage modern learners in e-learning? When it comes to modern learners, time is of the essence. In a fast-paced world, they are seeking information available at the drop of a hat and they really know their way around the web to easily find what they want to know. So when you’re faced with an audience of users with shortened attention spans and/or less time available to get necessary information, how do you keep them engaged?

 Fit everyone’s schedule

If you want to make your program more accessible to anyone at any time of day, you will need to take the on-demand route (not unlike mega-successful Netflix). Your modern e-learners are seeking platforms where they can learn what they want to learn at their every whim. Waiting for time slots doesn’t appeal to this audience, as it may clash with their schedules or they may simply lose interest altogether. Pre-recorded and on-demand education works in your favour, too. You’ll be able to re-use materials across years, rather than bringing in new instructors each time to conduct new lectures.

 Welcome users back

Allowing your users to work at their own pace and on their own schedules may mean some erratic metrics when it comes to your average daily users. You may find that some users are very active for a few weeks, followed by an idle period for a few weeks, and so on and on. But chances are, your users will come back after these bouts of absence, and when they do, be ready. Make it easy for your e-learners to pick up where they left off, without penalty. Recommend some refresher exercises, but don’t send them backwards.

Keep it short and sweet

Structure your course content in a way that is easily digestible. Full-length videos and lectures have no place in the modern e-learners’ schedules, so break it down into components no more than a few minutes each. And when creating your content, just delve right into the need-to-know information and avoid the fluffy introductions.

Make it interactive

Develop some e-learning components that require participation from your audience. This can take the form of quizzes, practice exercises, or a rewards program that they can share on social media as they progress. Interactivity will also help with content retention, so users will be able to make the most out of their learning experience.

 Add some fun

One of the best ways to keep any audience engaged is to make the material fun. Often, this can take the form of educational games. A trivia-style component, complete with timers, hints, and rewards can keep users engaged at length. Content aside, the game modules alone might just be enough to keep your users eager to continue.

 Integrate social media

Adding a social outlet to your course is a fantastic way to make your users feel less isolated with their learning experience. Linking the program to social media allows them to interact with other learners while holding each other accountable for regular progress. It’s also a way for users to show off their progress to their circles (which is great marketing for you, by the way!). When you design your e-learning curriculum (and e-learning platform design), try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is tech savvy, working from multiple devices, and strapped for time. Doing so, will guide you to a strategy that will help you yield more user engagement. And once you have a strategy in place, be sure to collect user feedback along the way. Hint: you’ll want to make the feedback system brief and seamless as well, because remember—it’s all about time!   Emily Burgess is part of the team behind Course Guru, an Australian business specializing in online training and education. She likes to share her professional experiences and insights through blogging.

Create a fulfilling career with these 4 degrees   When it comes to fulfilling careers, people have varying opinions. There is no objective meaning nor is there a grail-worthy career that comes to mind. However, absorbing other’s feedback can help you either graduate with a degree you can use to achieve a meaningful career ahead or rethink your present career path and adjust accordingly. Here’s four degrees that not only produce a paycheck every month but can also nourish personal growth.


There is perhaps no other degree on earth that, well, puts you closer to earthly elements, such as plants, animals, people, and the environments in which they thrive in. Biology is a great course to major in if you are interested in science and wish to develop a deeper understanding of its broad components. Most Biology curriculum are loaded with hands-on classroom and field training.


A civil engineering degree instills the knowledge and skills to become an engineer in any organization you decide to pursue. A civil engineering degree particularly yields a more fulfilling career since demand for expertise in advancing IT infrastructures remain high. Businesses across the globe are headhunting people with a sound background in networking concepts, database management, and programming.


While you don’t really see those typical Wall Street suits walking around with fulfillment written in their face, having a degree in Economics can get you in the front doors of hedge funds and investment banks that pay handsome fees. Yet what’s more personally fulfilling is that people who have a natural command over economic and financial models and mathematical algorithms will find the environment to be challenging and mentally stimulating. When you get tired working in the office environment, you can simply set up a trading floor of your own at home and just trade with a personal account.


Though they say an English degree is impractical nowadays due to the high costs of tuition and the relatively low demand for English majors, it’s still a worthy risk to undertake. Having an English degree allows you to work as a writer/editor, which gives you freedom to work from anywhere and at any pace while making the same or even more dollars than people working in offices. Before diving into any school or coursework, make sure you weigh the pros and cons beforehand. Creating a fulfilling career is all about thorough planning and preparation. It’s about planting small stones one at a time to create a solid career foundation for your future. Bio: Rachelle Wilber is a freelance writer living in the San Diego, California area. She graduated from San Diego State University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Media Studies. She tries to find an interest in all topics and themes, which prompts her writing. When she isn’t on her porch writing in the sun, you can find her shopping, at the beach, or at the gym. Follow her on Twitter@RachelleWilber and Facebook

5 Amazing apps college students must know

5 Amazing Apps College Students Must Know
5 Amazing Apps College Students Must Know The importance of academic education in the life of every college student should not be ignored by any means. Therefore, with the passage of time, more and more efforts have been made in order to make the education scenario appealing and productive for students to a great extent. This era is regarded as an era of social media where most of the people like to interact with other people for the sake of sharing their views and thoughts about different things. For that reason, college students are also spending so much time on different social media platforms in order to solve their distinct academic issues. The prevailing education system has become more demanding and challenging because every day there are different things happening all around the globe. Therefore, the lives of college students specifically have become difficult to manage and at the same time, they are anticipating various kinds of issues in their studies. As a result, they are searching different solutions on different online interactive mediums in order to make their learning processes more fruitful and result-oriented. The domain of web development in recent times has been greatly utilised by the professionals and stakeholders of education to a certain extent. This is an important aspect to consider that there have been different kinds of amazing and mind-blowing apps developed for the purpose of providing greater support or assistance to various college students. Considering the significance of these productive and influential apps in the domain of education, there are 5 best-utilised apps described as follows:

1. Any. Do

When it comes to organising various forms of academic tasks in the desired manner then all college students are needed to use this amazing app as much as possible. There is no point of denying this attribute that a lot of students can make their education lives more enjoyable and hassle free with the help of using the benefits and features of this app in reality. Actually, it allows students to develop their own to do list and at the same time, this list could be easily developed considering the demands and preferences of students in a great way. This type of list is easily accessible from anywhere and in this way students are able enough to synchronise their all tasks in the best possible manner.

2. Dropbox

College students are always recommended to use the exciting features of dropbox so that they are able to secure all their coursework or notes in an appropriate way. With the help of Dropbox, students can easily upload different kinds of files in an efficient manner. At the same time, they can upload pictures or images, videos and documents in the cloud in order to access them online from any part of the world. Students can easily attain peace of mind by the help of using the app of drop box through which students can share their useful data with other students in an effective way.

3. Mailbox

At times, it becomes difficult for students to manage their record or data of e-mails that are so much crucial and important for them. Therefore, mailbox should be used in order to secure your confidential and important emails in a proper way. The importance of mailbox should be assumed in the right manner as students are allowed to use different kinds of swipe commands so that they are able to clean their inbox to a certain extent. At the same time, students are also allowed to archive their e-mails and they can also set reminders to a considerable level. In this process, students could also work on different e-mails at a time in order to save their precious time.

4. Scribd

This is another wonderful app that has been developed in recent years for the sake of making the learning scenarios of students interesting and attractive. Therefore, all college students are highly recommended to use this app as much as possible so that they are able to obtain best outcomes in the future. This app is regarded as the most productive online library because students can easily obtain information and awareness regarding different subject matters and issues in a great way. Scribd actually provides the service through which students are allowed to explore different sorts of books and documents in an efficient way. At the same time, students are also allowed to explore and identify different forms of information so that they can enhance their level of learning to a great extent. At the same time, students have this amazing opportunity that they can organise or develop their own form of documents according to their own requirements. Scribd also offers the facility to various students in developing their own library in which they can easily maintain different kinds of data quite easily. These sorts of data could be easily perceived in the form of documents, books, notes and at the same time, they can share these types of information with other students as well.

5. EasyBib

Students during the time of their college education find the task of essay writing quite difficult and as a result, they are unable to attain the required deliverables in the end. Therefore, in order to provide maximum benefit and support in the process of essay writing, students are strongly recommended to use the features of the easy bib in a great way. With the help of Easy bib, students will be able to easily identify the correct form of citations in the best possible manner. As a result, college students will be able to complete their tasks of essay writing in an efficient way and at the same time, they will complete the bibliography section in a reasonable manner. Final Thoughts All the above-mentioned apps are specifically designed in order to bring the desired level of satisfaction and ease in the life of every college student. Therefore, it is the high time for all those college students to use these amazing apps for the sake of making their educational lives informative and productive. There is the likelihood that students will be able to gain required deliverables in the future provided that these apps are rightly used by the students. About the Author: Kate Silverton is an experienced educator and has worked for different colleges as a lecturer. During her professional career, she has been able to influence the learning extents of different students in a positive way. Apart from this, she also takes the time to interact with students to provide them help with dissertation of different colleges on various social media platforms so that they are able to improve their learning capacities to the desired level.

Why Twitter “works” in education?

Why Twitter "works" in education?

Why Twitter "works" in education?

As with the advancement in technology, social media channels grow day by day, each adopts their own personality.

LinkedIn is the oldest in the family.

Instagram is the playful teen, that opened its restaurant with the money for the family.

Facebook is the walking political argument that everyone know not get started.

And Twitter? Twitter is the wild child of the whole bunch.

Continue reading “Why Twitter “works” in education?”

Difference between words that sound alike

Difference between words that sound alike Snipping or sniping? Pray or prey? Desert or dessert? Knowing the different meanings and variations of words will allow you to properly use them and spell them correctly without worrying that you are making a mistake. Continue reading “Difference between words that sound alike”

Turn your smartphone into a study library

Mobile-Learning In this era of technology nothing is difficult. Everything lies on your doorstep all you need to do is to open the door for the things to come in. Whether you are sitting at your home or out in the park you can gain access to any place you want. Smart phones have solved many issues regarding visiting any place to get lectures. Even the medical surgeries are taking place online. Smart phones have made our life easy. On just one click without even standing up from our place we reach to the other desired place. We take same enjoyment of watching a movie while sitting in park or garden. On one touch we get in contact with the person sitting 1000 miles away from us. Even students can attend their virtual classes in just one single touch without heading to their university they can enjoy their lectures just like sitting in their classes. Continue reading “Turn your smartphone into a study library”

Social media spring cleaning for graduates

Social media spring cleaning for graduates When applying for jobs, it is customary to go through a mental checklist. A stunning CV? Check. Snappy covering letter? Check. Up-to-date LinkedIn profile? Of course. Appropriate Facebook, profile? That’s the one that seems to be catching more and more people out. Last month, seventeen year old Paris Brown, a youth crime commissioner, came under intense media scrutiny for the controversial content of her official Twitter feed. According to Victoria McLean, Director of City CV, this is proof that “all it takes is a few poorly judged status updates to well and truly stall your career before it has even begun.” These days, an individual’s online identity can be as much of a deciding factor in the selection process as qualifications and experience. After all, your social media profiles could be interpreted as the ultimate CV: personal, honest, and 100% you. Which is why employers are increasingly looking at the online presence of their candidates before making a decision. If you are a student preparing for graduation and steeling yourself for the notoriously competitive job market, then it is absolutely crucial that you get your social media profiles in order before sending out a single application. Says former technology recruiter Nick Bryan: “As someone who has reviewed CVs for IT jobs: yes, we look at your Facebook. And Twitter. And blog.” While it is hardly an exact science, evidence exists to suggest that certain traits (such as intellectual curiosity, conscientiousness and agreeability) can be determined through the nature of the content that people upload to Facebook. A wide range of personal interests and photographs of travel are generally well received, and even snaps of nights out can demonstrate an extroverted, sociable personality (within reason). However, a recent study conducted by YouGov found that 42% of university students are concerned that their Facebook photographs, status updates and comments may end up causing them some embarrassment when they go on to seek work. To further complicate matters, it has been found that in some cases, deleted Facebook content can be viewed up to three years after removal. The constant changing of the settings regarding security and privacy on Facebook also means that a user may believe their profile to be only viewable by approved members, but it is in fact visible to a much wider audience. In these cases, using your own judgement is vital. We would advise, as a rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t say it in the office, don’t say it on the Internet. If you’d like further help with your CV or online profiles then call us on +44 20 7100 6656 or email We’re always happy to help. You’ll also find us on, on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Is the Internet threatening formal education?

Internet and thinking
Is the Internet threatening formal education? The Internet is often touted as a great source of knowledge and information, not to mention its social benefits. There are two sides to every issue, however, and the Internet also has some drawbacks. It’s hard to deny that the Internet is having a profound effect on modern education, and not always in a positive way. How can it be bad for students to have instant access to more information than can be stored in an entire traditional library? There are a few points worth considering. Continue reading “Is the Internet threatening formal education?”

Why using technology in education?

Why using technology in education? You are probably aware that the role of technology and its use in the current and in the future education system in linked and will be more interconnected in future. In the 21-st century, an increasing number of teachers are using different classroom technologies like smart boards, tablet computers, smartphones, projectors, digital videos, and games which are undoubtedly are great tools for helping students learn. Technology as an aid that should solve problems for students and teachers, but we will have to wait for the time when we will have the technology fully replacing the current educational scheme. So far I can say that these are the top reasons to say “Yes” to technology integration in education. Students love using technology It is a proven fact, they do. The interest of all students in technology allows teachers to vary activities of the day and engage students. Most of the students spend hours using smartphones, and other technologies like laptop, tablets, and television when they get home from school, so why not use these tools in their learning through these devices? Power of collaboration The power of internet used in the direction of collaborating is not new to the world. It provides a unique opportunity to engage a group of students, makes them more interested and bringing better results in the learning process. Whether it is a case where a student has to read an audio book, to get help in storytelling, view video lectures, clear any doubts, test listening skills, or doing a custom activity, there are so many useful tools for student-to-student and student-to-teacher interaction and collaborative learning, that it will be negligence not to make use of them. Communication in real time Some areas of studying, for example, language learning and special education, spend more time on auditory listening skills, due to the nature of the study. This will provide students an opportunity to hear native speakers have a conversation and with this help, they learn the best way possible of coping in real life. Good tools like Duolingo, Starfall and Babbel are of great help to students for language learning. Real-World Experts lessons When you want to connect the students to real-world experts and rich resources, only the sky is the limit. Students can use tools like Twitter for research, and with the growth of open online resources, MOOCs, you can engage them with content from the smartest and best teachers in the world. With the help of podcasts and free online videos in the digital age, learning never stops and improves all the time. Professional development By using new technologies students learn skills’ set that will help them in their future career and life development. It is not only students who benefit from technology. The teachers are using technology for their own development, as well. One of the great places for them is Google Hangout for Teacher Development. The education technology industry is getting larger and the educational institutions with the help of educational professionals using technology should utilize it properly for the development of their students and teachers – so that they can better know and understand technology and its role in education (teaching and learning). Making life easier for teachers Teachers have a variety of tasks outside of teaching. They have to plan the lessons, attend it, grade the students, take care of the discipline, meet with the parents, and plus some administrative work. For all these purposes they can they use tools like Learnboost, Engrade, BetterLesson, EduCreations, and Eliademy to ease their tasks. Learning should be fun The use of technology in education can help learning fun through gamification, game-based learning or quest-based learning. Educators in schools and colleges who have practiced game-based learning have been mesmerized to see the results. Homework encouraging Teachers, who never believe that students can be encouraged for their homework, now believe in this. This is the reason why teachers should be encouraged for flipping their classrooms. With the concept of Flipped Classroom, students easily overcome barriers during the class, by quickly removing frustration and irritation that is sometimes developed in the learning process. Teachers are using various tools like TEDEd and Khan Academy to flip their lessons and have time in the classroom to clear the doubts and try it. Students who want to go home and rest after school are not usually eager to put their head in a book, but would rather spend time on the Internet playing games. This is why we should channelize the learning process of students through the Internet and games. Students need to be surrounded by good teachers wherever they go, whether physically or virtually. By encouraging the students to use social media in education the vital role is to stay connected with your students and to encourage them for their homework with guidance. Saving money Although using new technology has an initial investment, it will save money to the schools by multiplying the number of teachers in a classroom. So, instead of having one teacher teaching twenty students, adding technology will increase the number of functional-teachers in the classroom and free up the real teacher to answer questions and help students. With the ability to use free content online, teachers will not have to spend as much on curriculum or resources. This infographic shows why technology should be used in education. “Teachers will not be replaced by technology, but teachers who don’t use technology will be replaced by those who do.” Tell me what you think on the education and teachers interconnections? What are your reasons to use or not to use technology in education?

How to be top legal secretary?

How to be top legal secretary? If you are considering a career as a legal secretary then you’ll be pleased to hear that there will always be plenty of work available! Legal secretaries have made themselves completely indispensable and lawyers know they couldn’t do half as good a job without them onboard. It’s the perfect solution for people that have got into secretarial work but would like to move up the ladder and use more intelligence in their day to day work. There are plenty of ways in, but the most popular one is to complete a relevant certificate in legal secretary work, which can take a couple of years.

A day in the life of a legal secretary

Legal secretaries do a lot more than just type and file all day. They pretty much run the law firm, making sure that all organisational and administrative tasks are up to date. They will plan, schedule and minute meetings and appointments, handle email and website enquiries, deal with incoming and outgoing post, and make travel and hotel arrangements where needed. You will be working for senior executives and lawyers and you will be expected to take jobs off their desk so that they can concentrate on the higher-level work.

Computer skills

Your computer skills will need to be first class, as on any given day you will be expected to write reports, proofread and edit documents, draw up spreadsheets, maintain databases and manage online diaries. If you think your computer skills might need brushing up then it’s well worth going on a few courses to get yourself up to speed.

Legal knowledge

You will pick up a lot of legal knowledge along the way, but you will need to know the basics. You will need to attend court, prepare lengthy documents and you’ll need to be familiar with all the legal jargon. A lot of people start off as normal secretaries in law firms before they ascend to legal secretary status because they understand that they will pick up a lot of the knowledge along the way.

Physical demands

Because you will spend a long time at your desk every day you will need to know that you can handle being indoors for long periods of time. Your body may suffer from the amount of typing you have to do and RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is a common complaint. You may get eye strain from using a computer so much and you’ll need to go for regular eye tests. Keyboard work is even linked to carpal tunnel syndrome so it’s important you mitigate the damage by maintaining a good posture and taking loads of breaks. Obviously, you will have to be very good at grammar punctuation, and spelling, but you will also need to be a people person as you will be coming into contact with people from all walks of life on a regular basis. If you still think this is the job for you then we wish you the best of luck in your career! About the Author: Since Jenny Wadlow is a freelance blogger, her interests and insight might help you through your daily dilemmas. Especially job seekers can benefit from her articles about recruitment agencies in Melbourne. You can catch up with her on Twitter @JennyWadlow. If you want to learn more about online secretary option you might want to visit: Legal secretary courses Secretary course
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Why would you want to go to Bible College online?

The-Holy-Bible Summer is a time of year when many high school graduates are taking in some sun, making some extra money at a job or getting loose-ends tied up before they go on to college. However, many high school graduates receive their diploma without a concrete thought of what they want to do next. On top of that, there are others who have graduated high school in the past and maybe even graduated college who are now searching for a new path – a path that aligns them closer with their spirituality. In these cases, a Bible College may be the best way to invest in one’s faith and discover career prospects that involve helping others in the name of Jesus Christ. Continue reading “Why would you want to go to Bible College online?”

How to get your skills shown online?

online-skills If you are a recent graduate or a newly starting freelancer you want to showcase your skills online in an efficient manner. There are so many websites out there to do this. One of the newest applications to enter this market is the Enthuse website that has brought something new to the market. The best points about this website for new graduates and freelancers is its simplicity to use and view as well as the fact that it won’t cost you much to use. In fact it won’t cost anything. Continue reading “How to get your skills shown online?”

How to become an online tutor?

How to become an online tutor? Diversity: Your students are likely to come from all parts of the globe. How amazing would it feel to touch the lives of people from all around the world? It’s incredibly rewarding. Schedule: Work your own hours and don’t be bound by a 9-5 routine. It helps to remove the monotonous drudgery of everyday life and keeps you happier, stress-free and allows you to do more of what you love. Exposure: By teaching online, you are exposed to many, many more potential students, allowing you to take on more students than you would otherwise be able to. It’s not that hard! As long as you feel like you can interact with people, you will be able to take on students. Patience and understanding go a long way when you’re trying to teach someone online. If you don’t have experience as a teacher, don’t worry, we believe in you! Make sure you practice what you preach, though. Work part-time: By teaching online, you don’t need to put time and money into incorporating or establishing a company or brand. You can simply use an online tutoring service to start receiving clients. How to become an online tutor? Becoming an online tutor is easy. Becoming a successful online tutor isn’t. To become an online tutor, all you need to do is decide what you want to teach and then source your clients. But how do you find your clients? You’ll need to put yourself in front of an audience of learners or scour the web for them. To source clients, using a classifieds website such as Craigslist or Gumtree can be useful. Create your classifieds adverts and wait for the clients to roll in, right? Not so fast! Normally, you’d be lucky to receive 1 client doing this, because there are literally hundreds of adverts daily on each of these classifieds, and you’ll find similar results elsewhere. A great solution to this is to put yourself on an online marketplace. You’ll pay a commission on your classes sold through these platforms, however, you will be placed in front of an audience of enthusiastic learners, which will kick-start your online tutoring career. Promoting your online classes Now you’ve got yourself set up with an online tutoring marketplace, you’ll want to maximize your earnings and build up your online feedback. We recommend sharing your class on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. Tap into your local network of friends and family to find your first few clients, which will help boost your inquiries. Finally, use YouTube and create a quick video of your services, if your online tutoring platform allows it, add it to your class listing. It’s a great first point-of-contact for your students, which will help you close the sale. If you’d like to become an online tutor, we suggest you check out, an online tutoring marketplace dedicated to connecting tutors and learners.  

The importance of technology at a workplace

The importance of technology at a workplace At times, we do come across bosses, managers and leaders who do not wish to change and adapt when it comes to technology and modern world. They like their own style of working, their own thinking and their own operations. Many times, if it is not the leaders or the bosses, but also employees themselves who do not wish to adapt to technological change at work place. However, the modern world is all about accepting the change, improvising and finding ways to better productivity and workplace. These all can come from nowhere, but introducing automation and technology. If implemented and learned the right way, technology can also help improve human connectivity and relationships at work place. Continue reading “The importance of technology at a workplace”

Make a career in marine engineering

Make a career in marine engineering
Make a career in marine engineering The making of every boat from yacht to a massive ship like Titanic, starts from a marine engineer’s table. Marine engineers are the responsible for putting together and keeping the water based vehicles up and running. While the work may seem extensive, considering the size and complexity of machines, life of a marine engineer is very interesting and fast moving, filled with new problems and opportunities in every corner. It does not stop just here. The pay is amazing too! If working with big ships or keeping the small speedboats moving ahead is your dream too, you should also join the list of elite marine engineers like Joseph Bell, Robert Fulton, etc. They have created a big name in the shipping industry because of their skills and learning they received outside the classroom. Do you want to learn how to become a skilled marine engineer? If the answer is an obvious yes, keep reading… The coursework you will have to study and practice to become a marine engineer is quite extensive. It is true that it can be very difficult, but at the same time you will have practice for your goals outside the classes… being a marine engineer was never supposed to be easy. Here is how you can enroll to the studies:
  1. Choose the right college
A good marine engineering college is not the one that only makes you the master of basics, but it is the one that gives proper hands on experience on what the engine looks like, how it functions, which  problems can come out, and how to resolve them, etc. To shortlist the right college, make a list of the world’s top marine engineering colleges; check their course structures, and the feasibility of getting admission in them.
  1. Read about established marine engineers
Try to find as much information as you can, about successful engineers. Read about their career chart, problems they face, what innovative solutions they found and how, and everything you find interesting to help you increase the knowledge in this area. By doing this, you will see new light of this career, which will only give you an edge in better decision making.
  1. Network with industry experts
With the advent of social media, it has become extremely easy to network with someone whom you idealize. For starters, you can open a LinkedIn account and join groups having marine engineers and participate in the discussions. Or you can always follow them on Twitter.
  1. Know the recent events
Last but not least – the one thing that will undoubtedly help you is to know what is new in the marine engineering industry. It will give you a chance to show your knowledge among influential people, as well as help you find new ways to manage problems. Being a marine engineer will call for a lot of hard work and dedication. Be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night and think about new solutions. You will get plenty of chances to practice what you learned, once you start working, it’s good that you start with these activities along your course of work. It all might seem difficult in the beginning, but a good college will definitely make it easily in the end. Best of luck!   About the Author: Tripti Rai writes on the behalf of, she advises students on right career choices, exam advices, educational institutions etc. Along with education, she also likes to talk about real estate whenever she gets a chance.    

6 ways technology is changing the classroom

education According to, 78% of K-12 teachers believe that technology has a positive influence on the classroom, producing more productive and active students. Technology is radically changing the way our children are learning. Education coupled with new technology is providing for more active and independent learning, wider access to information, a whole new perspective on learning, a more personalized learning experience, more self-sufficient students, and an increase in the self-esteem of students. In the article below you will be able to read about the six ways technology is changing the classroom in our education today. Continue reading “6 ways technology is changing the classroom”

Say goodbye to distractions while studying

students' distractions
students' distractions Every student wants to enjoy their school, college and university in the best way possible. But it is a fact that students have to study effectively throughout their academic life to obtain the best grades. When students are enrolled in a reputable organisation they have to concentrate on their studies effectively for high performance. Fortunately there are few tricks by which students can enhance their academic performance with full enjoyment. If you want to enjoy your academic life in their best way, then you’re reading the right content. Check out the information shared below to learn and fun in your academic life together. Continue reading “Say goodbye to distractions while studying”

Macedonian teacher runs for global award

Vesela Bogdanovic
    Vesela Bogdanovic Vesela Bogdanovic is a Macedonian teacher who lives in Bitola and works as a primary school teacher at the elementary school Koco Racin, in the village Ivanjevci, Mogila, Bitola region, for 12 years. She is the author of four web pages and over 200 short educational movies for children, recorded in her colorful classroom and school yard. The movies are showing the everyday educational practice and are live encyclopedia of excellent pedagogical examples. She won numerous state and international awards from the educational sphere and was nominated an educational Microsoft expert from Macedonia. You can read more about her work and achievements in the interview prepared by Cultus. Continue reading “Macedonian teacher runs for global award”

4 Strategies for boosting up career

compass In today’s competitive world, every person wants to make a powerful career. Making a powerful career requires both time and effective planning for accomplishing the targets. Fortunately, there are some strategies by which any individual can boost a career. If you’re also thinking about your career, and finding something to boost up your career level, then you’re at the right place. Have a look at the information shared below to learn the about the 4 Strategies for boosting up career. Continue reading “4 Strategies for boosting up career”

More then a teacher

Teacher Marija
More then a teacher We have managed to get an interview with the young, but very skilled and enthusiastic teacher Marija, who is an inspiration to her pupils and should definitely be a role-model to her peers. Read through further and find out how does she see the education, learning and what are her tools in realizing the most interactive classroom Macedonia has ever experienced. Continue reading “More then a teacher”

Learn to think like a scientist

No one will argue with the fact that people who are involved in science for a long time, have a different mindset. Even if the scope of your activities is far from a science, the habit of scientifically thinking will bring you a great benefit because you will learn how to solve various problems (work, family, household, and many others) more efficiently and faster. Thomas Edison achieved success for the reason that he spent a huge amount of experiments and worked hard on his task. He had to go through thousands of failures and setbacks, but it did not upset the scientist and did not deprive his enthusiasm. Edison continuously repeated that all these failures were only steps to the top of his success. It is worth learning the scientific way of thinking and adopt its habits, because you will be able to master a creative approach to solving your problems. You will learn how to generate original ideas. We will also consider how to develop the habits of scientists and implement them in your thinking, to change lives. I hope you love the content below! 7 Habits How to Learn to Think Like a Scientist Infographic

Technology in science research

Social media delivers specific benefits to scientists that were largely unavailable to the industry just a decade ago. Did you know that 62% of scientists use social media as a way to share information and collaborate with one another? Also, the Internet allows scientists and researchers to build on the knowledge they already have by being able to collect data and find the information they are looking for. Discussions are easily fostered between groups from all over the globe, which allows your message and findings to be spread on industry forums. In the past, scientists needed to wait for magazines or industry publications to come out periodically in order to get news. Nowadays, immediacy allows scientists to reduce costs and increase resources easily. To gain more insight into this evolving world, take a look at this helpful infographic. You will be able to see the origins of social networking and ways that scientists can take advantage of technology to set them up for the future. Created by Labroots, the leading social networking website for scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals. Technology in science research Enhanced by Zemanta

6 Things about mobile apps development

Apps Are you passionate about mobile apps? Given the fact that today we have numerous tools and various facilities available for mobile apps development, it is actually not that tough to select this field as your career. What’s even more reassuring is the fact that if the app that you develop turns out to be popular among users, you can certainly make a fortune out of it and ensure a steady flow of funds from the royalty. However, not it is not all so rosy about developing mobile apps!! Continue reading “6 Things about mobile apps development”

Tools for distributed e-learning

E-learning is becoming more and more present in an increasing number of social media.

The tools that the people are currently using for distributed e-learning vary and get better with every new technology improvement.

In the infographic below you will see which social media uses which tool, to introduce the e-learning. Feel free to plunge and leave your comment!

Tools for distributed e-learning
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Websites that dominate Internet

Websites that dominate Internet People have many different reasons for collecting and analyzing statistics on popular Internet sites. The most successful websites provide examples of proven web design techniques. In addition, successful Internet businesses provide relevant examples for entrepreneurs in many disparate industries. Highly analytical sites like provide fascinating information about the most successful modern websites. Though Google ranks highly, Facebook easily earns its place as the most visited website. Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook to network with friends, family members and business associates. Other social sites like Twitter have extremely loyal followings. Continue reading “Websites that dominate Internet”

Educational transformations in classrooms

Educational transformations in classrooms Technology has had a huge impact on almost every aspect of our lives and can help us in many ways. The way we communicate with loved ones, find out the latest news and current affairs and most importantly, the way we educate in the classroom. Your child might be a budding Little Harvard, Yale or Oxford student, so it is important that they grow up in the right educational surrounding and environment. The incredible, transformative effects of technology have led to personalised learning experiences for students in the classroom. Technology allows tailored learning to suit individual student’s needs. A recent US survey found out that 74% of teachers use devices like tablets in their lessons, and 69% agreed that it enhances the lesson allowing them to teach in a far more effective manner. Continue reading “Educational transformations in classrooms”

May Internet addicts lose their minds?

internet - user-psychology
How many hours a day do you spend on the Internet? Do you use the Internet every day? Do you feel “out of it” if you can’t use a computer for too long? Chances are you might be addicted to the Internet, and the bad news for you is that if you don’t kick the habit, you might literally lose your mind. Research shows that Internet addicts have brain areas that can be 10 to 20 percent smaller than those who are not addicted to the World Wide Web. Areas that are critical to every day interactions like the centers for speech and social interaction, emotion, sensory and motor control, all start to lose their power when you spend too much time staring at a computer screen instead of interacting with real human beings. It turns out that talking to someone over Facebook is a poor substitute for a genuine real life interaction. May Internet addicts lose their minds? Image compliments of  
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Should professional writers be paid for writing online reviews?

Should professional writers be paid for writing online reviews?
Writer’s Stop (Photo credit: Stephh922)
Professional writers are always taking on different projects. Sometimes the projects may be long and detailed, and sometimes they may be easy and short. As a writer, you need to think long and hard about the content you write and if it’s something you want to be associated with. For example, many writers are offered gigs to write fake reviews for companies. If you’re a writer that was recently asked to do this, the following are a few things you need to consider first. Continue reading “Should professional writers be paid for writing online reviews?”

Who is responsible for school bullying?


Who is responsible for school bullying?

The media tends to glamorize incidents that are extreme in nature and lack rationalization. One hot topic issue that has been trending in legal circles is bullying. This is because bullying in today’s world can happen not just on a school bus, playground or classroom, but at home via social media and text messaging at any hour or the day or night. In fact, even incidents of parent fueled fighting has created a stir in the news as bullying has really ramped up in intensity and occurrence. Continue reading “Who is responsible for school bullying?”

6 Key points for finding high-quality academic software


6 Key points for finding high-quality academic software

The field of education has a reputation for never having a ceiling when it comes to the amount of information one can receive. With technology continuing to advance, the number of digital instruments has greatly increased the amount of platforms on which both teachers and students can exchange information. As these devices begin to influence virtually every aspect of our lives, educators and students should look for specific features to ensure that the use of technology truly improves and enhances the learning experience. Continue reading “6 Key points for finding high-quality academic software”

Where to find help when you are studying online?

e-learning Online studying can be lonely. For young students, who are used to living and working in large groups of their peers, it feels unnatural to study alone. For mature students, it is very difficult to navigate all that technology and find answer to all those questions. Fortunately, it feels like that only at the beginning. As an online student, you are connected, through your computer and Internet, to the rest of the world, to the biggest library that ever existed, to your teachers, librarians, other students, previous students (alumnae) and any other help you will ever need, as long as you know how to find it. Continue reading “Where to find help when you are studying online?”

How will IoT transform the education?

Internet-of-things Driven by big data, cloud computing, and bigger networks, the Internet of Things (IoT) is being touted as the next big thing in, well, every sector imaginable. Mobile devices already out number the population in the United States and they are expected to surpass the population of the world by the end of this year, with 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. According to a recent Harris/SAP survey, 90 percent of Internet-connected consumer devices will be connected to some kind of personal cloud by the end of 2013. That’s a lot of things and a lot of connections. Continue reading “How will IoT transform the education?”

Social networks for firm business connections

Social networks for firm business connections In today’s digital age, we anticipate instant fulfilment. Technology gears linked to social media have altered the business site. However, these tools, as easy as they mark it to link folks with one another, cannot be the establishment of business expansion. Handling a relationship wholly through technology does not actually build rapport. Just ask any parental who has been referred to text messaging in order to converse with their children. Continue reading “Social networks for firm business connections”

IT Training for the older generation: Where to learn and how you will benefit?

IT Training for the older generation: Where to learn and how you will benefit? Many people in the over 60’s age bracket are keen to get up to date with technology. Some people in this age group are as IT literate as anyone else, having worked with computers for the last couple of decades. However, other people in this generation may never have come across a computer in their working life and be completely unfamiliar with IT. By now you will have noticed that virtually everything can be done online. Shopping, watching television, listening to music, paying bills and finding information are just a few of the things that you can enjoy with ease with internet access. Continue reading “IT Training for the older generation: Where to learn and how you will benefit?”

How to get your kids interested in learning?

How to get your kids interested in learning? One of the biggest issues when raising children is their education. Many children have learning disabilities, are distracted by things outside of school, or just don’t seem to be interested in the current curriculum. As a parent, it falls on you to encourage the love of learning in your kids. One of the best ways to do this is to present supplemental and alternative educational opportunities to your children. Weeknights and weekends can be spent taking in new information too, if you know how to package it right. By taking your kids outside, incorporating technology, and making reading fun – you can foster a love of learning from a young age. Continue reading “How to get your kids interested in learning?”

Effective online education revision techniques



There’s no way of escaping exams, so it’s really important for students to find efficient ways to revise the information they’ve learnt. Revision is extremely important, since it enables students to observe their progress and get a high score. Therefore, you’re about to see some guidelines that should be applied by all students interested in revising efficiently.

Continue reading “Effective online education revision techniques”

Why learn Chinese?

Why learn Chinese? Because it’s too difficult” Well, yea … it can be if you approach it with a bad mindset, or you have the wrong training devices, or little discipline. Anything worth studying takes determination, time and practice. Bear in mind, understanding is power and in tomorrow’s world, you could simply require to understand Chinese someplace in your profession or individual life. “It’s ineffective, we reside in an English world, they should acquire English” Guess what? They have actually studied English and well. The company world has actually asked for them to understand English and us to understand Chinese advantageous interest of our economic climate and world relationships with one another. More companies today are searching for multilingual or bilingual task applicants. We are taking in at a much faster rate even more than ever previously. With America as a thawing pot, acquiring Chinese allows us to interact in interpersonal connections, reveal cultural sensation and recognition. “I think it’s a passing away language, and I will not have to employ it?” Undoubtedly? Well, think once more … Chinese is the 2nd most talked language on the planet. It is made use of in a lot of Asian nations and expanding being used in American citizen. If you prepare to take a trip, study abroad or get called there for reasons besides a position, you will have to understand a minimum of sufficient Chinese to get by every day. If you do not, how will you understand exactly what you are eating, where you are going, and the things that to spend for your services or acquisitions? How will you manage on lack of knowledge? “I do not even understand where to study Chinese anyways” With little effort included on your component, you can access great info on mastering Chinese either on the Internet or within your neighborhood. There are lots of outstanding training sources online. With a little aid from your favored online search engine, you can discover a minimum of one, two, or a great deal even more of training devices or courses made simply for you. And they go to your very own rate of studying. Practice is a must. Examine with location schools and colleges for the programs they provide if you’re a social kind. As soon as you have started your lessons, look for out others interested in Chinese and exercise your abilities with them. In all truth, there is no great reason not to study Chinese or other language for that issue. You will constantly utilize it. Although it simply feeds your brain, it benefits you. The world we reside in today needs constant studying for success, for self-improvement, for cultural assimilation. Even easy doings like a getaway or a meal in a Chinese dining establishment. When acquiring the Chinese language is not a choice, there might come a day. If the grownups of tomorrow are acquiring Chinese now, then why should not the grownups of today do it … enhancing themselves and their human connections? It is good and preferable to be multilingual. You simply never ever understand where your very own future roadway make take you. About the Author: Benjamin is a native Chinese who lives in Hong Kong. He start learning Mandarin since 1997. He is a blogger and Chinese teacher. Follow him on Twitter, .