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Remote access software allow you to access your pc or laptop from remote distance, transfer data, install / uninstall software, troubleshooting and more. Such software are very useful in large corporations and at home as well for instance:

In large organizations there are a huge number of personnel, in case of any problem occurring in the computers of employee IT personnel can access and resolve software issues without having to personally visiting the employee who is having issue. This saves time and effort both.

This is equally very useful at home, for example in case your family member or friends who is not tech expert, and live far away even if they life in any other city or country. You can access their pc from your place and resolve whatever the problem.

This is really good in teaching how to use computer as well you do not have to be there personally all you have to do is have the software install in their pc, log in and begin. However, in order to communicate you will have to use telephone, Skype, or any other app for that matter.

Here are some of the suggestions of the softwares that you can use depending on your requirements:

It is a simple and easy to use interface. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Balckberry, and Chrome OS. It has two panels one for home users and other for business or company users. All you have to do is have this software installed on both sides let’s say PC 1 and PC 2. Every PC gets a unique ID and Password, which has to be shared with the other person to give them the control of your PC.

The distance is not what matters however your internet connection has to be fast for it to work faster in terms of data transfer, which slows down a bit if you are very far away.

TeamViewer is free for home users however, for commercial use let’s say businesses will have to pay for it.

This allows you to troubleshoot, provide technical support, administer, work on other PC, transfer data and conduct meetings and cloud access and much more. It is very safe and secures that in case you ask someone to do reolve certain issues in your pc and give them access to your PC, you will know that what the other person is doing on your pc and in case any file is being transfer.

This software also allow remotely access pc from anywhere, this allows access and control up to 10 PC from a single app and viewer. This is completely free for home and business however, you need to buy it if you want for commercial purposes (more than 10 PCs) Just like the TeamViewer it generates unique User ID which has to be shared in order to pair the devices.

It has strong default security level with additional security options available. Furthermore, it offers customization for the program installer for mass deployment. Unlike TeamViewer it only work on windows but not on Mac. Some of the supported tools include power control; task manager; voice and video chat, remote execute, and screen recorde. This also have cloud services. However, in terms of pricing it is cheaper than TeamViewer,

This software is free for home and commercial / business uses. One of the good feature is that it portable and does not need to be installed however you can keep it in your USB or Hard drive or any portable device. It has a basic interface where all you need to do is launch the app and log in with the host’s ID number to connect to their computer. It is very light program.

One of the downside is that you cannot chat meanwhile the session. It is good for those times when you need to connect to a remote PC as soon as possible for either a full on remote control session or a simple file transfer. Unlike TeamViewer this does not show the status bar or anything through which the remote user would know about the transferring of files back and forth.


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