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Why Twitter “works” in education?

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] As with the advancement in technology, social media channels grow day by day, each adopts their own personality. LinkedIn is the oldest in the family. Instagram is the playful teen, that opened its restaurant with the money for the family. Facebook is the walking political argument that everyone know not get started. And…


Social media spring cleaning for graduates

When applying for jobs, it is customary to go through a mental checklist. A stunning CV? Check. Snappy covering letter? Check. Up-to-date LinkedIn profile? Of course. Appropriate Facebook, profile? That’s the one that seems to be catching more and more people out. Last month, seventeen year old Paris Brown, a youth crime commissioner, came under…


5 Careers that an outgoing person excels

It’s an extrovert’s world. People with personable, outgoing personalities can make the most of almost any career. For the ultimate success, focus on jobs that require networking, people skills and group work. Solo, desk jobs are not for you! Check out these five careers that can help any social butterfly spread his or her wings.