Four major advantages of using Windows compared to IOS

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Technology is growing with every passing day, there is no doubt about the fact that technology will continue to outshine everything else that goes around in the world. From smart phones to the internet and beyond, there are so many different kinds of developments that are going on in this world related to technology.

With this growth, computers are not an exception, there have been a vast new kind of developments in the computing technology as well. As there are different kinds of computers, there are also different kinds of operating software. An average user has choices from Windows to IOS to u-Buntu and other different operating software.

Windows as an operating system has always been the household name for a long time. The editions of Windows 95 and 98 were the beginning of a long journey that Windows has covered in this exciting rollercoaster growth of computers. Windows, despite the growing competition, is still one of the most demanded operating software due to its flexibility and customization options.

Today’s guest post blog is going to talk about major advantages that Windows has when compared to IOS software for an average computer user.

Windows is easy on the interface

For a long time, the big advantage Windows had over other operating software, including the IOS, is the ease and convenience of the interface. Windows is simple and easy to use, you do not have to spend a long time to get acquainted with various applications on the interface or spend time in trying to find some specific program you are looking for. The interface is static and you can use it to your liking while customizing the various options from designs, themes, to search and icons. Windows is one of the easiest operating software to use.

Speed and usage

Over the years, Windows has proven to be much speedier and supports heavier usage. IOS might be very fluent, but it cannot tolerate too much load or CPU usage. Whereas, Windows can provide you the opportunity to use your PC as you like. You can play your games or watch movies and even open multiple working files. Windows has the ability to balance the load put on its PC usage by letting the tasks get done through a sequencing manner and this helps the software to manage heavy usage and load.


For a long time, Windows has always had the most compatibility with third party software. Be it games, applications or different programs, Windows was the first to easily support it without any problems. For IOS, you have to get the software that is tailor made to the designs and requirements of the IOS system.

More applications

Since the compatibility ratio is really good when it comes to Windows, programmers and developers like making applications and software for the Windows operating software. Therefore, you will find a lot of new applications, programs and games getting released on the Windows platform first. It is one of the most convenient and supportive software even for the developers.

Author’s bio:

Melody Wilson is the author of this blog post, Melody works for a software house in London as a software specialist. She is very fond of blogging for the site; her blogs are a part of her writing interest. She also likes to read and travel, her reasons for travelling are getting the exposure and knowledge of different cultures.