6 jobs you’ll have while at college

  Going to college and getting an education can take a lot of energy and time. Not to mention, going to a good college can result in debt for upwards of $50,000 or more. For those that put themselves through college, it can be a very daunting and scary moment for their finances. However, rather…… Continue reading 6 jobs you’ll have while at college

    If you're about to design an e-learning course, you should definitely consider content chunking as a method for organizing course material and making a more efficient use of learner memory. Putting data into groups is an excellent strategy for making it more digestible to learners – especially if concepts in question are complex… Continue reading 5 strategies to improve your e-learning course

It is not just the duty of the students to complete their homework on time, but parents also have a role to play in inculcating the habit of doing it on time, as well as setting proper sleeping and eating timings for them. If you want your kids to make the most of their homework… Continue reading Helping your kids with homework

Learning how to play any musical instrument is a challenging and exciting journey. As one of the most familiar and recognisable musical sounds, the guitar has influenced and shaped the music industry. Often played as a solo instrument, it tends to be the first port of call for those looking to learn how to play… Continue reading Learn to play a guitar

Software that can improve your writing

This article presents to your software that can help improve the written quality of your work. It cannot make you a better writer because that takes more than a bit of software, but it can help you follow the rules of written English a little better. Just be aware that there is no substitute for…… Continue reading Software that can improve your writing

ASAP Science

Isn’t is great that you could understand the science and all that presented in a couple of minutes illustrated videos that even primary school children can comprehend? Well, here is the reply – you can!! Check the YouTube ASAP Science channel for numerous replies on social and natural sciences topics, all understandable and with down…… Continue reading ASAP Science

E-learning is becoming more and more present in an increasing number of social media. The tools that the people are currently using for distributed e-learning vary and get better with every new technology improvement. In the infographic below you will see which social media uses which tool, to introduce the e-learning. Feel free to plunge… Continue reading Tools for distributed e-learning