How big is the Internet?

There’s no denying, the World Wide Web is big – expanding with every single day!!

It’s so comprehensive and large that the creators of the Internet decided to place the word “wide” in its actual name. Obvious, right !!

Internet has millions of websites with a seemingly infinite amount of web pages on each, all viewed by people around the world each day, and increasing on hourly basis.

It is a common practice in our living, to see people connected to the Internet all around you, via smart phones, laptops and desktop computers, and this is becoming more than a lifestyle…
However, the truth is that you can not see everyone on the Internet, nor can you see every machine that’s connected to it. Many people who have used the Internet for years may not know what the greatest portion of the Internet looks like in the actual, physical world.

The real question comes not when you’re trying to figure out what the Internet looks like offline, but when you’re trying to figure out just how vast cyberspace really is. The amount of the raw data stored as web pages on servers and the number of people browsing the web are two things needed to give you an idea (given below) of just how big the Internet really is.

Have fun while going through the infographics.


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