How to travel with your family and have fun?

    Ah, the vacation! A time for relaxation, spontaneous activities and an opportunity to unplug from the demands of career and modern life. As the saying goes, a vacation is “your chance to get away from it all.” Unless you have children, that is. In that case, a vacation can be anything but carefree.… Continue reading How to travel with your family and have fun?

6 jobs you’ll have while at college

  Going to college and getting an education can take a lot of energy and time. Not to mention, going to a good college can result in debt for upwards of $50,000 or more. For those that put themselves through college, it can be a very daunting and scary moment for their finances. However, rather… Continue reading 6 jobs you’ll have while at college

Will we be teleported, read other people’s minds, implant a chip instead or reading or something else in the next 5 years?
The IBM annual tech predictions, suggests radical changes in security, mobility and energy that will alter our lives all by 2017.

According to them, the social and market trends will result in a number of technological innovations that will change our daily lives.

1. Energy: People power will come to life. IBM predicts that not only will the Kinect technology explode, together with the“The Internet of Things”, but the connection of the world around you to online networks will increase. Energy generation will be boosted worldwide. Distinct areas of innovation will range from using the water in your plumbing, attaching devices to bicycles for energy generation, to finding renewable sources of energy.

2. Security: You will never need a password again. “Multi-factor biometrics” sounds like something from SF movies, but in reality, the biometrics field is developing at a rapid rate. Even though it may be something of an inaccurate art at the moment, the ability to use retina scans, fingerprints, and voice verification is going towards replacing the humble password in years to come. Eye recognition is already used in checking the identity of online students or in other appropriate locations.

3. Mind reading: no longer science fiction. Hand-written letters and the typewriter are already a ‘touching’ the history borders, but as the technology develops, speaking on the telephone may be heading in the same direction. Rather than keying in a number or using voice-activated assistants on your smartphone, it will be very cool if you could simply “think” about calling someone and it happens? IBM believes that this not only could become a viable factor in our daily lives, but such technology could be used to help understand brain disorders including autism.

4. Mobile: The digital divide will cease to exist. The use of mobile phones in the information-accessibility gap in disadvantaged areas (restrained by economic woes or remote locations) may disappear, once and for all. Cheap communications technology, remote healthcare, and recorded messages to deliver information to those who are illiterate, are the next steps of innovation that may take in the next five years.

5. Analytics: Junk mail will become priority mail. Future without junk mail, phishing scams and messages about a Prince in Africa who needs you to accept $1 million into your bank account will be long gone? The use of analytics technology to proactively separate the junk and e-mails you have no interest in could potentially be used to present only the information you want, and nothing else.

The full report can be found at: IBM predictions

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past”, was once said by Thomas Jefferson, so let’s begin dreaming for real.

If you understand science and technology, it has been surveyed that you are smarter, more competitive, more productive, and more engaged global citizens!

Do not believe it?

See for yourself at  LASER (Leadership Assistance for Science Education Reform) infographic that describes how science education is transforming our evollution.

Becoming a proficient writer in 4 steps

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Macedonian teacher runs for global award

    Vesela Bogdanovic is a Macedonian teacher who lives in Bitola and works as a primary school teacher at the elementary school Koco Racin, in the village Ivanjevci, Mogila, Bitola region, for 12 years. She is the author of four web pages and over 200 short educational movies for children, recorded in her colorful… Continue reading Macedonian teacher runs for global award

If you are considering college enrollment for yourself or your children, the infographic below can be of interest.College student debt in US is quite high and rising, so you might want to consider the options for your children education.

Have a look, leave us your comments and consider the options of MOOCS, free e-learning opportunities and other Internet learning options.

Painting classes you must try

If you are heading out for painting classes then this article is a must read for you. Painting is an art form that greatly transforms one’s person. You start seeing the world from different perspective and in different light from others since you develop ability to catch and amend some kind of beauty in a… Continue reading Painting classes you must try

For employees who are looking to develop and integrate a new set of skills, to help them become more valuable, below are the five job skills, that executives in Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia have selected as most important to them.

So, now that you know what are the skills that are being looked for, you can adjust your wishes, needs and capacity and find the job that you would like.
Go through the infographic and see for yourself how and where you score. Leave your comments, we would be glad to hear them.


Corporate campus to teach leadership skills

Demand for skilled workers is rising with expanding economy. Developments in technology and information over the last few decades have given birth to stringent business strategies and a complicated market economy therefore. The problem of unemployment has reached a severe stage all over the world. Lack of proper skills is one important reason why employment… Continue reading Corporate campus to teach leadership skills